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Top 90 Motivational Speech Topics

motivational speech topics

Have you ever listened to great motivational speeches during important events such as a university graduation ceremony, political campaigns, and sales training? If you have, you’ll notice that there is something essential and shared across all these speeches. And that’s a catchy topic!

The topics chosen by great motivational speakers are always intriguing. You surely can’t easily forget Martin Luther’s “I have a dream” or Nelson Mandela’s “I am prepared to die” speech topic. That’s why you must strive to first choose topics that are catchy and command attention. Suppose your motivational speech topic does not appeal to your audience. In that case, you might lose your audience even before you start your speech!

Good motivational speech topics must be chosen for any group of people or occasion. However, you must always have your target audience at heart when selecting your topics. For instance, motivational speech topics for college students graduation may not be a good idea for a sales meeting.

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What is a Motivational Speech?

A motivational speech is also popularly known as ‘pep talk.’ It is a speech that moves people to action. It leads to a change in mindset, the pattern of doing things, one’s perspective in life, or overcoming challenges.

To give an enthralling motivational speech, you need some motivational speakers topics that command attention and action. Motivational speeches are always optimistic about moving the audience forward. Non-governmental organizations, schools, private firms, and even religious organizations make use of motivational speeches.

In motivational speeches, there are three components – the speaker, speech, and audience. These components are equally important as the three lines of an equilateral triangle. Without one, no motivation action is performed.

Motivational Speech Ideas

Before giving a motivational speech, you need to have some solid motivational speech ideas. These ideas help you to move in the right direction when preparing your speech. Below are some of the ideas you will surely like to consider. These motivational ideas work like magic!


  1. Get a list of motivational speech topics (some topics will be provided below)
  2. Select the best match for your target audience
  3. Pick topics you can write on or speak extensively on
  4. Start with a captivating introduction
  5. Get your audience into action either by asking questions or by making them cheer
  6. Take your audience on a journey
  7. Tell a story, illustrate and relate
  8. Have a reasonable or appropriate sense of humor, depending on the occasion
  9. Build your content well, using evidence, statistics, references, quotes, experiences, etc.
  10. Be Bold!


Now that we have covered some motivational speech ideas, it’s time to choose some motivational topics for presentation. Here is a list of motivational speech topics for various categories.


Motivational Speech Topics for Youths

Youths are vibrant and full of energy. However, they sometimes get discouraged and become afraid of their past actions, present situations, or the future. So, if you want to give a motivational speech to the youths, here are 10 good motivational topics for youths that you should consider!


  1. The passion of youths
  2. The sky is never the limit
  3. How to get the possibility mindset
  4. Choosing your career and rising to the apex
  5. Don’t give up until you achieve your dreams
  6. Finding purpose at a young age
  7. How to choose a fulfilling career
  8. The power of positive thinking
  9. Best ways to face future challenges
  10. The influence of bad friends on your future


Inspirational Speech Topics

Motivational topics must be inspiring. People should hear or read them and immediately want to listen to what’s in them. If you’re going to discuss an inspiring topic with your audience, you will find some motivational topics inspiring! They are some exciting topics for inspirational speeches!


  1. The sacrificial leadership of Nelson Mandela
  2. How reading books can transform the mind
  3. Good hygiene and exercise: shortcut to healthy living
  4. The power of meditation
  5. How to use music to get away from depression
  6. Getting the best you want out of life
  7. Challenges: stepping stones or stumbling blocks?
  8. Daily habits of highly successful people
  9. Is experience the best teacher?
  10. Getting away with the past


Motivational Speech Topics for Students

Do you want to give a speech to college students? Here are some motivational speech topics for college students that you should consider!


  1. How to conquer exam phobia
  2. Things you have to do to wake up early
  3. Things you should never do when you fail an exam
  4. Procrastination: the thief of time
  5. Why you shouldn’t miss doing your homework
  6. How you can get all as in your semester courses
  7. Why you shouldn’t hate any of your teachers
  8. Reasons you need to be educated
  9. Ideas to note if you want to go to medical school
  10. Tips for studying for an examination


Inspirational Topics for Presentation

If you have a presentation to give, you surely need some inspirational topics for your audience. So, check out the list below for some motivational topics for the presentation!


  1. Harnessing the power of technology to change the world
  2. Agriculture: the reason why we are still living
  3. How to successfully recover from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic
  4. How to globally fight deadly disease outbreaks
  5. Effective ways to personal development
  6. Avoiding the crab’s mentality
  7. Why you should raise and train a girl-child
  8. The dangers of making the wrong choice
  9. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel
  10. The correlation between education and traveling


Funny Motivational Speech Topics

You can present motivational speaking topics in a funny way! Here’s a list of some funny motivational speech topics here!


  1. Never tell lies to grandma
  2. How to fight in the right way
  3. Badass steps to get your dream job
  4. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
  5. Never eat like a glutton in public
  6. Treating your pets like a baby
  7. The benefits of dancing at a party
  8. Ways to defend yourself against bullies
  9. Words you should never use when talking to a lady
  10. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear


Motivational Persuasive Speech Topics

For inspirational essay topics, you can as pick your choice from the list of motivational speech topics below


  1. Life is too short to live unhappily
  2. Laughter is the best medicine for the soul
  3. Why Social media is the home of pretense
  4. Benefits of living near volcanoes
  5. Healthy lifestyle tips for adults
  6. How not get addicted to video games?
  7. Falling forward in failing times
  8. Why talent shows are good for children
  9. Never keep a grudge against your best friends
  10. Things you know before you clock age 30.


Motivational Sales Meeting Topics

There are also motivational speech topics for employees and motivational meeting topics that can arouse your employees’ and salesperson’s passion for increasing your sales. Here are some examples here!


  1. 10 crucial soft skills of a salesperson
  2. How to effectively manage rejection
  3. Developing effective networking skills
  4. Generating leads at all cost
  5. The importance of social media to driving high sales
  6. The pro and cons of traditional marketing
  7. How to deal with demanding customers
  8. Teamwork is not optional in the sales department.
  9. Consistency and persistence: the key to effective sales
  10. Self-motivation is the greatest sales motivation


Easy Motivational Speech Topics

For those that need simple motivational topics, go through this list


  1. Thinking big and starting small
  2. The dangers of drug abuse.
  3. Creativity is the greatest skill to develop in childhood
  4. The benefits of good parenting on children
  5. How to be the best and stay the best
  6. The inspiring life and death of Chadwick Boseman
  7. 10 Ways to Overcoming anxiety and depression
  8. Benefits of taking enough water daily
  9. Racism and how to deal with it
  10. Learning aids to help early childhood education


Some Other Inspirational Topics to Write About

There are other good inspirational topics and inspirational journal topics you can use. So save yourself some time by checking out some of these!


  1. Why time management is imperative for a successful life
  2. How goal setting is a prerequisite to goal getting
  3. The accomplishments Mahatma Gandhi
  4. Is there beauty in the ashes?
  5. The day you stopped dreaming
  6. Keeping hope alive
  7. After the sunset, what happens?
  8. When to speak and when to be silent
  9. How to improve your self-esteem
  10. The time you need to explore the beauty of nature



So here we are! 90 motivational speech topics and 10 motivation ideas to give you the perfect motivational speech! So, you have lots of motivational speeches topics to pick from! So, go and prepare for your speech! If you need help with your assignment, our expert writers are here for you.
Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get help with motivation speech topic writing?
Yes. You only need to read through websites like ours for suggestions. More so, you can engage our experts for one-on-one help. That makes it possible to settle on an interesting topic.
How long is a motivational speech?
It depends. The length varies based on the instructors' instructions. Some can be quite lengthy, while others are just a page. Make sure you stick to instructions.

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