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Best Homework Excuses That Will Crack Your Ribs in 2023

best homework excuses

Homework is not a word most students would want to hear. I know of some who will reward you with a furious expression and spiteful attitude whenever you mention such a word to them. As a result of this negativity towards homework, students have funny excuses for not doing homework. Whereas some of them may work, there are those excuses for not turning in homework that may not augur well with some instructors.

Let’s dive into the subject of school homework excuses at length.

Best Homework Excuses: Why Do Students Give Them? 

While it may true that a majority of the students are lazy, several factors necessitate some students from not completing their homework. These may either be internal (on the part of the student) or external (related to the school, family, or general environment). But why exactly do students have such excuses for homework not done?

  • Punishment fears that nobody is ready to be canned or suspended from school for not completing homework.
  • To make up for their mistakes: Students give excuses for late homework to maintain a good reputation with their tutors and parents.
  • It’s the nature of students: The majority of the students are generally cheeky and naughty and thus have an excuse for almost everything.

Although students have continued to devise new homework excuses now and then, some tutors have been smart enough to outwit them. The bottom line remains that students will continue to invent crazy homework excuses shortly, especially technological advancements.

We now venture into some of the best homework excuses that students have been giving over the years.

6 Funny Homework Excuses For High School Students

Most high school students are in the adolescent stage, and thus you can expect anything from them. These students will devise all forms of unimaginable homework excuses to get off the hook at this stage of life. Six of the top homework excuses for high students are:

  • The homework was too easy to complete: Why bother completing something I already know how to do well enough?
  • I forgot about it: Well, I had a lot on my mind and forgot to write the assignment down or carry my homework book with me at home.
  • I had nowhere to complete my homework: My siblings were all over my room, and I couldn’t get the time and space to complete my homework comfortably.
  • We had a power blackout: Immediately I arrived home, there was a power blackout, and my computer cannot work without power. My room was so dark that I got scared even to get up and do anything.
  • I have had enough of it! What’s the point of continuing to complete homework assignments now that I am in high school? Come on; I have been doing these since kindergarten.
  • Homework is not a priority when I am at home: I need to watch my favorite soap opera or cartoon when I get home, not tuck in some boring homework.

Every student will have a funny homework excuse whenever confronted by their teachers.

Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Nonetheless, some excellent homework excuses can get you out of trouble. Although these are not easy to come by, you can constantly maneuver your way around them and convince your tutor. Some of the good reasons for missing homework include:

  • The instructions were too hard to understand: Maybe the tutor did not explain the instructions clear enough for you to understand. Other tasks are just too complex to complete regardless of the explanations given by the tutor.
  • You did not have the necessary prerequisites: Equipment like calculators for math assignments and drawing boards for engineering papers are necessary. If you do not have them, there is no way you will complete your homework.
  • The dog ate my homework excuses: Realistically, the dog might enter your room and make away with your homework book. If the tutor doesn’t understand, it will do some good to carry the tattered assignment book’s remains.
  • The computer crashed: Every electronic gadget is prone to such. An understanding lecturer would give you a second chance when you give this homework excuse.

You should, however, note that most lecturers have known these excuses for no homework. How you explain yourself using such excuses will determine whether he/she will believe you or not.

5 Good Excuses For Missing Homework That Work

The best excuses for missing homework are those that convince your tutor or instructor without leaving a trail of question marks behind. To come up with such, you have to develop practical critical thinking skills and engage creativity. From some of the best homework excuses available, here are the crème de la crème:

  • I fell sick on my way home and was rushed to hospital
  • A natural disaster such as a giant hurricane or earthquake that interrupted regular power supply
  • I was absent when you assigned the homework
  • You were busy volunteering in a community social work activity
  • I got rained on my way to school in the morning

The reasons above seem genuine to any person, and you can be sure of getting away with them for not doing homework.

How To Make Creative Homework Excuses

Would you like to know how to make excuses for not doing your homework? Here are some expert tips that have worked for many and definitely for you too!

  • Avoid over-exaggeration: Your excuses to get out of homework should be realistic enough to any rational person.
  • Honesty is the best policy: A legitimate excuse would save you a lot of trouble instead of a mischievous and cunning reason.
  • Wisely choose your reason: If you choose an excuse that your lecturer knows perfectly well that it is a lie, then your fall from grace would be twice as much!

With these tricks, you will be able to come up with the best homework excuse ever! Not even a genius professor can detect the slightest of mischief in your excuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a good excuse for not doing my homework?
You must be honest with your instructor if you have a good reason for not doing your homework. You must give evidence to support your argument and express your most profound regrets. However, to be on the safe side, it is essential to do your homework on time.
What are 5 funny homework excuses that work?
Here are five funny homework excuses that you can give, and it still works: I had issues with the submission software; I did it, but someone stole my laptop; I feel like I am not in the right state of mind to handle the assignment; I completely forgot about it; I did not understand the instruction.

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