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Can Wileyplus Detect Cheating: A Comprehensive Guide

girl is checking can wileyplus detect cheating

The common question in the minds of many students is to know whether or not Wileyplus cheating is detectable by the device. Understandably, this is because students want to tread safely and avoid falling prey to examinations or learning misconducts. Many of these academic open-source devices have programmed software to detect cheating easily.

If your school uses Wileyplus, you should know now that cheating on the platform will be detected. To curb Wileyplus cheating, exams on the platform are proctored; instructors use the Examity partnership available on Wileyplus to conduct high-stake exams.

Therefore, before thinking of cheating on Wileyplus, you must know that your professor will be watching you take your exam or test.


What Is Wileyplus? – Simplifying It for Everyone

Like so many other devices that aid online learning and teaching, Wileyplus is another one in the midst. It is one of the devices that has helped sustain academic and educational activities through distance learning and homeschooling.

The device integrates teaching textbooks into a digital format that enhances learning and teaching online. In academia, professors and teachers find Wileyplus effective as it comes with interesting features such as;

  • Automating tasks: It is used to create, score and grade assignments.
  • Customization: It has an impressive visual feature that professors use to program learning materials. This allows for online presentations using PowerPoints.
  • Wileyplus has a feature that allows professors to keep tabs on their students’ performance. This way, they can intervene accordingly depending on their activities.
  • On Wileyplus, students access the online version of classroom textbooks and additional study resources for assignments.
  • Students can track their performance on Wileyplus by previewing their online grade book.


A Step-by-step Guide on How Wileyplus Works

Not everyone understands how Wileyplus works, and it doesn’t matter whether this is your first or second time; there is always something you may have missed. If you are new to Wileyplus and want to know how this e-learning device operates, here is a helpful rundown to get started with your learning.

Getting Started

After publishing your account on Wileyplus, the next stage will be to navigate learning on the device. Once logged on, click on the “getting started with Wileyplus” option. You’ll be redirected to an e-text that explains everything to you.

How to Succeed In the Course

The next link to click is the “how to succeed in the course” option. Here, Wileyplus provides you with detailed information on how using it for learning works.

Learning About Homeworks

To locate your assignments on Wileyplus, look to the left side of your screen. You’ll see the tab named “assignments.” Click on it, and if there are any available assignments, they’ll appear in downloadable documents formats.

How to Preview Grades

As a student, you can easily preview your grades. Wileyplus makes provision for that. Click on the “grades” tab on the left side of the screen to access your grades.

How to Locate eTextbooks

Once you are logged on to your account, the first tab after the home button is the etextbook tab. Click on it to access all the textbooks tailored to your course.


How to Cheat On Wileyplus: A Must Know for Every Student

Like every other online teaching and learning device, Wileyplus cheating is common. Many students cheat on online learning devices when looking for solutions or answers to their questions. But before that, you should know about the security system and sanctions if it’s detected that you’re cheating on Wileyplus.

One of the simplistic ways on how to cheat at Wileyplus is to either visit Chegg or Slader. Here, you will have to post assignment questions on the platform. If you use Chegg or Slader, the site will provide you with methods that will help you answer your questions.

Many students find these sites helpful for finding workable solutions to their assignments. Chegg and Slader serve as reliable sources for students, with tutors and experts in various subjects. Here, you can either find your assignment solutions or accurate answers to solve your problems. You’ll have to sign up on the site to use them for assignment solutions.

Academic cheating is unethical, and there are reserved punishments for students caught cheating on Wileyplus. So, take precautions before cheating on Wileyplus.

If you are struggling with your assignments, it is recommended to seek assistance such as writing services to enhance your understanding and improve your performance. Our professionals offer help with your “do my homework” request.


Does Wileyplus Detect Cheating?

Wileyplus provides professors and teachers with the feature that allows them to keep tabs on their students’ performance. Still, the system can’t detect cheating on the website. This is because, when cheating on an assignment, students open a different tab to source answers.

It becomes difficult for professors to detect if their students cheat on exams, tests, or assignments. Wileyplus does not provide any device that notifies professors when students visit sites like Chegg or Slader. If they are to detect cheating, they’ll have to conduct the scrutiny themselves, which can be stressful.

For this search, professors mostly search with the specific text from the given question. When they pop up on solution sites, it could mean that your students have posted it there.

Still, it is impossible to tell because there are several online users, and identifying the particular question poster is not easy. Generally, students cannot be caught cheating on Wileyplus, except the professor takes extreme measures by searching the web installing cheating detecting software, cameras, or IP monitoring.


Top Wileyplus Cheating Hacks For Students

Online exams, tests, and assignments have high test records of cheating involved. Students can manipulate their ways to find answers and solutions to problems. For students, there are unlimited ways on how to cheat Wileyplus. Some of the cheating hacks to use include;

  • Switching tabs
  • Visiting online assignment sites
  • Write to our expert team “do my homework for me
  • Using a different device to search for a solution
  • Changing your IP address
  • Blocking the camera. This works if your professor has an inbuilt camera software to monitor your physical performance.

Many students rely on one or more of this as a way to get away from being caught cheating.


How Professors Can Prevent Online Cheating On Wileyplus

With how rampant online cheating has become, professors can still take preventive measures to curb its widespread use. Below are some helpful ways academia can control online cheating amongst students.

  • Secure Browser: For exam purposes, institutions can opt for a secured browser option to control and limit the activities of students while they are taking exams. For Wileyplus, they can install software that allows them to secure students’ internet activities while writing exams and tests.
  • Live Proctoring: With this, institutions and departments can flag cheating. It is a combination of human and technological effort. In this case, an online exam is monitored through the use of live cameras that keep tabs on students’ physical and online activities.
  • Auto-proctoring: Institutions should demand students write exams only with computers with a webcam. All they need to do is instruct students to put on their webcam and microphone. This way, the background activities of students can be monitored and recorded for the duration of the exam.
  • IP tracking: IP tracking is another way to reduce the rate of cheating amongst students. This method mostly works for catching cheating students. But when enforced, the rate of online cheating will be reduced.

Does Wileyplus Have An App?

Yes. The upgraded version of Wileyplus comes with an app that makes for a better learning experience. Wileyplus also has an instructor guide made up of videos and texts that helps to explain the function and operation of the device to students and professors. This instructor guide provides you with every detail you need about the functioning of the app and the platform. If there is an installed device to monitor online activities, Wileyplus can detect other opened tabs. But on its own, it cannot.



Using Wileyplus for academic reasons has proven helpful for online learning—professors easily interact with students, and students have access to various online learning materials. However, online cheating has become rampant, and even with devices like Wileyplus, students still cheat during exams. Remember that if you get stuck at any point with Wileyplus and you need the help of a professional for your writing and homework services, do not hesitate to contact us and get your Wileyplus answers. Our homework services are the best and they are provided by experts at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I cheat on Wileyplus?
Anyone who cheats on Wileyplus will get punished. But the level of punishment will vary depending on the infraction's severity, the institution's policies, and the platform used. For instance, you might have your grade reduced, face disciplinary action, or get expelled. Avoid this with an expert.
Are WileyPlus quizzes timed?
Yes, the Wileyplus quizzes have a time limit. The timer button is on the left margin near the top part of your screen. If you want to see the time remaining on the clock, click the timer. So, you need to work fast to ensure that time does not run out before you complete the task.
What is included in Wileyplus?
Wileyplus has so many features, and some of them are: mixed media for tutorials, videos, and relevant links to improve your study process; personal practice that enables you to personalize your learning experience on the device; interactive tools for engaging in academic performances.
Does Wileyplus record your screen?
Wileyplus has a feature called examity. It is used for recording the screen performance of computers. This is a security measure to curb cheating.
Can my professor track my IP on Wileyplus?
If your professor installs an IP tracker, they can easily track your online performance to keep a record of what you're doing online.

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