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180 Immigration Research Paper Topics Trending in 2023

check Immigration Research Paper Topics

Topics about immigration are fascinating research areas because of how sensitive and broad the topic is. Regardless of discipline, there’s always a way immigration inserts itself within any discourse. Immigration is common in humanities fields like Political Science, History, Literature, and Economics. Depending on the context, they can still be found in the Medical area and other areas within the sciences.

This is to say that immigration topics for essay are not escapable in any discipline. It takes the proper context for immigration to become the center of any topical research. However, students in disciplines like History and International Relations never escape from immigration topics. There’s always a mention or link to it in every study.

Students in this field and other related fields constantly write research papers on immigration. Many students face challenges while writing in this research area. The challenge usually is due to the broadness of the topic itself. Below are some guides for writing immigration research papers and topics to guide your topic selection process.

Easy Tips to Choose Right Immigration Research Topic for Research

The challenge for every research paper starts with the topic selection process. That’s because the right or wrong topic sets the tone for the rest of the research. For immigration topics, we know how challenging it gets for students to write on them. So, we have gathered these tips to help you choose topics on immigration.

So, if you are having a tough time with your immigration research paper, never mind. Below are some helpful tips to guide you while choosing a topic on immigration.

  • Do a brief study of immigration areas you are interested in. The study helps you realize the area you have more interest in and knowledge to work on.
  • Choose only topics that appeal to you. As much as you are writing to earn good grades, the zeal to write comes from choosing what you can work on.
  • Draft out two to three topics that interest you and research exclusively on them. It gives you topic options to work with. Through research, you begin to understand which topic you are capable of working solely on.
  • Narrow down your chosen topic. Immigration topics can be broad; narrow down your selected topic. It will enable you to focus on a specific research area.
  • Share your chosen topic with a lecturer, professor, or supervisor. We usually get excited about topics without realizing something might be wrong with them. But, seeking an experienced professor’s input helps you with any issues with the topic on time.

These are the five tips that’ll guide you in choosing immigration topics to research. Once you have gotten past this stage, it’s time to start writing your research paper. But, if you have issues finding suitable topics, check out these immigration topics to write about.

Controversial Immigration Topics for Students In College

In immigration, there are specific topics considered controversial. The reason is due to the sensitive nature of writing about them. Yet, controversial immigration topics do interesting research as they touch on various salient points. Here are some research topics on immigration in that category.

  1. How international immigration laws target predominantly African countries and African immigrants
  2. New immigration policies as an indication of neo-imperialism
  3. Reformation of immigration laws and how they impact traffickers
  4. Immigration detention centers and how it infringes on fundamental human rights
  5. The harmful effects of foreign immigration laws
  6. A contrast between Western and African immigration laws
  7. How modern-day immigration laws impact freedom of travel
  8. How immigration laws alienate black people
  9. The immigration luxury many African citizens don’t enjoy
  10. The challenging Western visa application process for Africans
  11. How immigration policies harm domestic workers
  12. Immigration reforms and how they impact the society
  13. A study of African immigration to the Western world in recent years
  14. The undertones of colonialism in today’s immigration process
  15. How does immigration restrict freedom for many people
  16. Harmful effects of mass deportation
  17. Deportation and how it affects the individual reputation
  18. The challenges of practicing immigration law
  19. How to handle unauthorized immigration in the Western states
  20. Why refugee and asylum immigration is restrictive in Europe
  21. Arguments about African immigration across Europe
  22. Immigration laws as an economic generation strategy
  23. Importance of diverse immigration processes for all
  24. How immigration affects the human psyche
  25. Importance of free and fair immigration practices
  26. Why immigration should be encouraged across all countries
  27. Harmful immigration in key countries and how it impacts other countries
  28. How education plays a crucial role in immigration
  29. How immigration affects the distribution of demands
  30. Immigrants Vs. Expatriates’ lifestyle in Europe

Comprehensive US Immigration Research Topics For College Students 

The US immigration practice makes up an entire immigration topic category. Below are some US immigration topics for research paper writing. 

  1. A study of American immigration laws
  2. The origin of immigration practice in America
  3. The impacts of American immigration laws on countries
  4. The growth of American immigration procedures
  5. Critical issues involved with American immigrant laws
  6. The rigorous process of acquiring the US citizenship
  7. Effects of ICE enforcement laws on refugees and illegal immigrants
  8. The discriminatory impact of American immigration
  9. The importance of the vibrant US Customs and border protection
  10. The study of modern-day American immigration
  11. Birth citizenship process in America
  12. Naturalization in America and the processes
  13. The rigorous and tedious visa permission process in America
  14. Growth of fake immigration in America and possible ways to curb it
  15. American media analysis of modern-day immigration practice
  16. How immigration impacts the American society
  17. The effects of the refugee system and how it affects women and children
  18. Sexual abuse of women within the American refugee center
  19. Process of applying for temporary residence in America
  20. Socio-cultural impacts of immigration on immigrants
  21. Maintaining cultural bonds in the diaspora
  22. The growth and importance of fostering immigrant bonds in America
  23. Logistics and housing challenges for new American immigrants
  24. Economic challenges faced by American immigrants
  25. American law enforcement take on immigration
  26. The American deportation process and access to legal advisories
  27. Challenges of getting a working permit as an American immigrant
  28. Language barrier for immigrants in America
  29. Harmful labor practices on American immigrants
  30. A portrait of modern-day American immigration; its lows and highs

Interesting Immigration Presentation Topics For College Students

Presentation topics are meant to be interesting enough to engage listeners. If you are preparing a presentation topic about immigration. Here are some topic ideas.

  1. How media impacts the immigration process across the globe
  2. How Covid-19 impacted immigration procedure in the United Kingdom
  3. How religious beliefs affect immigration laws in most countries
  4. Social media as a tool for increasing immigration issues awareness
  5. The role of Amnesty International in the immigration processes
  6. Vulnerability factor of immigrants in the West
  7. Using Haiti as a case study on the issue of remittance
  8. How technology aids faster immigration process
  9. The lack of technological devices and how it affects immigration
  10. How immigration laws breed violence and abuse
  11. How immigration has increased occupational crisis across the globe
  12. Unequal distribution of work opportunities: the immigrant problem
  13. Importance of IT specialists within immigration offices
  14. Healthcare challenges of new immigrants in Europe
  15. Importance of legal advisors when applying for immigration
  16. A study of the political asylum process for LGBTQ people
  17. Cultural shocks associated with the life of an immigrant
  18. Impacts of forced immigration on the individual psyche
  19. Importance of educating students on the global impacts of immigration
  20. Disability issues and how it impacts immigration processes
  21. The standing effect of immigration on the global community
  22. The four major types of immigration processes across the globe
  23. A critical study of immigrants and expatriates’ experiences in America
  24. A study of immigration Vs. emigration processes in the United Kingdom
  25. Countries with the most significant numbers of immigrants in the United States
  26. A study of countries with restrictive immigrant policies
  27. Countries that do not allow immigration for foreigners
  28. The economic impact of immigration to the European Union
  29. How immigration is enabling the current UK economy
  30. How diversity impacts immigration growth and access to others

Illegal Immigration Essay Topics For Students In Political Science & International Relations

There are immigration topics that address the illegal aspects of immigration. These topics look at how they impact individuals, a country, and the system. Below are some topics on global illegal immigration.

  1. How to solve the growing crisis of illegal immigration
  2. A study of what gives rise to the practice of illegal immigration
  3. How less jurisdiction on immigration grows the practice of illegal immigration
  4. How can political leaders bring about a solution to the rise of illegal immigration
  5. The possible issue of health concerns in illegal immigration issues
  6. The economic crisis is a factor that contributes to illegal immigration
  7. Effects of illegal immigration on a country’s economic situations
  8. How immigration laws impact the growth of illegal immigration practices
  9. How illegal screening devices and methods are used during the immigration process
  10. How low-income level affects the growth of illegal immigration
  11. Domestic violence and sexual abuse and how it affects the practice of illegal immigration
  12. A study of illegal immigration sanctions in Saudi Arabia
  13. The Canadian governmental policy and how it handles cases of illegal immigration
  14. The most common causes of illegal immigration issues in America
  15. The legalization challenges that lead to illegal immigration issues
  16. Healthcare accessibility challenges for illegal immigrants in America
  17. A study of whether illegal immigrants can gain access to insurance in America
  18. Sexual persecution and political extremism as a result of illegal immigration practices
  19. The continuous effect of illegal immigration on the global community
  20. The growing challenges of illegal immigrants in America
  21. How does a lack of knowledge and intention lead to the violation of immigration laws and processes
  22. A study of legal protection practices for illegal immigrants in Canada Vs. the United States
  23. How does the language barrier play a crucial role in the consistent failure of legal immigration admission
  24. The deportation process: exploring the ethical procedure involved while preparing individuals for deportation
  25. The process of criminal record screening of illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom
  26. Religious barrier and how it facilitates reasons for failed legal immigration admission
  27. The political rhetorics that surround the discourse of illegal immigration
  28. How accessible immigration policies can reduce the growing rise of illegal immigration across the globe
  29. The rise of fake immigration practices across Europe and its associated dangers
  30. Effective ways political leaders can address the growth of the modern-day increase of illegal immigration

EU Immigration Research Paper Topics For International Relations Students 

Every country and continent has immigration laws that govern them. The European Union cuts across 27 different countries, and the EU has its own unique immigration rules. Here are some research paper topics in this area.

  1. A study of the immigration process across the EU countries
  2. The difficulty associated with acquiring a Schengen visa for Africans
  3. The UK’s exit from the EU and how it has impacted its immigration policies
  4. A study of the asylum and refugee-seeking status in the EU
  5. A study of the process of naturalization in Europe
  6. The role of migrants in battling climate change in Germany and Austria
  7. A study of the Eastern Europe immigration challenges
  8. Cultural shock for immigrants in Europe
  9. A study on how American immigration policies differ from EU’s
  10. Housing challenges for immigrants in the Netherlands
  11. Language is a significant factor in reduced immigration into Europe
  12. A comparative study of the EU visa process Vs. American visa process
  13. Opportunities and the challenges faced by international immigrants in the EU
  14. How the Russian-Ukraine war affects immigration policies in Europe
  15. Increased refugees across Europe due to the Russian-Ukraine war
  16. How long will it take Russia to repair its immigration policies after the war?
  17. How the Russian-Ukrainian war affects the future of Ukraine immigration policies
  18. How the current Russian-Ukraine war has changed the Ukraine immigration laws
  19. Challenges in Europe that stimulates the quest for emigration
  20. A comparative study of the immigration vs. the emigration process across Europe
  21. A look into the four significant challenges of African migration to the Spanish-speaking part of Europe
  22. A study of the Europe immigration policies for international students
  23. The critical challenges accompanying migration displacement across Europe
  24. How the current refugee crisis in Europe showcases its failure to manage migration in recent years
  25. The rise of racism and xenophobia with foreigners migrating into the EU
  26. How does the EU’s human rights placeholder contradict recent policies on migration, asylum, and refugee
  27. The EU welfare system and the economic challenges of foreigners migrating into the EU
  28. How the influx of asylum and refugee seekers will impact the limited resources of the EU
  29. How do the EU’s human rights obligations for asylum and refugee seekers conflict with its desire for economic integration and expansion
  30. The EU’s external borders and their vital role in maintaining continuous security across the EU

Legal Immigration Paper Topics For Humanities & Law Students

There are several areas of research within legal immigration. This research area focuses on the various legal involvements for immigration. Here are some topic guides in legal immigration.

  1. A study of the American ICE policy under Trump Vs. Biden administration
  2. How immigration impacts international students in the diaspora
  3. How the Second Industrial Revolution impacts the immigration process
  4. How does the federal immigration law ensure US citizen’s safety
  5. The immigration changes that came about after the advent of the 9/11 incident
  6. How the visa application and processing policies impact different countries
  7. The possible effect of the United States allowing open borders for all countries
  8. The increased housing crisis in the advent of open border practices across countries
  9. How possible open border policies will economically impact various countries
  10. Does the American congress limit the number of immigrant visas issued each year?
  11. A study of the immigrant rights in the US Vs. immigrant rights in Canada
  12. A study on the United States’ refusal to accept Syrian refugees
  13. A detailed study of the immigrant journey towards the US citizen journey
  14. A study on the difference between naturalization and citizenship in America
  15. What does the government look out for in a person before granting them a global talent visa
  16. A study of the naturalization process and ceremony in Europe
  17. The application process for British citizenship
  18. Helpful steps and strategies for preparing for a naturalization test
  19. An evaluative study of naturalization requirements in the United States vs. Canada
  20. How does the United Kingdom visa process differ from the Schengen visa application today?
  21. Effects of Brexit on immigration processes for British citizens
  22. The possibility of naturalizing in the United States by joining the military
  23. How can immigrants ensure legal status for their children
  24. A critical overview of the rise of arranged marriages for the sake of legal immigration
  25. The growth of immigrants seeking United States citizenship and why?
  26. A look into the significant functions of immigration laws and proceedings
  27. How due process in the immigration process is practiced
  28. The study of the time required before the completion of an immigrant document processing
  29. A critical study of the difference between asylum and refugee status
  30. A look into the health policies for refugees in the United States


Finding the right immigration research paper topic can be a hassle. The reason is that there are several areas to write about. But, having a clear target of what you intend to achieve with your research paper aids your topic-choosing process. However, consult external help when you start having issues choosing your topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are interesting immigration research topics?
Some interesting immigration research topics you can use are: The impact of media on the process of immigration around the globe, does immigration affect American society, and what economic challenges immigrants face.
What are the 5 common issues that immigrants face?
Some common issues that immigrants face are poverty, acculturation, education, housing, employment, and social functionality.

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