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How to Get Out of Doing Homework?

How to Get Out of Doing Homework

Homework is never fun. Sometimes, it just gets too overwhelming given all the work that you already have with your college and school. At some point in his or her academic career, a student always wonders, how to get out of doing homework. If you are one of them, here are some tips on how to avoid homework without getting into trouble.

How to Get Out of Doing Homework By Hiring Professional

This is one of the best options available to students who are thinking about how to get away with not doing homework. There are several professional ghostwriters who can do your assignments for you at an affordable price.

All you have to do is hire an online homework assistance service. They have a team of writers who have expertise in various subjects based on your requirements. So instead of thinking of ways of how to get out of doing your homework get someone else to do it for you.

These professionals are known for the timely delivery of assignments. Even when the deadline for your homework is a few hours away, they can deliver high-quality papers. You can save time and work on other tasks that will help you with your academic career.

How to Get Away With Not Doing Homework With A Good Excuse

For most students, the answer to how to get out of homework lies in a good excuse. Of course, run-of-the-mill excuses like falling sick work most of the time. However, you need to think of the ones that are least likely to be called out by your teacher.

Instead, when you are thinking of how not to do your homework, use more believable and safe excuses as follows:

  • I need more time to understand the instructions that you had provided with the assignment. Could you help me clarify a few doubts?
  • I accidentally deleted the files that I had worked on. Is it possible for you to extend my deadline by a few days?
  • I have been unable to find material for some sections of the assignments. I need an extension on the deadline.
  • I had a confidential family matter to attend to and was unable to find the time to work on my assignment.
  • My parents and I had to visit a relative who fell severely ill out of the blue.


There are many such excuses that you can make when you are thinking of how to escape doing homework. However, with excuses, you need to remember that you will have to get to your assignment eventually. So, it might be a better idea to get your work done in time to avoid any chances of compromising on your grades.

How to Not Do Homework and Still Get a Good Score

There are many reasons why you are unable to do your homework. You may not have time to do your assignments because of travel plans that you had made earlier. There are also chances of a genuine issue like a health problem that did not allow you to concentrate on your work.

The best way to get an extension on the deadline is to come clean with your teacher. Be honest about prior commitments or any issue that you may have that could prevent you from doing your assignment.

Asking for a retake is very common among students, especially when you are in college. You may also be working while completing a course. In this case, a work commitment may interfere with your homework.

When you have a valid reason, your teacher will give you the opportunity for a retake. This is also why you need to come up with a believable excuse when you are planning on how to skip homework.

However, in the event that your teacher does give you a re-take, make sure you stick to the deadlines assigned to you. That way, you will also build trust between you and your teacher. This will also ensure that your grades are not severely affected.

Ways How to Not Do Homework

Now that you’re aware of the fact that you don’t have to finish your homework, you might not even do it at all. After all, you have your reasons for not doing it. You should also know that there are tactics to follow, so you don’t totally look like a lazy student.

You can’t go to your teacher to give lazy excuses like “our dog ate my book”. Below are ways to follow to avoid doing your homework assignments.

  1. Study your teacher: As we have different students, so we have different teachers. You need to know your teacher pretty well. You should know his/her tolerance level. You should also know how forgiving your teacher is. In case you’ve got a tough teacher, just ensure you are in their good books before they ask for the assignment.

Participate in the class discussions. Even when you don’t know what to say, ask questions. It will give your teacher the impression that you’re a serious student. So when you eventually mention that you didn’t do the homework assignment, you will most likely be pardoned.

Another thing to know about your teacher is their passion. What are the things he loves? For example, if you’ve noticed he is a lover of dogs, you can mention that your dog died and you were so sad that you could not continue with your assignments. That might even bring you closer to your teacher if you’re lucky.

  1. Put the blame on family issues: Before you do so, you must also be sure your teacher is the kind that values family. You can say something emotional like, “your parents got into a fight and you couldn’t do the homework at home”.

You can also involve distant relatives by saying a close uncle died. Ensure your teacher won’t verify your story. Otherwise, they will never believe you again.

If you have the gift of crying at will, you can make use of your gift here. Get teary as you tell the lies. Don’t make the mistake of mentioning your grandparents because when they eventually die, your lie will be exposed.

  1. Put the blame on your device or technology: You have to be as remorseful as possible when you use this tactic. Let your teacher know you’re not happy with what happened. You can say the network was fluctuating and you couldn’t do much homework.

In a situation where you have to forward your assignment to your teacher’s mail, you can ask them if they received your mail and act confused when they say no. You must be really good at acting to pull this trick though.

  1. Act sick: Here is another trick for the good actor or actress. Pretend to be sick and your teacher will not bother you about the assignment. You might even be asked to go home to rest. This excuse will also be more acceptable if you are not the type that falls sick frequently.
  2. Take all the blame: Instead of giving excuses, you can also accept the fact that as much as you tried, you couldn’t understand the assignment. You must be really sorry and remorseful when you give this excuse.

Tell your teacher you wish you could have a better explanation of the homework assignment and submit it at a later date. Depending on your teacher, you might not get away with this excuse though.

Another way to use this tactic is to talk to your teacher as soon as you get to school before your classmates start getting to class. Discuss your inability to concentrate on schoolwork with them, and act like you don’t know what’s wrong with your brain.

Bring up your assignment as an example and say you couldn’t focus on it. You can cry if necessary. It will probably get you the sympathy of your teacher. They may also give you tips on how to do your homework at home with full concentration. However, you must ensure you make use of your teacher’s tips and do better next time you’re given an assignment.

  1. Copy and paste: This trick is the easiest way to not do your homework and not get caught. Seek help from your serious friends, copy their answers and paste them into your book. You can even get help from more than one person. This way, you don’t totally look like a copycat. At the same time, your teacher will see you as a brilliant student since you would have collated different answers.
  2. Steal the answer from the textbook: This method is only useful if your teacher is not the type to check workings. Most textbooks especially Mathematics have answers written at the back. You could smartly check the answers before your teacher gets to you. When asked, say your answer with confidence, and your teacher would believe you know what you’re doing.
  3. Ensure your parents are on your side: In some cases, your parents might expose your lies to your teacher. When you make your parents believe you have religiously been doing your homework, then you will be good to go.

There are several ways to get your parents on your side. Make your parents believe you came home late because you were doing your homework in school. Carry your bag, and tell them you’re going to a friend’s house to get more clarification on the given assignment. Make sure your parents know this friend of yours is a serious student.

Act like you’re seriously busy in your room doing your assignment when they check up on you. Open up your book in front of you, and pretend to be working on the homework.

  1. Pretend to forget your assignment at home: When it’s time to submit your assignment, begin to search your bag with passion. Ask your friends if they saw your assignment notebook or wherever you did it. Report your missing note to your teacher as well. That way, your teacher will believe you actually did your assignment but misplaced it.
  2. Come out clean: Confess unto your teacher without mincing words. Your teacher won’t kill you after all. You might even gain their trust and appear to them as an honest student who will tell the truth no matter the situation.

How to Avoid Doing Homework With a Short Deadline?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way that students can get away with undone homework?
Students can get away without doing their homework if they have a good excuse for why they did not. Besides a good reason, your teacher might want to see the evidence. Ensure that you have informed your teacher before the deadline.
What are the consequences of not completing the homework on time?
You will get lower grades if you do not complete your homework on time, be stressed as you try to work on the assignment quickly, are likely overwhelmed, and might not concentrate. It might also lead to you failing your class.

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