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Conclusion Transition Words and Phrases: The Most Comprehensive Guide

conclusion transition words

If you are writing an essay or speech, one of the most important parts is the conclusion because it allows you to summarize your thoughts. To craft your essay’s conclusion like a professional, it is crucial to use the right words and phrases. In this post, we take a deeper look at the best conclusion transition phrases and how to use them to make your work outstanding.

Conclusion Transition Words for Conclusion: What Are They?

As the name suggests, transitions to conclusion are words that you apply within your essay’s conclusion. These words help to tell the reader you have come to the end of the speech or essay and tie the arguments discussed in the body of your work. Some writers also use them to bring together the main ideas in one sentence. There are many good conclusion transition words, and it is important to select only those that make your work more compelling.

Examples of Good Transitions for Conclusion

You have worked so hard on your essay, and now it is time to finish it, but what transition words for the conclusion paragraph? Here is a list of the best transition words to consider for your work:

  • Generally speaking.
  • As demonstrated above.
  • As has been pointed out.
  • All the factors considered.
  • Given these considerations.
  • In the end.
  • In short.
  • In summary.
  • In sum.
  • In conclusion.
  • On the whole.
  • By and large.
  • Given these arguments.
  • Given these points.
  • It has been pointed out.
  • To summarize.
  • In essence.
  • In the final analysis.

15 Samples of Good Conclusion Transitions in Sentences

Now that you know some of the best conclusion transition words, the next step is to apply them in your essays. To help you out, here is a demonstration of how to transition to a conclusion in your essay. Check the conclusion transition examples below and try to use them as they are or similar words to perfect your skills.

  • In Summary

In summary, Emily Daniela had a very painful upbringing but ultimately found happiness after meeting Prince Jeremy.

  • It Has Been Noted

It has been noted with a lot of concern that the author of the book “Next Generation on the Rocks” did not have ample knowledge about the weighty subject of “Generation X” and, we can conclude that the book is not appropriate for learning.

  • In Short

In short, the southern part of the park is relaxing and enjoyable for all, while the upper section is risky because of wild animals.

  • All Things Considered

All things considered, I found Paris to be a great place for a short getaway.

  • To Sum Up

To sum up, all the kids had an excellent time when growing up, yet they still ended up joining violent gangs in the neighborhood.

  • Finally

Finally, we can conclude that antimalware technology is an impressive discovery in the age of modern cyber threats.

  • By and Large

By and large, online learning should be considered an important method of study, regardless of the discipline that a college student is studying.

  • In Brief

Jennie’s farm has cut a name for producing high-quality apples in the district, and this is one of the reasons why its products are in high demand both locally and abroad.

  • On the Whole

On the whole, beef is much more popular meat compared to pork in the whole country.

  • Given These Points

Given these points, it is clear that the time to consider changes in the organization has arrived. In the end, the recommendations will benefit the company by growing sales.

  • On Balance

On balance, the organization has had a successful year, and the long-term strategy can help grow sales by 50% in the next financial year.

  • Overall

Overall, the author took a satirical tone in the book.

  • Usually

Usually, when the company advertises a vacant position, it does so only to follow the rules. In the end, most candidates are selected through nepotism.

  • In Either Case

In either case, school discipline should be enforced in line with strict adherence to human rights.

  • Obviously

Obviously, computer games have both pros and cons.

Tips for Using Conclusion Transition Phrases

To use transition conclusion words and make your work shine, consider it a process that starts when you commence writing the essay. This implies that even as you think of the best conclusion transition phrase to use, the essay also needs to be professionally done. Here are the main tips to help make your work stand out.

  • Make Your Essay as Professional as Possible

Long before your readers can get to the last part and note how well it is done, they will have to go through the essay. Therefore, you should make the first part, especially the topic, introduction, and thesis, interesting to grab the reader’s attention. If the first part is not enticing enough, the reader might not reach where you have used the transition words for the conclusion.

You should also do the essay’s body professionally, ensuring the main points flow seamlessly from the begging to the end. This will help readers to easily follow your main arguments and, finally, the conclusion. Take the example of an essay about the growing levels of obesity. In such a paper, you might want to start by looking at the background of obesity, the interventions, and why they appear not to work. Finally, draw the conclusion, indicating why the numbers might probably double in the next decade or two.

  • Capture the Main Points that You Want to Highlight in the Conclusion

When writing a conclusion, the best method is identifying the main points and summarizing them. Depending on the length of the essay, you might want to put it into a single sentence or several. So, start by highlighting them.

  • Use Transitions for Conclusions to Interweave the Main Points

Before you can use transition words for conclusions, ensure to evaluate them and select the most appropriate for your work. Try different strong conclusion transition words to establish how effectively they can help you tie the main points. You might want to check other several conclusion transitions examples to see how experts did it.

  • Confirm the Conclusion Transition Phrases Help to Improve Your Work

As we mentioned earlier, the conclusion transition sentences cannot work in isolation. Instead, they must be viewed as part of the whole essay. Therefore, read through the entire essay to ensure the main points are clear and the transition words for the conclusion give it a perfect finish.

  • Consider Writing the Conclusion as the Last Item and Together with the Introduction

When readers go through the introduction of an essay, they should be able to understand your stand and get highlights of the conclusion. This is why it would be a great idea to work on your conclusion and introduction as the last items for greater harmony of your work.

Conclusion Transition Phrases:  Summary

Selecting the right conclusion transition words makes it easy for the writer to tie up the main arguments and close the write-up. They make the work look professional and easy for the reader to follow and understand your arguments. This post has demonstrated how to transition into a conclusion more effectively. Consider doing some practice with different conclusion transition words to build your skills further.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good transition words for a conclusion?
Good transitional words you can use for your conclusion are: finally, in short, as a result, therefore, thus, ultimately, in other words, on the whole, in short, it has been pointed out, in essence, in the final analysis, by and large.
How do I choose conclusion transitional phrases?
When choosing the conclusion of a transitional phrase, consider the tone of your writing, purpose, and audience, and ensure that the words you use the help improve your work and capture the main points. Note that the primary goal of the transitional word is to help you summarize your thoughts effectively.

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