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Tips on How to Get Motivated to Do Homework

how to get motivated to do homework

Maintaining a regular homework schedule and stay abreast of school or college assignments is a tough task for all students. Yet there are some who are able to find ample motivation to do homework, helping them finish all tasks in time and produce quality work repeatedly. Ever wondered how do they do it?

Here are some of the best tips and tricks that will teach you how to get motivated to do homework. Take a look:

How to Find Motivation to Do Homework – Tips to Get Started

There has to be something that inspires and drives you to do your homework and who knows it better than you. So, find that inspiration and use it as a reward for finishing your homework.

  • If starting the homework is an issue, gain motivation by simply rewarding yourself to start at the decided time. Have your favorite snack while you assemble your stuff and start with a fresh mind.
  • Set small milestones for a big assignment. Reward yourself at every milestone. It could be a 5-minute break, listening to one song, and then get back to work for the next milestone.
  • If you feel you are not determined enough to finish an assignment in one go, sit with a friend who is good with homework. That works to keep you from giving up mid-way. It is also a great way to exchange ideas.
  • Find the right place and time when you are your productive best.  Some people are early risers are work best in the mornings, while others are night owls. For some, the coffee shop or the library is the best place to study and for others, it is the park or a corner of their room.

Set SMART Goals for You to Do Your Homework

For anyone wondering how to get motivated to do homework, SMART homework goals is an excellent technique. It not only aids to stay focused but is also a great tool to help get your work done fast.

  • S – Specific goals – set targets that are defined. E.g. – I have to finish one sample paper in two hours.
  • M – Measurable – set targets that you can later measure. E.g. – I must finish three pages of the assignment in half an hour.
  • A – Attainable – set small goals that you can genuinely achieve, not some high targets that bog you down midway. E.g. – Write five answers in one hour instead of 25 questions in 12 hours. That way you get to take a break and start all over again with a fresh attainable target.
  • R – Relevant – In order for motivations to work goals and rewards have to be relevant. E.g. – If you have to submit your English assignment the next day and you set the goal to finish your math work today, then the goals are irrelevant and will never be motivating enough.
  • T – Time-bound – Every goal no matter how small, must be set within a time frame. When you achieve it at the decided time, make sure to reward yourself.

In addition to setting short term goals, you must also have long term overall goals. Set short-term, every day goals and never lose sight primary goal for which you are working. It could be a good college, or a specific career eventually which can be your motivation for doing homework today.

Common Distractions That Tear Apart Homework Motivation

If you are wondering how to get motivated to do homework, maybe you should start by identifying the distractions first. Take a look:

  • Social media updates
  • Messages
  • Loud music
  • The television running in the background
  • Hunger pangs
  • Thirst pangs
  • Washroom visits
  • Uncomfortable clothes
  • Poorly stocked stationary
  • Cluttered desk space
  • Constricted workspace
  • Dimly lit room
  • Noisy surroundings

How to Motivate Yourself to Do Homework – Tips to Build Focus

You can find the motivation to do homework through ways that help you systematically cut down the distractions and create an environment perfect to achieve your target for the day.

  • When you are trying to build motivation to do homework understand that a quiet place tops the list. Make sure the spot has ample light and space for you to work comfortably.
  • Ensure that your desk or work area is clean and clutter-free and is one that houses all the little things which you will need to do your homework. This way you will not have to get up frequently to fetch items.
  • For those wondering how to get motivated to do homework, it is good to remember that a calm mind is a must before you start. Yoga and meditation if practiced regularly help one to de-stress and cleanse the mind of multiple thoughts.
  • If your study time is also the time when you get hunger pangs, first address your physical needs so that your mind can focus without the distractions of a rumbling stomach, thirst, or the need to use the washroom.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that do not limit your movement, make you uncomfortable, or distract you frequently with an urge to pull and scratch while you are working.
    Put away your phone and switch off all gadgets that may distract you while you are working.

How to Be Motivated to Do Homework – Tips to Stay Organized and On Schedule

If you are finding ideas on how to motivate yourself to do homework, remember that staying on schedule is highly rewarding. Here are some great ways to get motivated to do your homework by using tools and techniques that will keep you better organized and on schedule with your assignments.

  • Prioritize your work as per the submission schedule, the time required, and importance. Make a list of urgent tasks and the subsequent ones to stay organized. Having a daily and weekly timetable will help.
  • Divide your work into smaller parts so that it is manageable. Do not get up until you have reached a milestone.
  • Take frequent breaks. But remember that you must get up for a break only once you have finished one part of the work and not before that. Stretch your legs, have some water, eat some nuts, do some eye exercises, and then get back to work.
  • Shift between taxing and lighter tasks to remain focused and interested.
  • Set alerts and reminders. These help you stay on track with your work and never let you forget pending tasks.

Still No Motivation to Do Homework? Delve Deeper

If you have taken all steps to build your motivation for homework and yet are lacking the drive, delve deeper to find out certain underlying factors affecting your performance:

  1. Are you eating right? Analyze your diet and check if you are eating foods that make you lethargic. Avoid excessive intake of carbs. Instead shift your focus to nuts, berries, fish, beans, leafy greens, and whole grains. They help build focus and brainpower.
  2. Are you hydrated enough? A dehydrated body does not let the mind concentrate. Have at least 8-12 glasses of water a day to maintain body metabolism and alertness.
  3. Are you sleeping enough? Most students who seek help on how to get motivated to do homework find a solution in their sleep patterns. Lack of sleep, irregular sleep patterns, or prolonged sleeping hours wreak havoc with our bodies and hormones. Stressed, distractions, and fatigue are common side effects. Make sure you have a fixed sleep and wake-up time with at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How to get motivated to do homework?

One of the best ways to find motivation for doing homework is to do it when your productivity is the highest in the day. You can do yoga and meditation to help you stay focused. Break up your work into sections and treat yourself every time you finish a job.

How to get a child motivated to do homework?

You can help a child find motivation for homework by dividing up their work into parts and alternating easy and difficult tasks. Make sure they are fed, hydrated, and comfortable and they are working in a well-lit, clean place free of noise.

Why do I lack the motivation to do homework?

Finding the motivation for doing homework can be difficult if you are distracted by physical needs, background noise, social media, uncomfortable work settings, and conditions, or because you keep needing things you forgot. Even unhealthy lifestyle habits can be a cause for the lack of motivation and concentration.

How to avoid homework procrastination?

If your motivation to do homework is low even before starting, it can lead to procrastination. You can prevent this by giving yourself a reward for starting on time. You should set goals and milestones for different tasks. Set rewards for each and don’t get up before reaching the milestone.

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