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What Happens If You Fail a Class in College

what happens if you fail a class in college

What happens if you fail a class in college? This is a question that many students ask upon joining college or university. The tuition fees currently cost more than $10,000 annually. As such, it’s understandable that many learners want to get value for their money. This means preparing for and avoiding the worse that can happen when pursuing a college education.

That’s why many learners today are asking, what happens if I fail a class in college? Well, many things can happen. But, the most likely consequence of failing a class is to retake it. This means you can be delayed for a few terms. Thus, failing a class doesn’t mean the end of your time in college.

What Happens If You Fail a Class in College Will Vary

It’s important to know that what follows after failing a college class varies from one institution to another. Therefore, read the policy of your institution to know what happens when you fail a class in college. In most institutions, there is a limit to the units that a learner can fail. Therefore, find out more about this limit beforehand. That way, you will have peace of mind if you’ve not hit this number.

You’re probably reading this because you searched for a phrase like “is it better to drop a class or fail it in college” online. Well, your university or college has a policy that addresses such issues. For instance, the allowances for most institutions for higher learning are bigger than a single subject or course. Some institutions allow learners to fail 15 units only during an academic year. Others allow for 24 units during the entire stay in college. Nevertheless, this policy varies from one institution to another.

Additionally, check the class failures policy that focuses on specific courses or units. In most universities, courses have between 3 and 12 units. Therefore, if your institution allows you to fail 9 units during your stay in college, your leeway is larger than that of a college that specifies 9 units or an equivalent of 2 subjects only.

What to Do If You Fail a Class in College

Perhaps, you are worried that you might have failed a college class. Therefore, you want to know what to do if you fail a class in college. Well, several things can happen once you fail a college class. For instance, you can lose your financial aid or scholarship. That’s because most third-party organizations and universities that provide financial aid and scholarship programs require learners to get certain credits. Thus, failure will lead to the termination of the financial aid program.

Although you can lose your financial aid or scholarship, you can mitigate the consequences. But, if you fail twice, your situation will get worse. Your grades will go down. Eventually, you might have difficulties maintaining the specified minimum GPA. If you continue to score poorly in more units and your GPA goes below the standard set for your degree program or university, you can be put on probation. You can also be dropped from the college or forced to go on a leave of absence. Nevertheless, this will depend on the policy of your college.

Essentially, what happens after failing a class in college depends on how bad your failure is and the policy of your institution. Nevertheless, you can redeem yourself. Here are some of the things to do if you fail a college class:

  • Seek help. Talk to your college adviser or professor about ways to understand the material better or study it more effectively.
  • Extra credit. Ask the professor whether there is a way you can earn extra credits. That way, you can raise your class grade and avoid failing to graduate.
  • Tutor. Another thing you can do is to hire a tutor. This will enable you to understand the study material better. If your college offers office hours or discussions, consider attending them.
  • Retake the class you’ve failed if necessary
  • Consider taking a different major if you fail a class several times

How Many Classes Can You Fail Before Being Given Probation or Withdrawal?

The number of failing grades determining whether a student will get probation or withdrawal varies from college to college. However, in most colleges, having a CGPA that is less than 2.0 practically demands probation.

Academic probation may affect your chances of getting into graduate school or getting financial aid. However, academic probations are mostly a wake-up call and do not spell a death sentence. After failing a class, there are a lot of reasons to bounce back.

Therefore, we advise that you retake the class or a course where necessary and put extra effort into your assignment, test, and exams. Consecutive academic probation (and a total of three when not successive) can lead to withdrawal.


Why Can I Fail a Class in College?

College is the most exciting time for most people. As such, you could be wondering, is it normal to fail a class in college? Well, learners fail college classes for different reasons. And, some of these reasons are beyond their control. Here are some of the major reasons why you can fail a college class.

  • Poor preparation. Joining a college from high school is a major transition. Some learners are excited and they spend a lot of time having fun. As such, they may not prepare for the exam. Others have difficulties balancing school, work, and other activities. This hinders them from preparing properly and end up failing.
  • Poor attendance. Missing a class consistently can easily lead to failure. That’s because attending classes is part of the grading process. Essentially, some classes include pop quizzes, in-class activities, and team projects. These are part of the grading components that educators consider carefully. Therefore, poor class attendance leads to failure.
  • Poor study habits. How a learner study can influence their performance in exams. Poor study habits or skills can lead to failure. To avoid failing a class in college, review the coursework materials, and prepare for tests adequately.
  • Poor time management. If you spend a lot of time watching television, playing games, or having fun with friends, you will most likely fail a college class. That’s because you won’t dedicate enough time to your studies.

Learners can fail for varied reasons. Therefore, evaluate your study habits, class attendance, and how you spend your time to determine why you failed a college class.

Can I Still Graduate if I Fail a Class in College?

Every learner is afraid of missing from the college graduands’ list. As such, you might ask, can I still graduate if I fail a class in college? Well, your graduation will be delayed if you fail a college class. That’s because you will take time retaking the class that you fail. As such, the scheduled curriculum of your academic program will be disrupted. That means you will spend more time repeating the class that you fail this term in the next term. Therefore, your graduation will be pushed further.

And, what happens if you fail a class 3 times in college? Well, fail grades are not removed from the academic transcript. They are included in both the cumulative GPA and trimester GPA. Therefore, failing a class three times can lead to your exclusion. But, this depends on the policy of your college.

To avoid failing a college class and the resulting troubles, seek help with classwork or assignments that can lead to your failure.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What happens if you fail a class in college?



The consequences you face if you fail a class in college depends on the failed policy of the college. Different institutions have different limits on the number of units you are allowed to fail in before any action is taken.

What percentage of college students who fail at least one class?



The percentage of students who fail a class in college depends on the course itself. It can vary from just over 20% to over 50%. The number of students among these that fail again in the same or another class is also well over 50%.

What happens if you fail a class twice in college?



If you fail a class in college two times, you will have to retake the class. Despite that, you will have a difficult time bringing your GPA up again. Depending on the policy of the institution, you may be subject to verbal, written, or actional warning.

What happens if you fail a class 3 times in college?



People who have already failed a class twice and performed badly again will worry “what if I fail a class in college thrice?” These students should immediately check the failed policy of their institution. They should also discuss alternative ways to earn credits with professors and seek help from the college education counselor.

How many college classes can you fail?



The number of classes that you are allowed to fail in college without consequences is specified in the policy of the college. However, if you fail in too many classes or fail a class in college too many times, your GPA will drop very low and you may even be dropped from the course.

How many classes can you fail with financial aid?



The number of classes you can fail in college with financial aid relies on the policy of the institution. If you fail a class in college so many times that you lose the required credits and your GPA falls below the pre-fixed limit, you will lose your aid.

What happens when you fail a college class with financial aid?



If you are studying on a scholarship or on financial aid, there is a chance you may lose it if you fail a class in college since the criterion for receiving aid in most cases is earning certain credits. If you can make up for it later, you might save your scholarship.

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