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70 Marketing Research Topics for College Students

Marketing Research Topics

If you are a marketing student in college, the chances are that you’ll be writing numerous research papers. Therefore, you have to master the skill of finding and choosing suitable research paper topics. Marketing is a broad subject with many aspects to cover. This makes finding the best research topics in marketing a bit dicey.

To help you find good marketing research paper topics, we’ve chosen some of the latest marketing topics for the research paper to serve as a guide. We have got you covered, from marketing research topics for college students to research topics in real estate marketing! So relax as we walk you through the list of marketing research topics prepared just for you!

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Marketing Research Topics for Undergraduates

Are you an undergraduate interested in working on a marketing topic? If yes, here is a list of unique marketing research topics you can use as an undergraduate for your research paper!

  1. Famous manipulation tactics by brands to get more customers
  2. Determining and Analyzing consumer buying behavior for Coca-Cola
  3. Do TV advertisements still impact consumer behavior?
  4. What influences consumer buying behavior when comparing products online?
  5. What is the most effective form of marketing: Direct marketing or Indirect marketing?
  6. Does gender influence the purchase of non-gender-specific products?
  7. Centralized marketing for global brands: A good idea?


Marketing Research Project Ideas

Are you a Ph.D. student or a student interested in working extensively in a particular field? If yes, you’ll require some marketing research ideas! Here’s an excellent place to look! Below are some marketing research topics for projects!

  1. Baby product marketing: getting products to buying customers
  2. How do pharmaceutical industries follow marketing ethics?
  3. Black Friday sales and how companies make a profit
  4. Telemarketing and its relevancy in the 21st century
  5. Positive and negative word of mouth: its effect in the restaurant industry
  6. How smartphones help to tap into customers thinking
  7. Are Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives any good to increasing ROI?


Sport Marketing Research Topics

If you need some marketing topics to write about in sports, then you’re in luck! Sport is timeless, and any research in this area will likely stay relevant. So here are some sports marketing research topics you should consider!

  1. How sports teams can strengthen fan loyalty
  2. Is fan loyalty dependent on the players of the club?
  3. How to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in sports marketing
  4. Capitalizing the wearables market in sports
  5. The impact of celebrity players and endorsements on ROI for football clubs
  6. The past, present, and future in sports marketing
  7. The origin of sports marketing


Research Topics in Real Estate Marketing

Are you interested in writing a paper on real estate marketing? If yes, then you’ll surely need some real estate research papers topics in marketing. So, here are some marketing topics for research in real estate marketing just for you!

  1. New technology trends in real estate marketing
  2. How to market real estate for rent
  3. Unique ways to market your properties
  4. Current share marketing condition for real estate
  5. Should the property law be reviewed?
  6. The emergence of new models and trends in real estate
  7. How Technology can impact real estate marketing


New Research Topics in Marketing

Are you a fan of the latest trends, or do you absolutely have to work on the latest research topics in marketing management? If you replied yes to any of the questions above, here are some current research topics in marketing that you’ll find interesting!

  1. How to skyrocket a new brand to massive awareness
  2. How to integrate new products in consumers lifestyle
  3. Optimizing businesses for voice search
  4. The impact of Covid-19 and new ways of marketing
  5. How to bridge the technology gap in the marketing industry
  6. Comparison of new types of market entry strategies: Netflix vs. Uber
  7. The place of artificial intelligence in marketing
  8. Influencer marketing and revenue generation
  9. How globalization impacts consumer behavior
  10. Video marketing: the new trend in marketing?


Easy Marketing Research Topics

Sometimes, an easy marketing topic is all you need for your research. So, if you want to work on something simple, then here are some example of marketing research topics that you can choose to work on!

  1. How to use humor in advertising
  2. Product labels and how much attention consumers pay to them
  3. Do well-known brands always have good quality?
  4. Is display marketing about to go extinct?
  5. The harmful impacts of marketing on children
  6. Does Facebook advertising rally help to grow businesses?
  7. Internet security and online marketing


Social Media Marketing Research Topics

  1. Social media marketing and brand image communication
  2. How to battle the decline in organic reach on social media
  3. Communicating brand image through social media
  4. The use of social media to impact buying decisions of shoppers
  5. Can businesses succeed without social media marketing?
  6. The best social media platforms to advertise baby products
  7. How to increase followers on social media
  8. Should businesses follow their competitors on social media?
  9. How big brands use social media campaigns to their advantage
  10. Social media and business SEO ranking


Tourism Marketing Research Topics

Do you have to work on a research report for the tourism industry? Then, here are some research report topics for marketing in the tourism industry that you’ll indeed find very stimulating!

  1. Critical factors for tourism markets in the US
  2. The impact of famous cultural events on tourism marketing
  3. The implications of e-reviews on tourist destination
  4. The effect of Covid-19 on tourist lifestyle
  5. Budget hotels versus big hotels: the existence or non-existence of competition
  6. Tourism marketing in rural areas
  7. Best marketing strategies for hotel businesses
  8. Roles of fashion blogs in fashion marketing


Fashion Marketing Research Topics

Are you interested in working in the fashion marketing industry? Here is a fashion marketing research topic list you can explore!

  1. Famous marketing strategies employed by the fashion industry
  2. What the future holds for fashion and marketing
  3. An exploration of homosexuality and the fashion market
  4. Fashion and Marketing: Exploring the psychology behind these concepts
  5. The impact of the economy on fashion marketing
  6. How famous fashion brands used marketing to become famous
  7. Cross-dressing and the fashion market



So here we are! 70 marketing related topics for research! Hopefully, you’ve found an interesting topic that suits your purpose and niche. If you need help with your assignment, our expert writers are here for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go get that A+!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to write a questionnaire for market research?
When writing questions for your market research, ensure they are simple to understand; they should not be leading, avoid making assumptions, have a logical order, including demographics, and keep them short.
What are the mistakes to avoid when doing market research?
Some of the mistakes you should avoid; are raising the wrong questions, using the wrong group, being perceptive of society, using your circle to collect data, and being biased in opinions.

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