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Top 100+ Demonstration Speech Topics

Demonstration Speech Topics

Demonstration Speech is a popular form of communication across all human endeavors. At one point or the other, we need to share information on how to do something for each other. At work, with the family, with a friend, or even at an event there is always a need to display how things are being done to fellows. 

Students also might be requested to write a demonstration Speech as an essay. This assignment helps to evaluate the students’ communication and teaching skills. Meanwhile, demonstration speech may not be limited to students alone, as professionals might need to write one too. If you are looking for good topics for demonstration speech, then you should keep reading.

What Is Demonstration Speech?

A demonstration speech is a form of a speech given to educate, train, and inform others using demonstration. This act is known as one of the highest levels of teaching. When you demonstrate a particular thing, it is easier for your audience to remember than ordinary speech. A demonstration speech involves a step-by-step process of carrying out a particular action.

A demonstration speech applies to all facets of human activity. Learning is unending and we will always need to educate one another. The need to teach others and the need to be taught by others can not be avoided. A demonstration speech is then the best approach to carry out a mass education for a large audience on how to perform an action.

Demonstration speech requires the speaker to have a high level of the subject matter. He or she must be able to convince the audience through a real-time practice that shows knowledge and experience. Even as a writer, the reader must be able to visualize the process without any difficulty. 

A demonstration speech is common in academics, especially in sciences. Some practicals in the laboratory require a demonstration speech before the real action. Other areas such as business, marketing, health, technology, product design, and a host of others also employ demonstration speech to facilitate a DIY process for their targeted audience.


How To Choose The Best Demonstration Speech Topic?

If you have the assignment to write a demonstration speech, the first question you will ask is how to choose the best topic. Perhaps, you have a presentation to make at a gathering and you have been asked to educate others on a topic. Choosing your demonstration topics for your speech can be as easy as following the guides below;

  • Consider your area of specialization

When writing a demonstration speech, you must bear in mind that you are not only demonstrating a process. You are also displaying the depth of your knowledge of the subject matter. As a result of this, you must consider your area of expertise when choosing a Demonstration topic. This act allows you to showcase your understanding and help your audience gain the best.

  • Choose a simple topic

It would be best if your demonstration speech is as simple as possible. If you attempt to choose a complex topic, your reader might lose interest in the middle of the speech when they find it hard to comprehend your speech. If you need to talk about a complex process, start from the simplest stage and help your audience get along.

  • Have your audience in mind

While choosing your demonstration speech topic, you must have your audience in mind. Your choice of topic should not be dependent on how much you can say on the topic alone. You must also consider the comprehension level of your audience. If you are giving a demonstration speech on a health topic, your audience can either be health practitioners or patients who know little or nothing about health. 

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Health Demonstration Speech Topics

A lot of the time, there is always a need to demonstrate one thing or the other in the health sector. The doctor, nurses, and other health workers are always undergoing training on how best to deliver their job. Likewise, patients and the general public can also be trained on how to carry out first aid in case of emergency. Below are topics for demonstration speeches for the health audience;

  1. Steps to finding the best health insurance.
  2. How to perform an effective Yoga practice.
  3. How to meditate properly.
  4. How to lose weight.
  5. How to create a healthy daily routine.
  6. How to assess your blood sugar?
  7. How to check your blood pressure?
  8. How to maintain a healthy vegetarian meal.
  9. How to exercise regularly.
  10. How to incorporate fruits into your daily meal.
  11. How to save a drowning person.
  12. How to stop bleeding.
  13. How to apply first aid for accident victims.
  14. How to become a nurse.
  15. How to pass your medical exams.


Good Demonstration Speech Topics For High School Students

High School students are also required to write some kind of demonstration speech. This might be requested by English instructors to test how much knowledge the students have gained in other subjects. The speech can be on science or art-related activities. The following are good demonstration speech topics for high school students;

  1. How to apply for a college.
  2. How to prepare for an entrance examination.
  3. How to apply make-up.
  4. How to make french braids.
  5. How to meet new friends in college.
  6. How to study effectively.
  7. How to use a curling iron.
  8. How to open an email account.
  9. How to set up a new computer.
  10. How to organize a surprise birthday party.
  11. How to make and fly a kite.
  12. How to knit a sweater.
  13. How to bake a cake.
  14. How to play a computer game.
  15. How to play the piano.


5 Minutes Demonstration Speech Topics

Choosing a demonstration speech can also depend on the time allotted for your speech. While some speeches are long, some are as short as possible. The beauty of speech is in its conciseness and relevance. The following are the best demonstration speech topics for a 5-minute duration;

  1. How to make a pie.
  2. How to wash a car.
  3. How to change a bank check.
  4. How to make a cocktail.
  5. How to clean a swimming pool.
  6. How to knot a tie.
  7. How to tie shoe laces.
  8. How to apply for jobs.
  9. How to treat your hair.
  10. How to apply nail polish.
  11. How to train your pet.
  12. How to change a baby’s diaper.
  13. How to choose a travel camera.
  14. How to post a letter using a postal service.
  15. How to write a will.


Creative Demonstration Speech Topics

Creativity can be displayed through demonstration speech. There are lots of creative topics for demonstration speeches. If you are concerned about receiving applause at the end of your speech, you better consider a creative topic. The following are creative demonstration speech topic ideas;

  1. How to weave a basket.
  2. How to perform stunts.
  3. How to identify musical notes.
  4. How to create a 2D animation with your smartphone.
  5. How to use Photoshop.
  6. How to decorate your living room.
  7. How to draw a bearded collie dog.
  8. How to sew a cloth with threads and needles.
  9. How to dance creatively.
  10. How to make a paper bead.
  11. How to write calligraphy.
  12. How to make a video coverage.
  13. How to do graffiti.
  14. How to design a website.
  15. How to paint an egg.


Funny Demonstration Speech Topics

A demonstration speech can be funny and interesting. Just like a stand-up comedian, you can deliver a rib-cracking speech to your audience. To do that you will need a funny yet educative topic.  The following are funny demonstration speech topics you can consider; 

  1. How to find out if someone is lying.
  2. How to perform magic tricks.
  3. How to avoid eye contact with your ex.
  4. How to eat deviled eggs without creating a mess.
  5. How to dress like the opposite sex.
  6. How to breakdance as a beginner.
  7. How to fart in public.
  8. How to fool your friends.
  9. How to lose weight without exercising.
  10. How to make funny jokes.
  11. How to be a ninja.
  12. How to be an actor or an actress.
  13. How to act innocent after a crime.
  14. How to fool your siblings.
  15. How to make Halloween masks.


Easy Demonstration Speech Topics For College Students

It is highly expected of a college student to be able to give a good demonstration speech. Demonstration speech allows you to display both your knowledge of the English language, public speaking skills, and the knowledge of your course of study. If you are looking for an easy demonstrative speech topic, you can check the following;

  1. How to make a proper study plan.
  2. How to create a decent study space?
  3. How to choose the best dorm partner.
  4. How to identify a good college friend.
  5. How to speak in public.
  6. How to make your professor like you.
  7. How to buy cheap textbooks.
  8. How to ace a text.
  9. How to do all your assignments.
  10. How to write academic reports.
  11. How to make money as a student.
  12. How to register for your courses.
  13. How to apply for a scholarship.
  14. How to balance your time in college.
  15. How to behave on campus.


Demonstration Presentation Topics

You might not just be writing a demonstration speech for an essay. You might be requested to present a speech in front of an audience. Doing this requires you to consider a topic that is fit for presentation for both online and physical audiences. The following are topics you can consider for demonstrative presentation;

  1. Unveiling a new product or brand and how to use it.
  2. Presenting a result of an investigation and it was achieved.
  3. Presenting a new recipe and how to cook it.
  4. Presenting a new dance step and teaching how to make the move.
  5. A new security technology and how it was invented.
  6. Unveiling a new variety of espresso and how to make it.
  7. Presenting a new style of fashion and how it was made.
  8. Presenting a candidate of a political party.
  9. Presenting the outcome of a research paper.
  10. Presenting the result of laboratory research.
  11. Award presentation speech.
  12. Presenting a new logo for a brand.
  13. Presenting a new book at a launching ceremony.
  14. Presenting a new Invention and what it can achieve.
  15. How to present your case before a jury.


Interesting Topics For Demonstration Speeches

Demonstrations can be made for all kinds of speeches. However, not all speeches are interesting, especially speeches for formal events or occasions. Interesting topics generally are captivating and will interest a wide range of audiences. Here are interesting demonstrative topics to consider;

  1. How to fix a flat tire.
  2. How to print photos from your mobile phones.
  3. How to make a summer salad.
  4. How to organize your wedding party.
  5. How to become a popular film star.
  6. How to speak French like a pro.
  7. How to keep yourself from overthinking.
  8. How to greet the Japanese people.
  9. How to use cruise control.
  10. How to fly a plane.
  11. How to do skateboarding and snowboarding.
  12. How to survive in the wilderness.
  13. How to make emergency safety kits.
  14. How to properly brush your teeth.
  15. How a guy can use makeup.


Topics For Demonstration Speech In Business

Business environments require frequent training. This training can either be for employees or the targeted audience. As such, if you are writing a demonstration speech for a business, you must equally consider topics relating to such. The following will be the best topics to consider for this aspect;

  1. How to prepare for an interview.
  2. How to write a pitch.
  3. How to compose an appealing business proposal.
  4. How to sell your brand to investors.
  5. How to make more money.
  6. How to close a client.
  7. How to work from home.
  8. How to network in a business environment.
  9. How to create a business plan.
  10. How to identify a good product in the market.
  11. How to file taxes as a business owner.
  12. How to create a good finished product from scratch.
  13. How to scale your profit margin.
  14. How to meet your target.
  15. How to build a sustainable brand.


Educative Demonstration Speech Topics

Demonstration speeches are majorly to educate the listeners. Also, some topics are specifically used to educate on a subject. Speeches with such topics aim to educate the audience on a new thing which may be a product, device, machinery, tool, or anything at all. The following are educational demonstration speech topics you can consider;

  1. How to deliver a persuasive and enticing speech.
  2. How to debate like a lawyer.
  3. How to ace your standardized test.
  4. How to write a manuscript.
  5. How to train your brain.
  6. How to use content without violating copyright.
  7. How to avoid plagiarism.
  8. How to write an academic research paper.
  9. How to write your thesis and dissertation.
  10. How to be a law-abiding citizen.
  11. How to apply the Pareto principle.
  12. How to make pizza.
  13. How to play chess.
  14. How to dress appropriately.
  15. How to make greetings and complimentary cards.


Technology Demonstration Speech Topics

Technology is advancing day by day. There are always things to present and to learn. Demonstration Speech can be a way of revealing a new technological product to a set of people. The following are topics for a good technological demonstration speech;

  1. How to design a website from your smartphone.
  2. How to play games on your MacBook.
  3. How to create an Android app.
  4. How to create a mobile app for Apple mobile devices.
  5. How to carry out data analysis.
  6. How to build a robot.
  7. How to build a drone using damaged electronics.
  8. How to hack a computer.
  9. How to install an antivirus.
  10. How to generate electricity from water.
  11. How to install a solar panel on your shed.
  12. How to use WordPress for website management.
  13. How to create software.
  14. How to identify programming languages.
  15. How to troubleshoot your PC.



A demonstration speech is inevitable for everyone. You may have to write or deliver one at any point in your life. As a student, you might get one as an assignment in any of your subjects. Then you should not panic if you need a good demonstration speech topic as getting one just got easier.

After getting the best topic, writing becomes easier. You will only be faced with preparing for your presentation if there is going to be one. Nonetheless, if you face any challenges developing your demonstration speech, you might want to talk to one of our expert speech writers. They are a click away when you contact the support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good demonstration topic?
A good demonstration topic depends on the instructor's assignments, the issues you understand, the research materials you will use, the topic's relevance, how interesting it is, and the ability to research and write accurate information. It is vital to choose a topic that you understand.
What are the main elements of writing a demonstration speech?
To write a demonstration speech, start by choosing a topic that the audience will find interesting, explaining the research values, and outlining the process you will use. Then write the speech, invite questions, and summarize and conclude your presentation.

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