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Trending Social Media Research Topics To Write a Great Paper

Social Media Research Topics

Social media is a recent addition to our general social framework. However, it soon emerged as one of the most indispensable tools for people to connect with one another, fun businesses, and even find their own voice. Most importantly, it has become an extension of our community today, making it one of the most talked-about subjects in sociology and psychology.

In an age where social platforms and networks are prevalent, writing a social media research paper is inevitable. Despite its prevalence, students may still find it challenging to come up with a good topic. This piece seeks to provide you with good social media research paper topics. You can choose the best topic and make any of the social media platforms a case study.

Writing About Social Media Research Topics

Although it is a fairly new subject, there have been several social media research papers over the past decade that study the overall impact of this new medium of communication on people of all ages.

The advantage of choosing research questions about social media is that it is a topic that is very current and trending. While social media has changed the way we communicate, it has also had a huge impact on the way people think and behave. Social media offers great scope for research because there have been several conversations about this impact. Even today, people are divided in their opinion about social media. While most agree that it has opened up a world of opportunities, it is impossible to ignore the psychological impact that it has had, especially on the younger demographic.

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How to Select Social Media Research Topic

If you have a sociology paper due, here are some simple tips that will help you choose the right research topics on social media:

  • Write on a topic that is trending: For instance, you can explore the role of social media during the pandemic. It became a very useful tool to share vital information while it was also instrumental in opening up a platform for creating panic through misinformation.
  • Look for topics that everyone can relate to: When you think of a social media research topic, you tend to think of subjects that are associated with youngsters. However, social media has influenced people of all age groups. You can write topics like making the transition from regular communication tools to social media for the older age group. You can also explore the primary differences between the digital generation and the older generation. These subjects give you a lot more material for research and writing.  You should also ensure you have a piece of firsthand information on social media platforms that can serve as your case studies.
  • Argumentative subjects give you maximum material: The best thing about social media research topics is that they give you a host of argumentative subjects. As mentioned before, this is a subject that has a lot of divided opinions. Choose one topic that is trending and has dual opinions among the general population. This gives you great scope for data collection, research, and of course, writing a great paper.
  • Make sure the subject interests you: This, of course, is the most basic rule when it comes to writing any research paper. Make sure that you try to answer questions that you personally have about social media and its impact on the world. You can even choose specific subjects like the impact of social media on advertising and marketing in the modern world. Try combining a topic that interests you and associate with social media in different ways possible to find the perfect title for your research paper.

Social Media Addiction Research Topics

This is one of the first subjects that come to mind when one discusses social media. With most people being addicted to their smartphone and primarily social media, this is one of the favorite research topics on social media:

  1. Social media addiction: Primary causes
  2. The rising concern of social media addiction among school students
  3. How social media addiction is impacting creativity
  4. How does social media addiction reduce productivity among employees
  5. The effect of social media addiction on the general health of the human population.
  6. Is social media addiction a primary cause for several psychological disorders?
  7. What is the impact of social media addiction on the general population?
  8. The relationship between obesity and social media addiction.
  9. How does social media addiction impact the sleep cycle
  10. The negative impact of social media addiction

Social Media and Mental Health Research Topics

Is social media a primary cause for the rapid increase in mental health issues the world over? These research paper topics explore different angles to this important question.

  1. How can social media affect mental health positively?
  2. Is social media the cause of increasing mental health issues?
  3. What is the relationship between social media and mental health?
  4. Has social media contributed to growing cases of narcissism?
  5. How has social media affected the confidence levels of youngsters?
  6. Has social media been impactful in improving awareness about mental health?
  7. Is social media a good place to discuss personal issues like mental health issues?
  8. Has social media made it easier for people to talk about mental health issues?
  9. Why does social media cause mental health issues?
  10. Is social media addiction a common mental health issue today?

Social Media and Body Image Research Topics

Social media and scientific research has focused on the impact that this medium has had on the body image of men and women with celebrities and influencers setting unrealistic goals through social media.

  1. Celebrity influencers increase body image issues among youngsters
  2. Social media is responsible for reduced body image among youngsters.
  3. Bullying on social media is responsible for body image issues.
  4. People are subject to more body shaming these days because of social media.
  5. Social media and the need to look great all the time. Your comments.
  6. Social media and how easily it influences people
  7. Information overload on social media is responsible for body image issues
  8. Hate on social media is the primary cause for body image issues
  9. Are body image issues and social media addiction related?
  10. How can influencers be more effective in improving body image among followers?
  11. Do influencers have a responsibility towards their followers?
  12. Social media is the primary source of validation in the world today.
  13. Social media and the need to please. What is the association?
  14. Why are people so aggressive on social media?

Social Media Marketing Research Topics

Social media has changed the way we market and advertise products. You can write detailed academic research on it based on this subject. The following are social media research paper topics to consider:

  1. The impact of social media on marketing
  2. Has marketing become cheaper because of social media
  3. Is social media responsible for increasing start-ups
  4. Is social media better than traditional marketing?
  5. How can social media be used effectively for marketing?
  6. Social media influencers, the new superstars for brands. Your comments.
  7. How social media has made business more accessible.
  8. Best social media marketing practices
  9. How social media marketing has uncovered new job opportunities.
  10. The best thing about social media

Social Media Psychology Research Topics

How has social media affected various age groups and demographics psychologically? This simple question gives you a host of research topics on social media.

  1. Has social media played a role in the increasing suicide rates the world over?
  2. Has social media brought unknown mental health issues to light?
  3. Depression and social media
  4. Does social media cause anxiety?
  5. Social media makes you lose grip on reality. Your thoughts?
  6. Has social media affected buying behaviors?
  7. How influencers use psychological tools to build followers.
  8. Why do people feel the need to check social media so many times each day?
  9. The relationship between social media and aggression.
  10. Social media and growing inferiority complex

 Ethical Issues In Social Media Research Topics

One of the most widely used subjects for research questions about social media, you can explore a range of ideas:

  1. Should photoshopped images on social media be banned?
  2. The use of cookies. Is it ethical?
  3. Should there be stricter guidelines for language usage on social media?
  4. The unethical side to social media marketing
  5. Are the current features for reporting abuse on social media enough?
  6. How are copyrights violated on social media?
  7. Plagiarism and social media.
  8. Should social media content be censored?
  9. What should the age limit for entering social media be and why?

Dopamine and Social Media Research Topics

The link between social media and dopamine is said to make it addictive. There have been several research papers on this subject that you can draw inspiration from for your own social media research paper topic. The following are social media research paper topics to consider:

  1. The relationship between dopamine and social media
  2. Each like on social media is as addictive as using drugs. Write your thoughts backed by research.
  3. The similarities between social media addiction and drug abuse
  4. Is social media addiction an indication of other underlying mental health issues?
  5. How does social media addiction impact relationships?
  6. Is loneliness the cause for increased dependence on social media?
  7. Why is social media so addictive?
  8. Ways to manage social media addiction
  9. What are the signs of social media addiction?

Mass Media Research Topics

Here is a list of general topics that you can make use of to write great social media research papers:

  1. How new tools are being developed each day to improve social media marketing.
  2. Is traditional marketing dead because of social media?
  3. Is social media an effective form of mass media
  4. How mass media changed since the advent of social media
  5. A brief timeline of social media and how it changed the world.
  6. Using social media to dispense news. Is it a good idea?
  7. How social media influences political ideologies.
  8. Why social media should be governed by stricter rules
  9. How will media change in the coming 20 years?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes social media a good topic for research?
Social media affects our daily lives in various ways, making it a good research topic. Additionally, it is a broad subject meaning that you can find various topics that interest you.
What are examples of 5 interesting topics for social media?
Examples of interesting topics on social media are: 1) Why are people so aggressive on social media? 2) Why does social media cause anxiety? 3) A look at the influence that social media has on children 4) Ways that social media promotes cultural awareness 5) What are the ways that social media violates copyrights?

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