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How to Make an Essay Longer: Useful Tips and Tricks

How to Make an Essay Longer

For some topics, students should know how to make an essay longer to meet the required word count. But, this is not always easy especially when a learner is juggling several exams or papers. Nevertheless, you can meet the required length of your essay if you know the hacks to follow.

Writing an essay of the specified length shows that you took the time to read, analyze information, and write a document that fulfills the specified requirements. It also shows that you put in effort and time to research and write the essay. If struggling to write an essay with a specified number of words, here are useful tips on how to make an essay look longer.

How to Make an Essay Longer With Supporting Evidence

One of the most effective tricks for making an essay seem longer is adding supporting evidence. Go back to the claims that you made in the body of your essay to determine whether you included sufficient supporting evidence. You can provide more supporting evidence to several claims that you made in the body to make your essay look longer.

For instance, if you used one source or two only to explain a major point, conduct extra research to find more supporting evidence. This will strengthen your argument and make your essay look longer.

Essentially, make sure that you have included all the information and ideas to support the main points in your essay. Check the essay prompt or rubric to decide whether you have included adequate information to make your research complete. For instance, you could have skipped something important when explaining a point.

You can make essay longer by expounding on some phrases that you have used in your essay. That way, you will answer the essay question properly and enable your readers to understand your points better.

How To Make Your Essay Longer With Examples

You can also make your essay longer by including more examples. Just like with supporting evidence, go back to the main points to find out if you included sufficient examples to support the claims. Examples are very effective when it comes to proving that your supporting evidence is factual. However, this will require you to conduct more research.

For instance, if your main argument is that UFOs exist, provide examples of documentaries that have proven this. You can also provide an example of an eyewitness that has seen them. Using several examples to support every claim or evidence will make your essay longer. It will also impress your professor to award you the top grade as long as you include relevant examples.

Use Transitional Phrases to Make Your Essay Longer

You can also use transitional phrases to make your essay longer. These are great transition ideas that increase the length of an essay when used naturally. You can use these words to move from one idea to another. And, you do this while bringing readers along gently.

Professors will award you a better grade if your essay features linking sentences. It’s, however, important to ensure that you always use transitional sentences properly. This is one of the most effective ways to make your essay longer. However, you should ensure that sentences flow smoothly throughout the essay.

An example of how to make your essay longer with transitions can entail the use of phrases like:

  • “In light of…”
  • “Of course…”
  • “Demonstrating that…”
  • “Considering this…”

In addition to phrases, you can use sneaky words to make your essay longer. For instance, instead of saying “I eat quickly”, say something like “I am quick at eating”. You can also get more descriptive in your writing. For example, instead of saying something like “The fair was fun-filled” say something like “My boyfriend and I visited the fair over the weekend. We had a lot of fun eating awesome funnel cakes and riding the Ferris wheel”. You can also turn some verbs into correct nouns. For instance, instead of saying “The researcher concluded that…” you can say something like, “the researcher arrived at a conclusion that…”

How to Make Your Essay Look Longer with Quotes

You can make your essay look longer by including more quotations in the text. A well-researched and properly written essay includes quotes. But, one of the most effective tips on how to make an essay appear longer is including more quotations. Relevant quotes add something extra to an argument. What’s more, they add words to an essay and take up more space.

Therefore, use quotes from reputable authors to spice up your essay. You can also include quotations from experts in your field. That way, you will increase the length of your essay legitimately. You will also show your professor that you took the time to research and analyze information before writing the essay. Nevertheless, make sure that you have referenced the quotes that you use in your essay correctly by citing their sources. Also, avoid plagiarism when quoting other people’s work in your essay.

How to Make My Essay Longer with Reverse Outlining

Perhaps, you have tried everything but you’re still yet to reach the required length of your essay. Maybe you came across this article after searching a phrase like “I want to know how to make my essay longer” online. In that case, you can try reverse outlining.

Reverse outlining is just that. It entails reading the essay after writing it and creating an outline. The basis of the outline is what you have written in the essay. Reverse outlining will enable you to recognize chapters or pages more sensibly. It enables you to determine how people that will read your essay will understand your ideas. And, it can enable you to identify areas that can be developed further.

For instance, reverse outlining can help you recognize a point that can be clarified further in the essay. In that case, you can expand the point and make your essay longer. You can also notice a paragraph that features several ideas. Breaking up such a paragraph will make your essay longer. It will also enable you to explain your points more thoroughly.

The Bottom Line

Making an essay longer is not easy, especially when writing about a boring topic. You might also have a hard time reaching the specified length if you don’t know how or where to find relevant sources of the information required for your essay. Nevertheless, you can follow these tips to write an essay of an adequate length. Also, make sure that you proofread and edit your essay properly to avoid repetition. This is very important because repetition is a major pitfall for learners that want to make their essays longer.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How can you make your essay look longer?

There are several ways to make your essay longer. You can include more supporting evidence, examples, and quotes and use transitional phrases, idioms, and expanded expressions to make your essay look longer. You can also break up a group of clustered ideas and elaborate on them more to achieve this.

How to make the word count more?

You can increase your word count and make your essay longer by substituting single words and small phrases with synonymous expressions with more words. You can also use more transitional phrases or explain an idea in greater detail to do this. In all cases, the change should be justified and not jarring.

Can I use quotes to make my essay longer?

You can use quotes to make your essay longer. However, they should not be unnecessary and should connect to the subject in question. Depending on the topic, the quote could be from an author, an expert, or other notable personality from the field.

What phrases can make an essay longer?

The most common way to use phrases to make an essay longer is by replacing a word or short phrase with a fancier one. You can also add more transitional phrases between sentences, paragraphs, and ideas. Idioms are also a great way to achieve this.

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