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Choose The Best Physics Projects Ideas

choose physics project ideas

Physics is a branch of science that deals with the study of matters and their properties. It also studies matters in relation to time and distance. Every student in science knows that physics has a close relationship with mathematics, and this has been a tough challenge. As a result, you will find only a few who opt to major in physics in their undergraduate studies.

Physics being a tough nut to crack does not only stop in the class or examination hall. Writing a physics project paper can also be a demanding task for students. Confusion usually sets in while attempting to identify the best physic projects ideas to consider. Having identified this challenge, we have compiled a handful of project ideas you can consider in physics.


What is Physics Project?

Physics is a science subject and thus includes practicals. These practicals are attempts to prove certain hypotheses in physics. This allows the student to have firsthand experience of what they have been taught in class. Although some of these hypotheses have already been proven, nonetheless, students also need to experiment them.

Therefore, a physics project is an assignment carried out to experiment with hypotheses or theories in physics. Most times, they are given as assignments by instructors in order to evaluate students’ academic ability. On the other hand, students may also take up a physics project task to demonstrate their learning over time.


Physics Science Projects Ideas

Physics is a fundamental aspect of science. Every scientific activity and research has an element of physics in it. There are countless scientific research and theories that can be demonstrated in your physics project. You can choose a good physics projects idea from the following;

  1. Discussing the Galileo Galilee’s demonstration of why quarters and feathers will not fall at the same acceleration
  2. Discuss how water tension holds the weight of an object at a given temperature.
  3. Analysis of the bouncing ability of different balls and factors responsible.
  4. The effectiveness of Newton’s third law of motion in creating a balloon rocket car.
  5. How to create a homemade windmill.
  6. How to identify a hard-boiled egg among other eggs using inertia.
  7. Demonstrating how white light is created from additive colors.
  8. How does vibration in glass occur?
  9. Demonstrating the principle behind the earth’s magnetic force.
  10. The intensifying sunlight using a magnifying glass.


Physics Egg Drop Project Ideas

The egg drop project is a popular project for Middle school and high school students. It is a popular STEM contest where students demonstrate how to keep an egg from breaking when it drops from a 10m high distance. The following are egg drop physic project ideas you can consider;

  1. What are the requirements needed to create an egg parachute?
  2. At what height is the maximum height an egg can fall without breaking.
  3. What effect discourages the breaking of an egg inside a foam.
  4. How to identify a raw and a boiled egg when dropped from a distance.
  5. How to identify the strength of an eggshell.
  6. Will an egg float when dropped on salty water?
  7. What is an egg paratrooper, and do you create one?
  8. Demonstrating the free-fall motion using an egg drop.
  9. Can an egg from the same bird have different shell strength?
  10. The implication of gravity in egg drop demonstration.


Electricity Physics Project Topics

Electricity is one of the interesting topics you will come across in physics. A better understanding of the working principle of electricity can be obtained while studying physics. Students also are capable of demonstrating electricity projects using the circuit board. The following are electricity physic project topics you can choose from;

  1. Demonstrating the connection between electric field and electric potential.
  2. What is the relationship between electricity and magnetic fields?
  3. What is an inductance, and how does it occur in electricity?
  4. What is the impact of dielectric on a capacitor, and how does it occur?
  5. Explaining the working principle of an induction stove.
  6. Analyzing current, resistance, and power.
  7. The attribute of a good conduit in electricity.
  8. How does a fuse prevent fire from faulty electrical components?
  9. Describing the formation of static and current electricity.
  10. How to separate salt from pepper using static electricity.


Physics Science Fair Projects Ideas

Science fairs are good platforms to demonstrate your knowledge of physics. Beyond commendations, it gives the opportunity to exhibit your ability to a larger audience. Not all project ideas are ideal for a science fair. The following are the best science fair topics of physics projects;

  1. Building a kaleidoscope and explaining its working principle.
  2. Using marbles and gelatin to investigate a centripetal force.
  3. Construction of an elevator system.
  4. Creation of a potato battery.
  5. Building a telescope and explaining its working principle.
  6. Using ultrasound to levitate certain objects.
  7. Use objects with different weights in an elevator to prove Newton’s law of motion.
  8. Display how a capacitor can charge and discharge over time and explain what is responsible.
  9. Use polarizing filters to change light intensity and measure the changes.
  10. Demonstrate how an atmospheric condition can alter sound waves.


Physics Projects Ideas For High School

The best time to build your ability in physics is while you are still in high school. Physics in high school is a foundation for students who would like to study engineering and other technology courses as undergraduate students. While preparing yourself for college and university, you can also be challenged to take up some projects. The following are high school worthy physics topics for project;

  1. Demonstrating how resistors in series differ from resistors in parallel.
  2. The representation of longitudinal and transverse waves.
  3. Forces are responsible for the upward magnitude of an object.
  4. Stating and demonstrating Bernoulli’s principle with different fluids.
  5. Describing the relationship between different objects in a constrained motion using kinematics.
  6. Analyzing the three processes of thermodynamics.
  7. How does a light break into the rainbow colors, and why?
  8. What are lasers used for?
  9. Explaining and demonstrating the difference between diffraction and interference in sound.
  10. Explaining the term entropy in thermodynamics.


Physics Projects Ideas For College Students

Physics in college is not as hard as you may have imagined. It is just an advanced form of your high school experience. Projects in college might be different from high school projects since you are now majoring in physics. Below are college physics projects ideas you can consider;

  1. Using the Biefield-Brown effect to create a lifter.
  2. Creating an electromagnetic to explain how electromagnetism works.
  3. What role does the force of tension play in building a ridge?
  4. Demonstrating the different applications of the Pythagoras theorem in physics.
  5. Creating spectrum through water using a beam of light.
  6. Demonstrate the relationship between mass and charge using different objects.
  7. What is responsible for the interaction of fields in space?
  8. How to properly interpret velocity-time, position-time, and acceleration-time graphs and how they transition from one to another.
  9. What are the factors responsible for gravitational and circular motion?
  10. How can kinematics be used in solving situations involving linear motion?


Creative Science Fair Project Ideas Physics

Science fairs are always a tough exhibition. It involves a showcase of knowledge and inventions that are praiseworthy. Science fairs deserve creative project ideas, especially when they involve a competition. These are good research project topics in physics that can make up a creative science fair project;

  1. Demonstrate an oil spillage and create a solution for it.
  2. Use plant-based DNA to demonstrate how DNA can be made visible.
  3. Demonstrate which property of an object is responsible for floatation.
  4. Rub your fingers across the rim of a glass to create music and demonstrate how this can happen with glass filled with different amounts of water.
  5. Display the physics-mathematics of different musical instruments.
  6. Create a handmade solar cell that can charge a mobile phone.
  7. Demonstrate how to create a windmill and explain its working principle.
  8. Use a laser to create an automatic light.
  9. Make use of balloons to create a rocket car.
  10. Measure magnetic radiation and use it to evaluate the evolution of the earth.


Physics Capstone Project Ideas

Capstone projects for final year students are not always the easiest, as you know. At this stage, you will be expected to demonstrate a high level of knowledge in physics over the years. You will be expected to take up compelling ideas worthy of a capstone project. The following are capstone physics project ideas you should consider;

  1. What is the application of Newton’s third law of motion in creating boats?
  2. Evaluating and identifying heat absorption in different metals.
  3. What are the similarities and differences between time and black holes?
  4. What is the principle behind the use of Ultraviolet rays to diagnose patients?
  5. The application of Newton’s second law of motion to cases involving power, mass, and acceleration.
  6. Free gravity representation uses joint forces such as gravity, tension, friction, applied, and normal.
  7. Applying Newton’s gravitational force to calculate the gravitational force two bodies exert on each other.
  8. How do gravitational force and inertia relate?
  9. What effect does the change in power of an object have on the speed and position of such an object?
  10. Practical application of the work-energy theorem and the conservation of power.


Computational Physics Project Ideas

Computational physics projects can be daunting for students. Students who have a vast knowledge of physics are the ones who usually consider this aspect. In some cases, your instructor may also demand that you consider a computational physics project. If that is the case, the following are the best computational physics ideas for project;

  1. How to use force and displacement to calculate work.
  2. How to use a force-time graph to calculate the change in rate.
  3. Application of simple harmonic motion of pendulum and spring to calculate acceleration quantities.
  4. Einstein’s theory of general relativity and how it helps in calculating space-time gravitation.
  5. Representing objects as vectors with magnitude and direction.
  6. Applying an inclined plane to solve certain physics problems.
  7. Identifying the relationship between the kinetic, potential, and internal energy of a body.
  8. Evaluating the change in velocity and how it influences moderate pressure exerted on the body.
  9. Identifying the amount of energy that will be conserved in both an elastic and inelastic collision.
  10. Demonstrating how angular momentum and torque can aid the prediction of changes in angular velocity.


Physics Invention Project Ideas

Physics has sponsored more inventions than any other subject in science. It is usually the backbone of major scientific discoveries. You can carry out a project demonstrating either an existing innovation or sponsoring a new innovation. The following are innovative ideas for physics projects;

  1. How to create a motorized spring assist washing machine.
  2. The working principle of a convex surface milling machine.
  3. How to create an auto-dough dough kneading machine.
  4. What are the principles involved in creating pedal press pneumatic lifting gear?
  5. How the inclined disk mechanism can be used for replicating motion.
  6. Creating simple hydraulic flood protection for homes.
  7. How to create a mini solar water heater that converts solar energy to heat energy.
  8. Creating a mini forklift that can be controlled using a remote control.
  9. The working principle of an advanced mosquito killing machine.
  10. How to create an RC underwater drone.


Engineering Physics Project Ideas

Engineering is an integral part of physics. A good engineering student is equal to a good physics student, and that is non-negotiable. There are enough Engineering ideas to demonstrate as a physics project. The following are good engineering physics project ideas to consider;

  1. The working principle of an eight legs RF controlled spider robot.
  2. How to create a gesture-controlled Bluetooth speaker.
  3. The making of ultrasonics glasses for the blind.
  4. The working principle of a digital car braking and turning indicator.
  5. A digital school bell project with timetable display.
  6. Covid-19 disinfectant for mobile phones and cash using UV.
  7. The working principle of an earthquake monitoring and alarm system.
  8. The headlights auto-switching of a digital car and how it works.
  9. How electrical students can create a stripper machine and automatic wire cutter.
  10. How to make a firefighting drone equipped with a fire extinguisher.


How Do I Write My Physics Project?

The first important step is to choose a topic for your Physics Project. Be sure to pick a topic you will be able to handle effectively, except if your instructor has recommended a particular topic. Carry out your research on the topic and identify all you need to make the Project work.

Identify the hypothesis behind your project and try out the experiment. Be sure to carry out the experiment more than once and record your experience. Document the experimental process and the result in line with your school or instructor guidelines. 



Physics, no doubt, is a complex subject. Aside from its inclination toward mathematics, it informs complex ideas that require extra study time to understand. Carrying out a physics project will likewise take a long research process and time. To make it easier, you can choose any of the above physics project ideas to work on.

Perhaps you need a physics expert to work with on your project ideas; our experts are available to help. They can provide you with the necessary answers to questions on any topics you have chosen. You can also order an A+ physics project paper at an affordable price. You will need to contact our support agent to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of easy physics project topics for beginners?
Some easy physics topics for beginners are Balloon cars, Energy Systems, Constructing a simple telescope or microscope, and Current electricity.
What are the 4 main topics of physics?
The four main topics of physics are mechanics, electricity and magnetism, Physics without calculus, and Thermodynamics, Fluids, Waves, and Optics.

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