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200 Best Persuasive Speech Topics

Persuasive Speech is a special kind of speech. While you may give another kind of speech out of your opinion, persuasive speech focuses more on your audience’s opinion. The purpose of the speech in the first place is to convince them about a subject matter. These characteristics of a persuasive speech made it a big deal when choosing one.

A persuasive Speech is a speech delivered to persuade the listeners about the speaker’s opinion. In human endeavors, there will always be a reason for disagreement. This is because we will never have the same point of view, perception, and idea. Interestingly, that is the beauty of life. It takes effort such as delivering a persuasive speech to make people with an opposite point of view see from your point of view.

Hence, you mustn’t just pick just any topic to make your persuasive speech. This article will guide you on how to choose your persuasive speech topic. Not only that, you will have a wide option of topics for persuasive speech to choose for your next speech writing or presentation.


How To Select Best Persuasive Speech Ideas

What are good Persuasive Speech topics, do you care to know? A persuasive speech topic is not one you pick for just any reason. There are things to consider before choosing a topic for your persuasive speech. Here are things to consider before you arrive at your best persuasive speech topic;

  • Ensure the topic interest you

This is where to start from. Don’t start by looking for a topic that will interest your audience alone. You might want to be sure the topic is interesting to you. If it is the other way round, you will find it difficult to persuade your audience.

  • Be sure the topic will interest your audience

After you might have confirmed your interest in the topic, you may want to check if your target audience feels the same. Area of interest will always be different but there are exceptions, especially topic that deals with everyone. Be sure your audience is interested in the topic else you may just have to deliver a speech of no effect.

  • Is the topic still relevant?

You may need to find out if the particular topic you have chosen is still relevant to your audience. It is not enough that they have an interest in the topic. What about if they are already persuaded by your line of thought? You must be sure your audience has a contrary opinion on the subject, which you aim to correct.

  • The topic must be relatable

It is not enough if the topic interests you. It must also be relatable for you. The art of persuasion requires you to employ your personal experience to convince your audience. You don’t want to be telling them hearsay and want them to be convinced. You need to choose a topic you will be able to narrate a firsthand experience of yours.


Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are some good Persuasive speech topics you should consider;

  1. Top 10 characteristics that make a hero.
  2. Reality shows are a waste of time and resources.
  3. Learning martial art can enhance one’s health and mind.
  4. The garden around your house should not be left fallow.
  5. Competitive sport can equip you with essential life knowledge.
  6. Kids should be banned from violent video games.
  7. Traveling abroad is a form of education.
  8. The song’s choice should be about good lyrics and not the melody.
  9. Journalling is a form of therapy.
  10. You should always keep in touch with your grandparents.


Easy Persuasive Speech Topics

If you need easy topics for a Persuasive speech, you should consider these;

  1. Why you should consider a laptop over a tablet.
  2. Space exploration is a waste of time.
  3. Why you should use a security camera in your home.
  4. Religion and science are related.
  5. Why you should save and invest for the future.
  6. The use of a phone while driving is a dangerous act.
  7. Fast food is dangerous to health and the environment.
  8. Recycling should be everyone’s responsibility.
  9. You also can be a billionaire.
  10. Dogs as a pet are more useful than cats.


Persuasive Speech Topics For College Students

The following are topic ideas for persuasive speech for a college student;

  1. Community service should be a requirement for graduation from colleges and high schools.
  2. Parents should have a copy of their wards’ grades in school.
  3. Open book test is as much effective as closed book tests.
  4. Examinations are not a true test of intelligence.
  5. All-male colleges and all-female colleges should be banned.
  6. State colleges are more effective than private colleges.
  7. College students should not be issued credit cards.
  8. Every college student should be made to live on campus.
  9. Technical schools are more effective than colleges.
  10. College should pay their student-athletes.


Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Want to make a fun speech? Here are fun ideas for a persuasive speech;

  1. Why you should not accept your parent’s friends’ requests on Facebook.
  2. Blame your horoscope when things go wrong.
  3. Blondes are actually not dumb.
  4. Funny pick-up lines can get you the girl of your desire.
  5. Dads give more fun and energy than moms.
  6. Students should not write exams.
  7. Argumentative essays won’t make you a lawyer.
  8. Millennials should avoid spandex yoga pants.
  9. Money won’t make you happy is the most useless motivational speech.
  10. Stand-up comedians should be paid as much as doctors.


Interesting Persuasive Speech Topic

Here are interesting Persuasive speech topic ideas for your next event;

  1. Energy drinks are dangerous to your health.
  2. There is no healthy relationship without conflicts.
  3. Under 25 years should not be issued a credit card.
  4. Beauty does not have a standard.
  5. The need for medical insurance is under-estimated.
  6. Celebrities who break the law should be made a scapegoat.
  7. Teachers should be made to renew their certificates periodically.
  8. Money can’t buy you happiness and love.
  9. Incentives should be given for good deeds and punishment for wrongdoing.
  10. We should learn more from elders in our society.


Persuasive Speech Topics For High School

You will get the best ideas for a Persuasive speech for a high school student here;

  1. High School students should be trained in a skill set before graduation.
  2. High School students should not be allowed to use cell phones in school.
  3. High School students should be mandated to complete particular hours of community service while in school.
  4. High school students should be allowed to learn a foreign language of their choice.
  5. Uniform is not necessary for high school students.
  6. Girls should be allowed to play on boys’ sports teams.
  7. Extracurricular activities can add much value to your life.
  8. Hardworking students should be compensated finely for good grades.
  9. Peer pressures can help you develop your untapped potential.
  10. Healthy foods can help boost your academic performance.


Sport Persuasive Speech Topics

The following are sports topics for Persuasive speech you may want to consider;

  1. Why college athletes should be paid.
  2. Dope tests should be compulsory for sports competitions at all levels.
  3. Why marching bands and musical groups should be considered sports.
  4. High School sports competitions should receive less funding.
  5. Every city should have a bike-sharing system.
  6. Winning a competition is not as important as the effort to compete.
  7. Female sports deserve the same attention as males.
  8. Athletes are overpaid.
  9. There is no such thing as an easy sport.
  10. Sportsmen should be required to have at least college education.


Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

Want to sound controversial? You can pick a persuasive speech topic from the following;

  1. Fast food is killing and should be avoided.
  2. Under 16 years of age should not be allowed to date.
  3. We should do away with the penny coins.
  4. Birds should not be kept in cages as it is unethical.
  5. Haunting animals should be a punishable offense.
  6. Night school is better for students than day school.
  7. Homeschooling limits a child from learning social interaction.
  8. Paying taxes is unnecessary and should be abolished.
  9. Divorce should not be allowed after marriage.
  10. No country should be allowed to interfere in another country’s affairs except they are called upon.


Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are good Persuasive speech topics for public speaking events;

  1. Professional success should consider personal hygiene.
  2. You must know basic survival skills.
  3. Setting a clear and smart goal is important as giving positive energy to achieve it.
  4. Moral imagination is important to spiritual and intellectual development.
  5. Why you need to overcome stage fright and fear of public speaking.
  6. A moral tool set should be built for children when they are young.
  7. Prudence can help you turn a non-believer into a believer.
  8. Life should be lived spontaneously.
  9. Man know thyself and be true to yourself. 
  10. Hard work and determination are all you need to be successful.


Mental Health Persuasive Speech Topics

The following are Persuasive speech topics that deal with mental health;

  1. Human development rest solely on environmental factors.
  2. Stress is directly connected to mental imbalance.
  3. Why you should not see a psychologist.
  4. A therapist can only try their best to solve your mental health challenges.
  5. Intelligence is more dependent on the environment than genetics.
  6. A toxic relationship is a threat to your mental health.
  7. Emotional abuse can greatly damage your mental health.
  8. Music is one of the best therapy to tackle a mental health challenge.
  9. Verbal abuse is more dangerous to mental health than physical abuse.
  10. Mental health should be part of the curriculum at all levels of education.


Health Persuasive Speech Topics

If you would like to talk about health generally, you can consider the following;

  1. The United States should have w universal healthcare system.
  2. Abortions of all kinds should be banned totally.
  3. Female minors should be allowed access to birth control with their parent’s approval.
  4. Regular exercises will greatly impact your health.
  5. The use of animals for medical research is unethical.
  6. Fast food should come with warning labels like cigarettes.
  7. Allergic reactions are caused by restaurants that conceal their ingredients.
  8. Soda and Candy should be prohibited in high schools.
  9. Plant-based diets are more healthy than a meat-based diets.
  10. Addiction treatment and counseling should be part of the health insurance package.


Unique Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are unique topics that can make up a good Persuasive speech topic;

  1. Churches should be made to pay taxes.
  2. The United States should maintain the ban on Cuba.
  3. Doctor-assisted suicide should be re-formed.
  4. Why global warming is not real.
  5. Gun companies should be accountable for the crime committed with guns from their brands.
  6. Electroshock treatment is inhumane.
  7. Human cloning is a bad idea.
  8. Religion and politics should be separated.
  9. The weekend should be a 3-days break.
  10. Juvenile criminals should be treated like an adult.


Environmental Persuasive Speech Topics

You can choose a topic relating to the environment from the following;

  1. A reduction in human paper consumption will benefit humanity greatly.
  2. Everyone should plant a tree in their lifetime.
  3. Owning exotic animals as a pet is not an offense.
  4. Disposable diapers should be banned.
  5. The eco-friendly product should be subsidized by the government.
  6. The companies that make plastics should make efforts to recycle them.
  7. The use of gasoline vehicles should be reduced.
  8. All baby products should be eco-friendly and biodegradable.
  9. Humans are the biggest threat to their environment.
  10. Everyone should be educated about global warming and climate change.


Persuasive Speech Topics About Music

If you care to make a persuasion on music, you should consider the following;

  1. Listening to music can greatly improve your day.
  2. Music is a very important part of society.
  3. Uncensored songs should not be allowed in school dances.
  4. The French horn should be played more.
  5. Rock Music is more of great value than Western and Country Music.
  6. Certain songs are responsible for moral decadence in society.
  7. The media should be selective about musical promotion.
  8. Hip-hop has more bad sides than good sides.
  9. Music is therapeutic.
  10. Listening to music can improve your mental alertness and retention.


Problem Solution Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are Persuasive speech topics that address a problem and highlight the solution;

  1. Proscribing gun purchases is the solution to increasing the murder rate.
  2. A strong judiciary system will help curb police brutality.
  3. Restricting access to the internet is the solution to poor academic performance.
  4. Making contraceptive pill free is the solution to abortions.
  5. Seeing a therapist is the best solution for depression.
  6. Religion differences are a threat to peaceful coexistence in society.
  7. Love is the solution to homelessness.
  8. A ban for life is the solution for steroids and doping in Sports.
  9. Regulated internet is the solution to teen pornography.
  10. Decentralized internet is the solution to illegal data mining.


Business Persuasive Speech Topics

The following are business-related Persuasive speech topics;

  1. Why you should not do business with family members.
  2. Venturing into a business requires that you lose some types of friends.
  3. You must master mind games to effectively advertise your business.
  4. Understanding niche marketing is important to a successful business venture.
  5. A business will make you inaccessible.
  6. Advertising is not the most important thing in business.
  7. You don’t owe friends and family discounts in business.
  8. Business brand and personality are essential to business success.
  9. The organization is a key factor in achieving business success.
  10. Attending a school of business does not guarantee business success.


Persuasive Speech Topics About Animals

Here are Persuasive speech topics about animals you can consider;

  1. Why you should not get a pitbull as a pet.
  2. Taming wild animals like lion and tigers are dangerous to the environment.
  3. Pets should be adopted rather than bought from a breeder.
  4. Vicious dogs should be punished for attacks on humans.
  5. 10 reasons you should have a pet.
  6. Animals’ rights should be respected.
  7. Poaching should be treated as murder.
  8. Are whales an endangered species?
  9. The use of animals for laboratory experiments should be regulated.
  10. Chicken and birds should be rested in a free-range system.


Cool Persuasive Speech Topics

The following topics are cool topics for a Persuasive speech;

  1. Horse and carriage should replace car transportation.
  2. Education makes a happy and peaceful society.
  3. Prison should be reformed to make the best out of the prisoners.
  4. Abraham Lincoln was the best president in the history of the United States.
  5. Fame is bad for young children.
  6. The death penalty should be outlawed.
  7. Elderly citizens should receive free public transportation.
  8. Marijuana should be legalized across the world for recreational activity.
  9. English should be the world language.
  10. The legal drinking age should be adjusted to 24 years.


Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are topics that deal with medicine and related subjects;

  1. Side effects of medicines should be emphatically stated to a patient before administering them.
  2. Medical implications of obesity.
  3. Contraceptive and birth control pills should be made free.
  4. Governments should tax fast foods to combat obesity.
  5. Genetically modified food should be banned.
  6. Alternative medical treatment and homeopathic treatment should be covered by health insurance.
  7. Medicine students should be paid by the government.
  8. Chemotherapy and cancer treatments should be free.
  9. Nurses should receive the same compensation as doctors.
  10. Health insurance should be compulsory for all employed persons.


Psychology Persuasive Speech Topics

The following are psychological related Persuasive speech topics;

  1. Social media is responsible for the high rate of psychological imbalance.
  2. An introvert makes a good leader.
  3. Everyone needs to be loved and must show love.
  4. Human beings can switch between temperaments.
  5. Abuse can easily destroy someone’s self-esteem.
  6. Psychotherapy should be done by trained professionals alone.
  7. A personality test can be more dangerous than presumed.
  8. Strong stimuli can cause a great change in human behavior.
  9. Meditation is effective in getting over psychological stress.
  10. Psychological stress has biological implications.



Your next persuasive speech shouldn’t be a big deal. The major challenge you are going to face is selecting the best topic. Interestingly, we have just solved that with 200 Best Persuasive topics available for you. With simple research and less writing time, you should be able to come up with a top-notch persuasive speech.

You may have a tough time writing your speech. This problem can be a result of fright, nervousness, or being busy with other activities. You can hire an expert speechwriter to help you develop a top-notch speech with a topic you have chosen. You can send a message to our support team to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an interesting persuasive speech topic?
Interesting persuasive research topics should be relatable, one your audience will like, easy to research, and, if possible controversial. It is essential to select a topic that will capture the interest of your audience and persuade them to take action.
How can I choose a persuasive topic if I have no interest?
If you have no specific interest, you can choose a persuasive topic from various lists combined online. Go through the list and try to find something you can relate to or a point that you agree on. Then research it to convince your clients.

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