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ExamSoft Cheating Guide 2023

woman use Examsoft Cheating Guide

In recent times, cheating among students has become an increasingly worrisome condition for many schools. According to a survey done between 2002 and 2015, about 95% of 70,000 adults acknowledged that they’ve cheated at least once in high school. Regrettably, the situation is becoming more alarming every day.

Exam administration, as a result of the global pandemic outbreak, has taken on a new form, likewise cheating! This prompted schools and exam platforms like Examplify to take a new approach to curbing cheating. An example is using proctored software. So, the question is, can you cheat on Examplify? Yes! Despite the efforts to curb cheating through this software, the majority of this proctor software is not without flaws. Examplify is not an exemption. You can learn how to cheat with Examplify.

Many schools have worked hard to develop custom proctored software that will help them keep cheating to its barest minimum. Examsoft is one of those! But what exactly is Examsoft, how can you do Examsoft cheating and how does ExamSoft prevent cheating? In this article, we’ll answer your frequently asked questions and even more! Read on!

As a disclaimer, we do not condone cheating of any kind. However, the information here is solely for awareness. And, you should know that cheating is unethical. If you are caught cheating, you may be punished!


What is ExamSoft?

ExamSoft is a safe testing program used by educational institutions for exams that need to be closely monitored. The application enables such institutions to securely test their pupils from a remote location without the presence of an instructor. During the test, the software also restricts the student’s access to files, programs, and the internet.

ExamSoft is unique in that it does not require an internet connection to function. As a result, as long as students have their laptops, they can take their tests from nearly anywhere. You will, however, need to be able to connect to the internet in order to download and submit your answers.


Can Examsoft Detect Cheating?

Although some students have developed some creative ways to cheat on ExamSoft. However, can ExamSoft detect cheating? An absolute yes! So, you could also ask, how does examsoft detect cheating? Here it is: ExamSoft allows instructors to proctor students’ work using different means. For this reason, it becomes more difficult for students to cheat. This software has a feature that alerts the teacher when a student is nearing the completion of a test or exam. As a result, the teacher can double-check the learner’s work before unlocking their high-stakes exam.

On the other hand, online course packages have the tools for detecting plagiarism. Since online courses are submitted digitally, plagiarism detection is vital as well as easy. None of the ways to stop or find out if someone is cheating are 100% effective.


How to Cheat on ExamSoft

A lot of students seek to learn how to cheat on examsoft. This may be due to the harsh methods some teachers use in grading their students. One good way for students to cheat on this software is to utilize specific keywords. In essay questions, ExamSoft scans answers for keywords that are required for each question. This means including all possible keywords in your answers could earn you an A+, even if the sentence isn’t right.

ExamSoft looks for keywords as answers in sentences. Just ensure the software recognizes two sentences with disconnected keywords as a meaningful solution to the query. You can produce two statements with disjointed keywords. Essentially, this is one of the finest methods for cheating on ExamSoft—extracting the right keywords from the video or article on which the program is based.

Copying the questions and pasting them into the software answer field can also be a simple way to ExamSoft cheating.

Hiring online test takers is an another option worth considering. These experts are highly knowledgeable in the subject matter and skilled in navigating exam platforms such as ExamSoft.


Use Examsoft Cheating Hack

ExamSoft hacking is a more difficult operation as it requires a large number of resources and tools to successfully access the system. You’ll find a list below of some of the methods you can use to cheat on Examsoft.

The practical cheating lessons have been kept off this page. However, if you’re looking for credible ExamSoft cheating hacks, here are some:

Changing the Content of Your Video Feed

There are many ways to do this, but they all yield the same effects. All you need is a piece of software that sits between your webcam and ExamSoft to bypass your video feed. ExamSoft receives a video signal from another virtual camera when it tries to collect video from your webcam. You can change the footage from your webcam or even replace it with something else using the cheat program.


Pre-recorded Video

ExamSoft records video and audio directly from your webcam to keep track of you during the exam. The software does a facial recognition scan on your video feed at the start of the exam to guarantee that you are the one.

To cheat, you can record yourself before the exam using your camera. Try to sit up straight as though you were taking the exam, read from a screen, and move your head and eyes at regular intervals. Also, make sure no one else walks into the room while you’re working.

Make sure your footage is somewhat longer than the time allotted for the online test. If you’re taking a one-hour exam, for example, you can prepare by recording a one-hour and ten-minute video ahead of time.

Send the video to the virtual webcam program after you’ve finished editing it. As a result, instead of using a live feed from a camera, the software will play back the video that has already been filmed.

That means you have complete control over your webcam. Only your instructors will see what you’re doing for them. They’ll get a positive I.D. of your face even if they use a facial recognition scan.

However, ExamSoft may detect more than two cameras on your computer, which is a problem with this setup. Another problem is that it takes a little time to spot these con artists. Some schools assign impromptu exercises to their students at random intervals. They might, for example, ask you to raise your knuckles or do something else to see if you are there.


Using an Additional Screen Monitor

This is a straightforward reason that you may apply for as well. Examsoft has a policy of flagging you for cheating if it notices another person in the room with you while your tests are running. However, the software can only tell if this is true if the person is visible through your webcam.

So, here’s how you go about it. Sit in front of your computer while your partner sits behind it. Definitely, that’s beyond the range of the camera. Place an extra display screen behind your own computer, connect the two, and share your screen. That way, you can have an experienced person do your work for you outside of the camera range.

However, ExamSoft may run a system scan and detect a duplicate keyboard. Well, they might assume it’s an external keyboard you’re using.


Using a Projector

A projector can be used in place of an extra monitor screen. The screen is projected onto a wall as you write the exam. Your device will be placed in front of the projector screen, and your partner will be seated between you and the projection wall.

Your friends will be able to see the questions as well. Remember not to speak or gaze at the wall, as that may be suspicious. They can read the questions and find a means to communicate the answers to you.

Cover your system’s microphone with tape for the audio component. Your computer will deliver audio feeds even if the tape is still in use. There will, however, be white noise in the background.

However, online tests leave a lot of digital trails, so be cautious. If you take the exam on the same computer, for example, you’ll have the same IP address and cookies.


Using a Virtual Machine

This procedure is a little more technical than the majority of the preceding ones. You can think of combining it with other possibilities. To begin with, a virtual machine (V.M.) is similar to having an additional computer within your computer.

Assume you have Windows 10 installed on your computer. On the same computer, you can run a virtual machine running Windows XP. The main difference is that you run Windows XP as an application instead of a system. You’ll also need to allocate some of your disk space, CPU, and RAM to the V.M.

The most significant advantage of working with a V.M. is that it allows you to use different hardware for different operating systems on the same computer. That is, two keyboards and two monitors can be connected to the same computer. One is for your current operating system, and the other is for your virtual machine.

The virtual computer will operate as if it were a completely different system. It’ll assume it’s a computer with a keyboard and mouse plugged in somewhere. You can also allow access to your webcam feed to the V.M.

So, the basic concept is that you sit at the camera range while someone else sits behind the screen with an external monitor and does all of the work for you. An extra mouse or keyboard will not be detected by the V.M. you are using. Because the other monitor and mouse function as an undetectable separate system.

Keep in mind that when you’re taking an exam, ExamSoft disables access to other programs on your computer. Your screen is also recorded, so your examiner knows exactly what you are doing. However, using a V.M. eliminates the need to minimize or change what you’re doing. Simply open a tab in your computer’s browser and you’re ready to go.


How Does Examplify Prevent Cheating?

A lot of instructors have been asking how does examSoft prevent cheating? Examplify has an advanced A.I. monitoring capability and a human review identity. Despite this, cheating on Examplify is still a popular thing among students. Examplify is widely known to be software that is licensed by ExamSoft. Its job is to provide students with a secure and stable exam environment for all assessment types. But even with the Examplify cheating detection ability, some instructors are complaining about the increasing rate of cheating on Examplify.


How does Examplify Detect Cheating?

Examplify detects cheating in a variety of ways. Some of the ways include:

The use of Advanced A.I

As earlier seen, Examplify makes use of its advanced A.I monitoring system in addition to other human review identifiers to detect cheating. This all makes it difficult for students to easily cheat on their online tests.

The Use of Examplify Tracker

Examplify also employs an Examplify tracker, which records the time for each exam, in order to detect false starting times and late finishing times for each exam file. Then, when you click Submit Exam, you’ll see a confirmation page. It will tell you that you can’t open your exam again once it’s closed.

The Use of Webcams

Examplify employs webcam and microphone access by requiring students to grant access to their webcam and microphone before they can access their test questions. This helps to monitor students’ activities during the exam.

The Use of Facial Recognition

Examplify requires students to undertake some facial screening before they can access their test questions. This is to ensure that the students are indeed engaged with the test and that what they’re seeing is not just a form of picture facing the screen. A smile directed at the camera could be one of the methods.

Audio Records

During the examination, audio and video recording, including webcam and screen capture, will commence automatically. This will continue throughout the access duration.


The value of education is found in reading and comprehending your subjects. So, you are advised to take time to read and prepare well for your exams. Remember, the consequence of being caught cheating may be awful. Similarly, cheating should be a last resort!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExamSoft detect cheating?
ExamSoft can detect cheating. This platform claims not to accuse anyone of cheating or flag students. However, you should note that it flags any anomalies. When this happens, the exam administrator will review it to determine if you were cheating.
What can ExamSoft See?
Before taking the exam, the student will need to give consent to ExamSoft so that they can capture their biometric information, such as taking pictures and accessing the webcam and microphone. Additionally, it will access your IP address and browser information.

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