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140 Best Sociology Research Topics

sociology research topics

Sociology is one of the prominent courses of study for social science undergraduate students. It is simply the study of humans and their social interaction with their environment. It does not only study individuals but also considers groups of people, associations, and communities. Sociology is a broad course of study that cuts across many parts.

The first important step to write your research paper is to identify a good research topic. Finding a good research topic for your sociology research can be tedious if you have not identified a particular aspect to pick. To solve this problem, we have compiled top-notch sociology topics to research in different subcategories of Sociology.


Good Sociology Research Topics

Sociology topics must have some attributes that make them viable for research purposes. One of such attributes is that it must answer relevant questions. Until then can such a topic be considered a good sociology topic. Here are good sociological research topics you may want to consider;

  1. Research on how bullying has eroded self-esteem in society.
  2. Evaluating the causes, effects, and solutions to an abusive marriage.
  3. Sports influence achieving a mentally stable society.
  4. What is the major importance of emotional intelligence in fostering love and unity in society?
  5. Animal testing and what are the ethics that must be maintained during the process?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of interracial marriage?
  7. Does nationality have any influence on one’s career life?
  8. Tolerance and why everybody in the society must develop this virtue.
  9. Identifying the difference and similarities between ethnicity, race, and Nation.
  10. How same-sex couples can affect proper parenting in society?


Sociology Research Topics For College Students

Sociology is a course of study in major American colleges. Meanwhile, students in other social science must also have a brief idea of what sociology entails. Sociology in college is more complex than the introduction to sociology as taught in high school. The following are college sociological topics for research;

  1. Anxiety on your first day at the college: Is it okay and what are the factors responsible?
  2. What is modern leadership and what are the responsibilities attached to it?
  3. Identifying missing conflict resolution methods in school environments.
  4. Fight against bullying: What roles is social awareness playing in this campaign?
  5. Identifying biases in college internship choices and how they can be addressed.
  6. College parties and what are the accompanying ethics and their limitations?
  7. Can a change in the educational field negatively affect a student?
  8. The role model in the olden days versus modern-day role model: What is missing?
  9. Why are friendship and dependability essential to survive as a college student?
  10. On-campus medical service and why every student must be given access to it.


Sociology Research Topics On Mental Health

Sociology takes into consideration human interaction with the environment. One major role player in human behavioral patterns in human mental health. Sociology seeks to study human mental health and how it facilitates his actions and reaction to the environment. The following are mental health sociology research paper topics;

  1. What impact does competitive sport have on a child’s mental health?
  2. Identifying the link between depression, social anxiety, and the use of social media.
  3. School shootings and what effect does it have on students, staff, and parents’ Mental health?
  4. How does bullying affect a student’s mental health?
  5. How does substance abuse alter one’s mental health?
  6. Mental health challenges stigmatization and the best ways to overcome it.
  7. Homelessness and how it can trigger mental health challenges.
  8. How excessive use of social media can trigger narcissism.
  9. Stress management: What is the best mechanism to adopt?
  10. What are the challenges of daily maintenance of mental health in society?


Sociology Research Topics On Family

Family is an integral part of society. It is also known to be the smallest unit of society. This definition implies that sociology will start its study of human interaction with his environment from the man’s immediate family. Sociology research topics can answer some questions about a man and his family. These are family research topics for sociology you may want to consider;

  1. What are the effects of divorce on children and the community?
  2. What are the limitations and shortcomings of single parenting on the children?
  3. How healthy is it to raise a child in an unconventional family?
  4. What are the psychological effects when children cannot communicate with their parents?
  5. Parental influence on children’s decisions: What are the extent and excesses?
  6. Research on parenting in the LGBT family.
  7. How cross-racial adoption can positively influence society?
  8. When is the right time for children to learn about their gender?
  9. What is helicopter parenting and what are the limitations?
  10. Sociology of marriage and family.


Sociology Research Proposal Topics

While requesting approval for your sociology research paper, you must seek to impress your professor. You need to understand that not all topics are worthy to seek approval for your research paper. You must make use of compelling and interesting topics. The following are good topics to seek for sociology research paper approval;

  1. What are the pros and cons of international marriage?
  2. How do foreign education influence professional and career success?
  3. Who is a patriot and what are the identifiable characteristics?
  4. How has social sanction helped build a modern society?
  5. What are personality re-socialization and its implications?
  6. Human rights legislation and its relationship with a religious cult.
  7. What role do social norms play in the educational sector?
  8. Ban of spiritual practices: Can this be considered a violation of human rights or an attempt to protect society?
  9. What are the effects of social networks on people and society at large?
  10. Can anorexia be considered an effect of social media and how can it be tackled?


Sociology Research Topics Ideas On Culture

Culture is another integral part of human society. Culture is diverse in different environments, ethnicities, countries, and small societies. The subject of culture is important to view why and how man behaves the way he does. The following are good sociology topic ideas on culture for research writing;

  1. What are the factors responsible for extreme polarization in society?
  2. What is cultural appropriation and what is its impact on society?
  3. What are the major social justice issues prevalent in society?
  4. How evolution and technology have annihilated some cultural practices that are helpful to society.
  5. What is the impact of sensational media coverage on the cultural perception of society?
  6. What is the relationship between culture, religion, and politics?
  7. How cultural differences can influence political disagreement and what are the solutions?
  8. What are the factors responsible for the disappearance of cultural practices in society?
  9. How can schools and educational environments help uphold the right culture in society?
  10. Can culture make up for an environment without religious beliefs?


Sociology Research Topics On Gender

Gender is a prevalent discussion in the environment. There are more associated discussions such as gender equality, sexuality, and gender ambivalence. There are enough questions to make up your research topics on gender in sociology. The following are gender-based topics for sociology research paper;

  1. Should there be an identification of man and woman in the profession?
  2. What is the implication of gender identification in the family and society?
  3. What is the correlation between nationality and homosexuality?
  4. How to best address gender equality in professional activity.
  5. Gender equality at work: Is this achievable for all industries?
  6. What is the ideal age to start gender education for children in the family?
  7. What is the implication of LGBT legalization on the family and society?
  8. Scandinavian model of neutral gender in kindergarten: Is this a right or wrong approach?
  9. What are the major players in the societal fight against women’s discrimination?
  10. What are the origin and impending dangers of feminism?


Sociology Research Topics On Crime

Crime in society is a negative form of human interaction with the environment. Crime is an important aspect of sociology that must be addressed to maintain a  safe environment. Sociology research that seeks to address different factors responsible for crime in human society will be of great help. The following are other crime-related sociology research topics ideas you may want to consider;

  1. An overview of the change in crime rate in a society where marijuana is legalized.
  2. What role does unemployment play in increasing the crime rate in society?
  3. Family socioeconomic status and the tendencies for juvenile crimes.
  4. What are the implications of methadone treatment on breaking addictions?
  5. What are the major factors responsible for crime in modern society?
  6. What relationship exists between excessive use of social media and increased crime rate.
  7. Gang affiliation and cultism: what factors are leading youth to this particular crime?
  8. Socio-economic status and associate drug choice.
  9. Research on the prison space for major criminal cases in society.
  10. Can the Government fight crime alone?


Easy Sociology Research Topics

There is no need to panic about the difficulty of your sociology research paper writing. If writing seems to you a difficult thing, it would be best to consider easy topics. These topics are sociology topics that you can write about effortlessly. The following are easy sociology topics for research papers writing;

  1. Homeschooling and its effects on the quality of education in society.
  2. What are the identifiable causes of teenage pregnancy?
  3. What are the causes of children’s display of aggressive behavior at school?
  4. Does school uniform have any implications on the students’ academic activity?
  5. Identifying the pros and cons of social media and how to strike a balance.
  6. Why must sex education be an integral part of the school curriculum?
  7. Should society treat children the same as adults and why?
  8. Identifying legislation that has put society in danger.
  9. Has there truly been a display of freedom of speech in society?
  10. Should women choose between family and work or is there a balance?


Interesting Sociological Research Topics

You can indeed write an interesting sociology research paper. However, such will require you to choose an interesting topic. This type of topic is a topic that addresses prevalent discussion in society. Here are interesting sociology research topics list for an interesting research paper;

  1. What factors are responsible for the lack of self-identification among teenagers?
  2. Why children should be allowed to change their names at will.
  3. What is the result of cross-cultural adoption on the kid and the society?
  4. Identifying the major effects of the 2020 lockdown on the world as a whole.
  5. Video games and social media are major causes of aggression among teenagers.
  6. Reviewing if children less than 18 years should be allowed to work?
  7. An overview of millennia psychology.
  8. What are the effects of child abuse on the environment?
  9. How does homeschooling affect the socialization of the child?
  10. Identifying the difference and similarities in the approach of online schooling and traditional schooling.


Sociology Research Topics For High School Students

Social studies in high school is a fragment of sociology. It seeks to introduce the students to their environment and how best to interact with the environment. As early as high school, students can endeavor to research their environment. Below are research topics in sociology for high school students;

  1. What roles can students play in the development of their environment?
  2. How society can support families with childlessness and child-free.
  3. Why children may not be allowed to participate in voting.
  4. Who makes a better single parent: Father or mother?
  5. What is the best form of government: A presidential or parliamentary system?
  6. Why social ecology should be taught in high school and middle school.
  7. What causes obesity and what are the solutions?
  8. The positive and negative effects of technology on modern society.
  9. Fast food and its effect on society.
  10. What social media should be forbidden for teenagers?


Sociology Of The Family Research Topics

While the family has been considered an integral part of society, we might not be able to exhaust sociology topics about family. Sociology Of the family is then the interaction of man within his family both nuclear and extended. The following are more topics on the sociology of the family;

  1. What are the factors responsible for spousal abuse in the family?
  2. What are the challenges peculiar to multiethnic and interracial marriages?
  3. The evolution of marriage over time.
  4. What is an arranged marriage and what effects does it have on society?
  5. Divorce: What are the associated relationship inadequacies?
  6. How childhood friendship and family-friend have enhanced peaceful coexistence.
  7. How can families help build a peaceful environment?
  8. The industrial revolution and its impact on family structure.
  9. What is the implication of allowing a nanny to play the role of parent?
  10. Distant relationship: how to maintain family bonds in such a situation.


Medical Sociology Topics Research Papers

Sociology, although considered a social science, also features a bit of pure science. Human health is an important factor that decides how a human interacts with his environment. As such, sociology must consider some medical-related topics to find balance. The following are good medical sociology topics for research paper;

  1. What are the major effects of Covid-19 on the entire universe?
  2. How vaccination has helped reduce infant mortality in society.
  3. Organ transplantation and the associated ethics.
  4. Addiction among youths: what are the health implications?
  5. How is smoking in an open space dangerous for society?
  6. What is the definition of healthy food?
  7. Sugar consumption and consequences on human health.
  8. Research whether milk is truly harmful to adults.
  9. What is the implication of vegetarianism?
  10. Identify jobs that are dangerous to human health.


Sociology Of Education Research Topics

Education is an important subcategory of sociology. Education is important to achieve a balanced human interaction with his environment. It is also necessary to equip man with the prerequisite knowledge to maintain a sane and safe environment. You can find educational sociology topics for research paper below;

  1. What is the cultural role of books in society?
  2. What are the results of the combination of education and social work?
  3. How to address bullying in high schools and colleges.
  4. Should social media be allowed in the classroom?
  5. How school values can complement family values in bringing up a responsible youth.
  6. Adult education and its positive effects on the environment.
  7. Unintentional plagiarism and its social aspect.
  8. Why students should be allowed the choice of academic curriculum.
  9. How negative perception of single-parent students can affect their academic performance.
  10. Poor academic results and relationship with domestic violence.



Your research paper is as good as perfect when you choose any of the listed topics above. We have ensured these topics are simplified to allow us to develop a comprehensive write-up.  After selecting a topic for sociological research the next step is to outline the process for writing. If you need any help, you can request help from our sociology expert writers. You can send us a message to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a food sociology research topic?
A food sociology research topic revolves around studying food and how it relates to history, progression, future development, and cultural applications.
What is a good research topic in sociology?
Some good research topics on sociology talk about Race, Nationality and Ethnicity, Gender sexuality, The family, Consumerism, Cults, clans, and communities.

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