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How To Cheat On The ACT

how to cheat on the act

So you are about to write your ACT, and you need to score very high on this exam! You’re feeling ill-prepared and would like to know how to cheat on the ACT! Or maybe you’re just curious and wondering how people cheat on the ACT? Whatever the case, you’re here and want to know how to cheat on the ACT!

While we don’t advocate cheating in exams, there are several ways to cheat on the ACT. It’s important to note that you may get away with cheating on the ACT, or you may not.

That said, I guess you’re really interested in how to cheat on the act exam. Cheating on the ACT could range from copying answers from other test takers to bringing formulas to the exam and the likes. There are also other standard cheating methods, such as talking during the test – that’s obviously not a good one.

How then can you cheat on the ACT? Here are four major ways to cheat on the ACT:

  1. Bring in answers
  2. Have someone else take the test for you
  3. Steal the test
  4. Study the test questions before they’re released


What Is ACT

The American College Test, or ACT for short, is an entrance exam conducted by colleges to determine how ready a student is for college. This entrance exam is very commonly used by most colleges and universities to admit students into higher institutions.

The ACT tests hold six times a year in the U.S. and seven times each year in other selected countries worldwide. There are five tests on the ACT, with the first four on the list mandatory.

  • English
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Writing

Another purpose of the ACT is to allow colleges to compare all test-takers using standard criteria. College admissions officers often reassess standardized test scores alongside other factors such as high school GPA, admission interviews, personal essays, letters of endorsements, etc.


Can You Cheat on the ACT?

So, can you cheat on the ACT test? Yes, it’s possible to cheat on the ACT; however, the chances of getting caught are very high. Moreover, cheating attempts are punishable by law.

Several people have devised various ways to cheat on the act. However, they were caught, and the outcome wasn’t cool. For example, the ACT taken in June 2016 had to be canceled in Hong Kong and South Korea because a few students stole the test. People had also served jail terms for impersonation – yes, it’s that serious!

Notwithstanding, we’ll cover a few ways to cheat on the act test. However, this is not written to encourage cheating!


Ways to Cheat on the ACT

So, what are the ways to cheat on the ACT? Again, we’ll like to remind you that cheating on the ACT may attract many consequences. Therefore, the best way to ace your ACT will be to prepare very well for it. You may have to take crash courses or solve past questions if you’re short on prep time! So, it’s best to prepare very well for the exam – take it another year if you have to!

And back to the subject matter. There are a lot of ways to cheat on the ACT. So if you’re prepared to cheat on the ACT test, or you’re just curious, here are some of them!

  1. Impersonation

    You can pay a smart ass to take the test for you. Yes, someone can fill in for you to take the test! However, this is a risky way to cheat on the ACT test. Why? Because the ACT has put some measures to ensure that they check your details and picture and compare it with what they have on their system file before allowing you to take the test. Therefore, the face and details on their paper must match the physically present person to take the test.

    However, you could be in luck if you’re a twin (triplet, quadruplet, etc.) The smarter ones can take the test for you. Just have it at the back of your mind that impersonation is a highly punishable crime.

  2. Time Zones

    The ACT cannot be taken at the same time all over the world. Why? Because of the differences in time zones. Forcing test-takers in other parts of the country to take the test at night is impossible! Therefore, you can use the different time zones to your advantage. Yes, finally! An effective ACT test cheat

    Using the time zone method will require you to connect with other test-takers in a different time zone. These people can then try to hint you on the questions on the ACT – at least those they can remember! This way, you get the hang of what the ACT questions will look like before the exams. It’s necessary to note that this method is not foolproof.


How to Cheat on the ACT Exam

People have devised numerous methods on how to cheat the ACT at the venue of the test. However, you should note that students have hotlines they can call to alert the authorities if they suspect funny behaviors. That said, here are some of the ways that people cheat ACT test during the exam.

  • Forming quick friends with your peers before you get in

This method deals with making friends who you can rely on to supply answers to you when you’re stuck. Building a network with trustworthy individuals can prove to be helpful.

However, if you form friends with people who are ill-prepared and looking for someone to ask, you’ll find yourself in a funny situation. Therefore, any individual or team that you form a friendship with has to be really smart. And that is not limited to being competent in academia alone! Such a person must know how not to break the link and get you all in trouble.

  • Copying from someone else

This is also a method to cheat on the ACT test. But to make this method work, you have to make sure you’re sitting close enough to someone with the same paper type as yours. Why? Because the test questions and paper types are usually randomized to minimize cheating. And if you have someone with the same paper type sitting close to you or as far as your vision can clearly see, you must be sure the person’s got something to put down. So yeah, it makes no sense to copy someone else who doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing on the test!

Also, make sure you don’t inadvertently copy the person’s personal details too! Sounds funny, but it happens!

  • Hall advantage

Getting a big enough venue has always been a significant challenge for the examiners. Therefore you might be lucky to have your school chosen as a host for the exam. On occasions like this, you can simply find a private place, such as the bathroom, and keep possible answers and formulas to recurring questions.


Caught Cheating on the ACT. What Consequences?

So, what will happen if you’re caught cheating on the ACT? Knowing fully well that cheating is wrong and comes with serious penalties, let’s examine the consequences of being caught cheating on the ACT.

  1. You risk having your scores invalidated

    If you are caught cheating on the ACT, you face the consequence of having your scores invalidated. This consequence automatically cancels off the effort you have made to pass the ACT, and it also gives you a bad public record. So, to save face, the best way will is to prepare thoroughly for the exam.

  2. You risk having charges filed against you

    if you’re caught cheating on the ACT, then you’re at the risk of having charges filed against you. Worst case, you could even get arrested! In 2011, about 20 people were locked up for impersonation in the ACT; their ACT scores were canceled, and they were charged with a serious fine for the offense.

    After this incident, it became compulsory for prospective candidates to upload a recent passport while registering. These details will then be cross-checked before they let any student take the test.

ACT Hacks

Will you like to get some ACT hacks? Here are some tips and hacks to get you ahead on the ACT!

  1. Skip difficult questions at first

    It is advised that you pace yourself carefully for each paper section to avoid running out of time. Struggling with a particular question for too long can become detrimental to your ACT score. How? By taking up the time, you should be used to answer more straightforward questions in the section!

    Therefore, attempt the simpler questions, leave the difficult ones and come back to them later. Doing this will buy you the necessary time to answer the more challenging questions. And if you do run out of time, at least you’ve been able to answer the more straightforward questions whose answers you’re sure of.

  2. Eliminate options like crazy

    The use of elimination is a very effective method for answering multiple-choice questions. This method makes it easier to select the correct answer by increasing your chances by as high as 50.

  3. Get familiar with your formulas

    Reviewing the list of formulas before the test is always of great benefit! So, try to get the hang of the commonly used formulas and learn them before the test. This makes it easier for you to provide the correct answers to the questions.

  4. Answer every question

    The ACT doesn’t penalize wrong answers. So, if you’re not sure of an answer, you can select or shade a random box. At least, a 25% chance is much better than a 0% chance!

  5. Become comfortable with graphs

    About one-third of the questions in the ACT science section involve Data Representation (such as graphs and other visual aids). Therefore, you should become comfortable with interpreting different types of charts and graphs.



So, here we are! We have covered how to cheat on the ACT test, including some ACT cheats and hints. So, use these ACT cheat tips and do your best on the ACT!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ACT a difficult test?
Yes. ACT has 215 challenging questions divided into four sections: the tricky math and science questions and the optional writing test. That is why students are advised to take practice tests and learn key strategies that will make it easy for them to take the test.
What is the passing score in ACT?
The questions you can get wrong in the ACT exam and still pass the test are a minimum of seven questions. However, this can vary depending on your school, lecturer, and the goal that you want to achieve. Regardless, it would be best if you prioritized passing the test.

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