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The Best History Project Ideas To Smash Your Research Papers

History Project Ideas

With a subject as exciting as history, finding cool history project ideas with interesting events and relevance to modern society can be challenging. It is also an exhaustive subject that can make narrowing down the best project ideas quite overwhelming. To help you get started and build upon the best history project ideas, here are a list of topics and some guidelines on how to make each topic crisp and manageable.

History Project Ideas

The most important thing to remember when you are trying to come up with ideas for a history project is to narrow down your topics and break them down into manageable portions. This helps you focus on important events and even highlight their impact on contemporary society. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Choose a specific time period to look for ideas.
  • Narrower topics like women’s history month project ideas help you focus your research.
  • Choose topics that are manageable. For example “Dictators in History” is a broader subject that is difficult to break down and write a paper. On the other hand, focusing on one dictator and his contributions to world history is a more manageable history topic.
  • In case of complex history project ideas, it is a good idea to break the paper down into three parts based on the era or succession of events.
  • Make sure that the topic you choose is of interest to you. That way, you will enjoy the process of researching and developing your projects.

World History Project Ideas

Here are some of the most common world history project ideas high schools students can write elaborately about:

  1. Write about the Battle of Hochst and its influence on the Thirty Years’ War
  2. Which were the three most important battles during the Korea War?
  3. How did Shogun impact Japanese History?
  4. What were the secrets of the success of the Byzantine Empire?
  5. The establishment of the East India Company and its influences
  6. Was the Chinese Empire altered by Buddhism?
  7. The significance of Silk Route in World History.
  8. What was the role of the siege of Turin in the two different wars?
  9. What and how did the Jaffa Riots in Palestine Begin?
  10. The first crusade and the life of the soldiers.

Black History Project Ideas

Choosing black history month project ideas leads you to several interesting stories and events. Here is a list of popular topics:

  1. Celebration of Black History Month: Rituals and Their Significance
  2. The significance of Harriet Tubman’s story
  3. How did the Civil Right movements impact black history?
  4. If you were present during the emancipation proclamation speech.
  5. Write about the lives of slaves and highlight their struggles.
  6. Why is Jackie Robinson so important to Black History Month?
  7. The Role of Uncle Tom’s Cabin in ending slavery.
  8. Cultural contributions of the Harlem Renaissance
  9. The contributions of Rosa Parks
  10. The importance of Black History Month in modern education.

High School History Project Ideas

Writing on different history projects is an excellent way to intimate high school students with national history. Hence, the need for the lesson plans to integrate histories. Here is a list of good topics for history writing for high school students:

  1. The child emperors of Rome
  2. Fascinating facts about the construction of the Sphinx
  3. The origins of African tribal cultures
  4. The mystic world of the Ancient Mayans
  5. Prominent cultures that originated in the Nile Valley
  6. Ancient Mesopotamia and the importance of ziggurats.
  7. The strategies used by Alexander to conquer Egypt
  8. The first invasion of Europe by the Huns
  9. How was Julius Caesar successful in attacking Great Britain?
  10. The story of the Spanish Armada

African American History Project Ideas

Among the various American history projects for high school, the contributions of African Americans play a significant role. Here are some topics dedicated to African American history

  1. Write about African Americans and their right to vote.
  2. What was the impact of the civil war on the rights of African Americans?
  3. The importance of Dr Martin Luther King’s Speech
  4. Most popular inventions by African American people
  5. Some of the most significant African American individuals today
  6. The rise of African American Actors in Hollywood.
  7. Why is Abraham Lincoln important to African American history?
  8. Importance of racial diversity in schools
  9. The contributions of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People
  10. How is Frederick Douglas significant in African American History?


High School United States History Project Ideas

In the United States, lesson plans for high school students must include different historical projects. Students are also expected to write different history projects to exhibit what they have learned. The top American history project ideas high school are:

  1. The importance of industrialization
  2. Causes for the Revolutionary War
  3. Causes for the Civil War
  4. Events that lead to the Declaration of Independence
  5. The importance of the Statue of Liberty
  6. Why is the Empire State Building significant?
  7. A detailed study of the 13 British colonies
  8. The effects of European diseases on Native Americans
  9. The enlightenment ideas of John Locke
  10. Events that led to the westward movement.

Middle School US History Project Ideas

Middle school students are not exempted from writing history projects. There is a need for them to have ideas about historical events in the different period. The ten best US topics for historical projects are:

  1. Mexican and American War
  2. Causes for the Cold War
  3. How George Washington’s presidency impacted US history
  4. The benefits of the Bill of Rights
  5. The impact of railroads in the West.
  6. The aftermath of World War II
  7. The three most important issues faced during the Great Depression
  8. The importance of the Boston Tea Party
  9. The downside of industrialization
  10. Focus on the middle east after the Cold War

National History Day Project Ideas

History day projects ideas include powerful themes like:

  1. John Sullivan’s protest against job discrimination
  2. How Harvey Wiley changed America
  3. Gender barriers in the United States Military
  4. The importance of Nixon’s Trip to China
  5. The importance of communication in history
  6. The role of Kathrine Switzer in Women’s Athletics
  7. The 1939 Sharecroppers strike
  8. Wilma Rudolph and her role in African American History
  9. The 1939 Alexandria Library sit-in
  10. Sterilization of Native Americans during the 1970s

Family History Project Ideas

These history project ideas help students reconnect with their roots:

  1. Interview one important family member who you think contributed positively to our society
  2. Write about the connections of your country of origin with its neighboring countries
  3. The languages in your country of origin.
  4. An important hobby within your family that is practiced across at least three generations.
  5. Trace your family tree back to five generations
  6. The most important aspect of your ethnicity or cultural background
  7. The contributions of people of your ethnic background to the arts.
  8. The significant aspects of your cult
  9. Interview an immigrant in your family or close to your family.
  10. Write about the origins of your culture

Art History Project Ideas

Art plays a significant role in shaping history. Here are ideas for a history project related to the arts:

  1. Significant artists who became popular during the renaissance
  2. Painters and Sculptors of the Renaissance period
  3. The artistic wonders of monasteries
  4. Origins of silk weaving in China
  5. Picasso’s contribution to modern art
  6. The use of art as a revolution
  7. The origins of cinema and its impact on modern culture
  8. The significance of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  9. Importance of Folk Art in history
  10. Hieroglyphics: Using art to communicate

Women’s History Project Ideas

Here are ten significant women’s history month project ideas that speak extensively of women’s rights and empowerment through the ages.

  1. Review any book written on an important female figure in the history
  2. Prominent women in the US government
  3. Most popular female scientists of all time
  4. Importance of the Women’s Rights Movement
  5. Women in Space
  6. The most prominent women in sports
  7. The story of Sally Ride
  8. What was the Suffrage Movement?
  9. The significance of Amelia Hart’s Story in women empowerment
  10. Five most prominent African American Women in history

The topics mentioned above provide students with a reference to get their research started. You can even come up with history project ideas by studying a prominent historic figure, event, or period. The best projects are ones that can connect these history topics and the impact that they have had on modern society. This makes the project more relatable, and in turn more interesting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of historical research sources?
Historical research sources include speeches, newspapers, interviews, diaries, letters, memos, journals, government records, videos, court records, census data, business records, public opinion polls, FBI records, documentaries, novels, plays, music, and articles.
How can I write a history research project?
To write your history paper, choose a topic you understand, do a clear thesis, analyze your work, locate the research materials, present the evidence clearly, write a conclusion, and cite your sources carefully. You should also edit and proofread your work carefully.

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