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High Quality Abortion Essay Topics To Try

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The topic of abortion is a highly delicate issue that has always been surrounded by intense discussions among the young, old, educated, and non-educated, etc. Being an act that involves the lives of the mother and fetus, as well as the family unit and even the society at large, it has always been a complex discussion. With abortion rights, the role of restrictive abortion laws, and religion thrown in the mix, it increases its complexity. 

Choosing topics related to abortion for discussion can be a bit tricky and that’s why this article is here. This article will provide you with a range of topics, that cuts across abortion essay titles,

abortion topics for a research paper, as well as research topics about abortion. All of these topics will factor in recent developments, restrictive abortion laws, and how it affects all parties involved physically, physiologically, psychologically, etc in the bigger picture.

With over 80+ of the best topics around the abortion discussion to choose from, you are certain to find a perfect fit. This article also contains a helpful guide on how to come up with unique titles for discussions around abortion. All you need to do is choose from the available options or follow the guide to come up with your ideas. Let’s dive right in! 

How to Select the Best Abortion Essay Topics

While abortion essay topics are quite sensitive, it is easy to come up with a good topic because there are a lot of areas to discuss. Even better, you can always get help in writing your abortion essay, but first, let’s come up with your unique topic. 

Here are some tips to come up with your unique ideas. 

Pick a Topic of Interest

Start by reflecting on your interests and knowledge about the abortion debate. If there are opinions that have fascinated you, that you would like to explore more on or feel more people should know about, that would be a good place to start. 

Think of New Discussions

With new conversations springing up, it’s easy to find an angle that hasn’t been fully explored. You can also decide to look at an already existing discussion but from a different perspective. You’ll be certain to come up with your unique idea.

Choose a scope to cover

As with all broad conversation spectrums, you need to streamline your interest area so it is more realistic. This is important to you, so it allows your research to have a defined direction, and so your readers know what to expect from your piece.

Get public opinion

Getting public opinion not only helps you discuss what people want to know about, but it also helps you choose a topic that is current and relevant. Seeking information from your peers, professors, or mentors can lead to valuable insights and help you refine your topic so it is interesting, impactful, and reaches your target audience.

Abortion Research Paper Topics

If you’re looking to write a research paper on abortion and thinking of possible topics then you’re in the right place. This section will provide you with fifteen of the best abortion topics for your research paper. They include the following;

1. The ethics and legality surrounding abortion

2. Psychological effects of abortion on women and their immediate family

3. Are there any relationships between abortion and breast cancer? Discuss

4. Parental notification laws on teen abortions, and it’s the implication on teenagers and parents alike

5. The impact of abortion as a method of birth control

6. The adverse implications of abortion on future fertility

7. The implication of accessibility inaccessibility to abortion clinics in rural areas

8. Various methods of abortion, differences, risk factors, as well as a guide to choose.

9. The impact of abortion on the mental health of parents of teenage girls

10. The stance of various religions toward abortion

11. The role of sex education programs in educational institutions, and their effectiveness in reducing abortion rates.

12. The impact of abortion in marriages, emotionally and physiologically.

13. Extensive review of restrictive abortion laws, aim, and implications.

14. Political ideologies and their implications for abortion

15. The overlap between abortion and poverty in rural and underdeveloped communities

Abortion Argumentative Essay Topics

To effectively write strong argumentative essays on abortion, you would need to begin with an equally strong topic. Here are a few abortion questions for essay topics you can choose from. They include the following;

1. Discuss with congruent reasons why abortion should or should not be legal

2. Are abortion concerns more of a moral or ethical issue?

3. Should the right to choose abortion to be available to all women?

4. Can abortion be classified as murder?

5. Can abortion be classified as a human rights issue? 

6. What are the implications of allowing minors to get abortions without parental consent?

7. Are there special cases such as rape or incest where abortion is excused? 

8. Can abortion be termed a birth control method?

9. Should government funds be allocated towards abortions for low-income women?

10. On what grounds are doctors allowed to refuse to perform abortions?

11. What are the risk factors associated with allowing abortion after the first trimester and should it be done?

12. Are there mental implications of abortion on women as well as their families? 

13. Are women allowed to view an ultrasound before undergoing an abortion?

14. Are there precautionary wait periods for women before carrying out an abortion to ascertain their certainty?

15. Are there compulsory counseling sessions for women before getting an abortion?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Abortion

Depending on the angle of your discussion on abortion, you should be able to convince your audience with your argument. Here are some persuasive essay topics that are guaranteed to drive home your point. They include the following;

1. The freedom of choice: Why women should have the right to choose to have an abortion for themselves.

2. The importance of access: How restricting access to abortion harms women’s health and well-being.

3. Protection of women’s rights: How restrictions on access to abortion are a violation of women’s fundamental rights.

4. Legalizing abortion as a means to save lives: How legalizing abortion serves as an alternative to seeking unsafe or illegal abortions.

5. Impact of abortion on children: How unwanted children suffer when born into families who lack resources and support.

6. Health concerns associated with abortion: How to access safe and legal abortion is important for women’s health and wellbeing.

7. Primary causes of abortion: Easy access to contraception and comprehensive sex education as a way of curbing abortion.

8. Physical and material support for women: Providing resources to women with unplanned pregnancies as a method to reduce the abortion rate.

9. Maternal mortality as an abortion risk: Legalization of abortion as a means to help reduce maternal mortality rates.

10. Abortion as a private affair: Right to privacy for women and how they can make decisions about their bodies without government interference.

11. Abortion and family interests: Allowing women to make their own choices about childbearing, and how it can be beneficial to their families.

12. The dynamic role of religion: Why religious beliefs should or should not be used to restrict women’s access to abortion.

13. The adverse cost of abortion restriction: How access to abortion restrictive laws can lead to increased healthcare costs and social welfare spending in the long run.

14. Access to abortion as a tool to ensure equality: How access to abortion promotes women’s equality in all areas of life.

15. Human right to choice: How the ability to choose what happens to one’s body is a fundamental aspect of your human right and dignity as a person.

Abortion Debate Topics

If you will be discussing abortion in a debate setting and need a scope to discuss, then here are some topics that will help drive home some strong points. They include the following;

1. The implications of abortion from the moral and ethical standpoint.

2. The after effect of abortion on women’s health both physically and mentally.

3. The dynamic role of the government in regulating access to abortion and its aftereffects. 

4. How restrictive abortion laws affect women’s rights and health across different societies.

5. Discuss the relationship between abortion and religion, proposing or opposing why it exists.

6. The positive as well as negative impact of abortion on the family unit, physically and psychologically.

7. The discussion on parental involvement laws on young women seeking an abortion, and how it affects these women.

8. What are alternatives to abortion, and how effective are they across different societies? 

9. The implications of abortion beyond the family unit. How does it affect society as a whole?

10. The discussion over whether or not a fetus is a person, and how this knowledge affects the choice to abort.

11. Medical implications of abortion on women’s future fertility. 

12. Are there any implications of abortion on men? and should they have a role in the decision-making process?

13. The discussion on abortion funds, using taxpayer funds for abortion as a case study.

14. Discuss access to abortion in relation to the socioeconomic status of women.

15. Abortion as it relates to the dynamic role of healthcare providers in the abortion debate.

Current Abortion Topic

With changing conversations in recent times, topics around abortion aren’t left out. Here are some current abortion topics

1. The effect of COVID-19 and its effects on accessibility to abortion services

2. The high rise of “abortion tourism” amongst countries with restrictive abortion laws.

3. The adoption of telemedicine for medication abortion due to the pandemic 

4. Restrictive abortion laws for abortion access and advocacy measures in states with restrictive abortion laws. Choose a case study of your choice.

5. The impact of the Supreme Court and its ruling in high-profile abortion-related cases

6. The debate over the use of medical abortion versus surgical abortion. Discuss both methods with valid points before concluding.

7. Do healthcare providers have any right to refuse to perform abortions for religious or moral reasons? Discuss.

8. The implication of the Hyde Amendment and access to abortion for women in low-income communities

9. Partisan campaigns and the use of abortion as a political wedge issue in elections

10. The debate on pro-choice and pro-life advocacy campaigns, and the role it plays in shaping public opinion.

11. The “heartbeat bills” discussion, and the adverse effects of other restrictive abortion laws

12. Restrictive abortion laws, and the physiological implications on women’s health and wellbeing

13. International organizations and foreign aid policies in promoting access to safe and legal abortion services

14. Should the use of graphic anti-abortion images in public protests and demonstrations be allowed? Propose or oppose with valid points.

15. The use of fetal tissue in medical research, implications, and effects

Interesting Abortion Essay Topics

Here are some interesting abortion essay topics, you can use to spark conversations amongst people with different opinions and beliefs. 

1. The history of abortion laws and regulations over the years in developed countries; use the United States as a case study. 

2. The role of race and ethnicity on accessibility to abortion services in rural areas

3. Abortion decision-making process, and the role of the male gender. 

4. Abortion as a tool for population control in developing and developed countries.

5. Emotional implications of abortion on women and resulting characteristics.

6. Discussions on whether or not a fetus is a person with rights.

7. The effects of abortion on the interpersonal and extrapersonal relationships of women.

8. Are there any impacts of abortion on women’s economic status and career prospects? Affirm or negate with congruent reasons

9. The effect of current abortion laws and policies in the 21st century around the world.

10. Discussions on the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research

11. The role of restrictive abortion laws on undocumented women and women in underdeveloped countries. 

12. Religion and its role in influencing attitudes toward abortion

13. The crisis pregnancy centers in promoting alternatives to abortion

14. Possible relationships between abortion and women’s empowerment

15. The implications of political polarization on discussions around abortion in the present day


As discussed in this article, there are a variety of abortion essay topics that you can explore, all of which are valid for the ongoing abortion debate. Choosing from the above options, or following the tips to come up with yours is a guaranteed way to contribute to this ongoing conversation, especially to its effect on the well-being and impact of the lives of women, and all parties involved.

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