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The Best AP Research and AP Seminar Topics For Your Assignments

AP Seminar and AP Research Topics

For students who are interested in research, AP Capstone is the perfect program. Developed by the College Board, this program teaches students the important skills that help them present evidence-based arguments, collaborate for research, analyze various issues, write research papers and present them in the most appealing manner.

Here are some ideas to get your AP research topics for all the written assignments that need to be presented at each seminar.

Choosing AP Seminar and AP Research Topics

Before we move into actual AP research and AP seminar topics, here are some tips that will help you choose the right title for your research:

  • Make sure you start looking for your project titles at the beginning of the year as these courses are short and require you to focus on detailed planning and execution of each project.
  • The structure of your AP Seminar and AP Research course determines the topics that you will narrow down on. For instance, if you have a specific discipline that you must focus on, all the topics will be rooted in the given subject.
  • Always make sure that the topic that you choose is feasible for your research project proposal. Choose methods and subjects that you completely understand in order to write a good, detailed paper.
  • If you are unable to narrow down on your AP Capstone research topics, consult your course advisor to help you with the same.
  • Avoid subjects that are too controversial and stray from ethical research practices. For instance, research projects that may involve human subjects must be approved by the IRB before you start your research. This may take away a lot of time during your course.

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What is AP Research?

AP research and AP seminar follow completely different delivery methods. To find the best AP research topics, the first step is to understand what this course entails. AP research is a year-long course that is based on research and investigation. You will have to address any topic that is of interest to you. In order to complete your AP Capstone Diploma, you must take up AP Research after AP Seminar. This course allows you to apply all the skills that you developed through the AP seminar course to a larger platform.

You will learn how to apply different research methods to address real-world topics and then create a scholarly academic paper with a strong defense. This course ends with the presentation of an academic paper that is at least 4000-5000 words long.

What is an AP Seminar?

AP Seminar is the first year of your AP Capstone diploma course. It helps you understand the basics skills for research including investigating a subject from multiple perspectives, synthesizing information from various sources, developing your own perspectives, designing and delivering both visual and oral presentations, and more. When choosing research topics for AP seminar, you need to think of both team and individual projects. Finding a good topic will help you get a better overall AP Seminar score.

AP US History Research Paper Topics

Here is a list of topics for AP seminar and AP research if your core subject is US history:

  1. The impulse to explore among European travelers
  2. The Southern, Chesapeake, and Middle Colonies
  3. Write a note of Scientific and Religious Transformation
  4. What was the underlying philosophy of the American Revolution
  5. Write about the events that led to the Declaration of Independence
  6. The outcomes of the French and Indian War
  7. The life of people living in British colonies.
  8. How did the two-party system develop?
  9. The pros and cons of Thomas Jefferson as President
  10. The impact of the Second World War on transportation and technology.

Easy AP Research Paper Topics

These AP research topics samples are among the most commonly chosen ones as they give you a lot of scope for detailed research and analysis:

  1. Learning chemistry using musical chords
  2. How subsidized housing impacts environmental justice
  3. The algorithm of the popularity of K-pop music
  4. How sleep deprivation affects academic achievement in teenagers.
  5. The impact of popular opinion on the decisions of the Supreme Court
  6. The development and importance of 3-D printed prosthetics
  7. Write a detailed account on wealth inequality with examples
  8. Art helps improve education. Support this statement with necessary data
  9. The mathematics behind sports
  10. Why voting and civic participation is important for a nation.
  11. How can theories of gender equality be implemented in the real world?
  12. The best ways of dealing with misbehavior at a younger age
  13. The importance of art in education
  14. How teaching methods have changed over the last decade
  15. Is it ethical to use animals in research?

AP Seminar Research Topics

Below is a list of good unique topics to do for AP Seminar:

  1. Food waste solutions that can be effectively implemented
  2. How texting has affected the grammar skills of millennials
  3. What does the future of the automobile industry look like
  4. Apartheid in the heritage of South Africa
  5. The prime regions of scientific activity in history
  6. How religious cults affect the society
  7. 15th Century London and the life of people.
  8. How medieval family laws influenced the society
  9. The development of the Western world and the impact of slavery
  10. The influence of China’s geographic location on its history
  11. What are some traits that define an excellent teacher
  12. Does cheating in exams reflect poorly on the education system
  13. The importance of IQ test results
  14. How humans learn
  15. Prevention of harassment and bullying in schools

AP Biology Research Topics

If you are looking for AP research topics relevant to the field of biology, here are some ideas:

  1. The importance of genetically modified organisms
  2. The neurobiology of the human sleep cycle
  3. Behavioral study of birds
  4. The impact of fertilizers on plants and nutrition
  5. The relationship between stress and immunity
  6. Male pregnancy in the animal world
  7. The best camouflage mechanisms in the animal world
  8. The evolution of environmental sustainability as a concept
  9. How the marine environment is affected by seabird ecology
  10. Human health and environmental sustainability

AP World History Research Paper Topics

Try these interesting research topics for AP Seminar that you can use based on important events in world history:

  1. Barbary slave trade in the Ottoman Empire
  2. How the printing press impacted the world
  3. The rise and fall of the Greek Empire
  4. The causes and effects of various schisms in Christianity
  5. The Hundred Year War and its impact
  6. How the Holy Roman Empire became a Nazi Symbol
  7. The history of the world based on important conquests
  8. The primary causes of World War I
  9. The progression and consequences of the Cold War
  10. Some of the most remarkable historical revolutions


AP Literature Research Topics

These AP Seminar sample topics that are related to important works of literature help you write intriguing papers:

  1. Literature as a reflection of modern social issues
  2. Write about the Four Great Works of Chinese Literature and their reflection on culture
  3. How Milton interpreted the Biblical Myth in Paradise Lost
  4. Discuss the themes of Revenge in Hamlet
  5. The poets of the 21st century and the innovative era
  6. A review of some of the most illustrious novels over the last century
  7. Copyrights in the age of social media
  8. Does culture affect literature or is it the other way around
  9. How homosexuality has been addressed in the literature
  10. The concept of racism in novels between the 1960s and 1970s.


AP Research Topics Computer Science

Here are some of the best Computer Science AP Seminar Paper Topics

  1. The use of computers in school: Does it help or slow down learning?
  2.  How has big data made our lives better
  3. What is the current state of cryptography and how will it develop in the future?
  4. The reliability factor in cloud technology
  5. What are the common issues of automation and how can they be solved effectively?
  6. How wireless communication and technology play an important role in computer science.
  7. The role of computers in shaping the modern society
  8. Do you think large tech companies are monopolistic?
  9. The contingencies and infrastructure of the World Wide Web
  10. The impact and future of Artificial Intelligence


AP Psychology Research Paper Topics

These AP Capstone Research Topics are ideal for students with Psychology as their primary area of study:

  1. How does age influence the Stroop Effect?
  2. The global pandemic and its effects on mental health
  3. The impact of bullying on the mental health of teens
  4. How memory works to recall essential information
  5. How eating behavior is affected by your cultural background
  6. The process of developing behavioral issues
  7. Tacking learning disabilities and providing quality education to these children
  8. What are the best tools and techniques when it comes to dealing with anxiety?
  9. What are the causes and consequences of sleep disorders
  10. The effect of child violence in shaping an individual’s personality


AP Research Science Topics

These AP research topics pertain to important scientific discoveries, advancements, and theories:

  1. The potential of space technology in extracting space resources
  2. The most promising developments in the treatment of cancer
  3. The effectiveness of large scale recycling methods in reducing waste
  4. Thorium nuclear reactor designs, the pros, and cons.
  5. How pain treatment and pain relievers will look in the future
  6. Is Nuclear energy too hazardous as a fuel resource
  7. The impact of people on climate change and the role of technology in accelerating the process
  8. What are the key issues and potential solutions to dispose of toxic waste
  9. How current interest in space will impact the future of NASA
  10. How calcitriol and erythropoietin affect the human body


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are good research topics for AP Research?
Some good topics you can write for your research topics are; Food Waste Solutions, How Religion Impact Globalization, The Impact of Genetic Modified Organisms on the Environment, and What Ways Does the Global Pandemic Impact Mental Health? Ensure that you get an exciting topic.
How do I write an AP research topic?
It's simple. Identify and focus on the research question when writing your AP research topic. Formulate the correct arguments with enough evidence, and examine the issues from different perspectives.

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