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Can Moodle Detect Cheating?

Can Moodle Detect Cheating

Most teachers have issues with students who cheat on a Moodle quiz or exam. The teachers feel most of these students just want to find the easy way out all the time. They would rather cheat their way through school than drop sweat on their reading table. The reality is that many students try hard to get an A+ in Moodle tests, but it’s to no avail. But if they cheat, an A+ grade can be assured.

Several online teaching tools like Moodle have come in handy following technological advancements. These tools allow teachers to give tutorials to students in real-time while they also set questions for them. These tools come with quizzes, tests and some even have exams just like a real class simulation kit. Interestingly, most of these tools are not “cheat-proof.” This has made most teachers crave online learning applications that can detect cheating.

Many students cheat on various learning platforms. But Moodle seems to stand out because of its-notch tools and techniques available for course creators to implement, thereby preventing cheating. Yet, students still get to cheat on Moodle quizzes. This has spurred many questions like, “can Moodle track cheating?”

Moodle exam cheating is becoming more popular, despite the “airtight” approach to curb cheating on the platform. Traditionally, the only way teachers prevent cheating is to scan through the examination room for any culpable student who would fall into the trap of cheating. This technique is less effective as many students get away with it. They devise smarter ways of cheating, and most students are never caught!

Yet, certain students still ask questions like can a professor see me cheating? Or can Moodle detect cheating? From a teacher’s perspective, the goal of education is to discourage cheating by all means and to encourage uprightness, integrity, and diligence- which altogether would guarantee a wholesome individual with problem-solving capacity.

In line with this, technology has made advancements in detecting cheating. Now, it is possible to detect all forms of cheating by students using technology like Moodle. Moodle has been used by various teachers in over 240 countries to create around 36 million courses.  Though an excellent tool, many teachers still ask: can Moodle detect cheating? If that’s your question too, then you should read on.


What is Moodle?

Moodle is an online tool that helps individuals teach courses in their field to others. This tool comes in handy for course content creators, as it allows them to create the course in Moodles. This gives the course a brilliant structure and outlook. It also makes learning easier for the students to learn in stages and progressively graduate to the next Moodle.

This learning tool has been acclaimed to be cheat-proof. Many reviews attest that noodle is a site that can’t be beaten. Because the Moodle quiz cheating detection system is top-notch. It takes special techniques to cheat on Moodle quiz.

Using Moodle for learning allows students to take their quizzes and tests. This is a way to save precious class time since the students can take the tests independently. However, many teachers are still worried today if Moodle truly can detect cheating.


Moodle Test Cheating Detection

Moodle has proven to be a unique teaching and learning tool, and there are many amazing rests to show for it. However, there are a few questions on the lips of course owners/ teachers – can Moodle detect cheating? Can Moodle track cheating?

That is the question we want to answer with this write-up.

To be candid, Moodle has a cheating detection capacity. This comes in the form of tools that teachers can incorporate into the tests on Moodle to detect irregularities (cheating).

Moodlewatcher is one of the tools embedded in Moodle, created to help teachers keep track of events while students take an exam.

Moodle watcher make use of the information such as:

  • Students participation
  • The time of submission of an assessment
  • The tome of accessing any of the resources
  • The frequency of accessing forums

The course creator can use this powerful tool to take note of variables as it pertains to these events. This is easily done by creating a rule in Moodlewatcher. This rule then guides the course creator to detect irregularities when the rule is faltered.


How To Cheat On Moodle Quizzes

Moodle is like a gradient graph, not a straight line. Students can’t easily cheat when using this tool. However, this difficulty only applies to those who don’t know how to heat on Moodle quizzes.

Here are a few tips to cheat on Moodle.

  • Make sure you know the username and password of the database and that of the host server
  • Ensure you know the password of your teacher that designed the quiz
  • Know the password of the Moodle administrator

You can do a quick Moodle quiz hack with the information above and minor programming tactics.


Does Moodle Have Anti Cheating Tools

In simple terms, Moodle itself has some anti-cheating tools. However, it also allows the incorporation of several anti-cheating tools. These tools help course creators gain full control of their course and curb all forms of cheating.

Aside from Moodle’s tools, there are some tips teachers can use to circumvent any cheating attempts by students. Here are some tips for preventing cheating for teachers and course creators alike.

  • Timer setting
  • Unique formatting of questions
  • Making questions more difficult
  • Design a question reservoir or bank
  • Make use of safe exam browser
  • Incorporate plagiarism detection software
  • Peruse Cheaters forum
  • Embed text or videos
  • Block IP changing capability


Does Moodle Hacks Work?

Moodle has tools and techniques teachers can use to prevent cheating, as we have shown you above. However, records (after a survey)  show that only about 33% of students admitted to cheating while on Moodle for an exam. Interestingly, only 2% of these students have gotten caught while cheating. This brings to mind the fact that students use viable Moodle hacks to cheat.

Moodle itself cannot detect whether a user is cheating or not. However, with the information of various tools like plagiarism checkers, and other similar tools, the acts of cheating can be easily detected. If students know the specific tool used by the course creator for your quiz or exam, they can easily hack the tool and get answers.

Students need to know that Moodle isn’t totally cheat-proof. They just need to be acquitted with the right tactics and strategy to deliver the right answers. Yes, Moodle hacks work.


How To Hack Moodle

Hacking Moodle is not as simple as ABC. It requires skill and techniques you must learn. It is called Moodle answers hack because that’s exactly what it takes to cheat on Moodle quizzes.

Many students like you want to know how to hack Moodle quiz. The reason is not far-fetched; they don’t like their Moodle grades and want something better. For you, your search query may be: how to hack Moodle grades or how to cheat on Moodle quizzes.

To cheat in Moodle quizzes requires meticulousness on your end. This is simply because there are no answers on the Moodle website. You would fish out the answers by taking some basic steps that major involves copy and paste function.

Here are a few steps you need to take to cheat on Moodle.

  • Attempt the questions and leave blank the ones that you cannot answer (particularly the questions that demand answers to be typed)
  • Click on finish attempt

You’ll be shown a page that reveals the list of answered and unanswered questions.

  • Then on that page, click on the URL of the page
  • Apply the “Control C” function
  • Then “Control V,” i.e., paste on another page
  • Add the word “review” to the URL on the new page just before the last few letters (PHP)
  • Click the new URL and enter

A page pops up with codes and programming language that reveals the questions and answers in embedded plain text.

This is possible because Moodle has answers saved online as a PHP file. Therefore, you have to go through this route to carry out a Moodle quiz hack.

Worthy of note is that it is very difficult to see answers when taking a quiz or exam on Moodle. Again, the answers can only be obtained directly from the database. They are not stored In the website or the browser, and they can’t be stored in the HTML pages.


So can Moodle track cheating? The answer to this is no. However, Moodle is designed to counter any attempt to cheat. This doesn’t invalidate the Moodle test hack already shared. Many students still cheat on Moodle quiz without detection.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the anti-cheating tools found in Moodle?
The tools that Moodle has put in place to prevent cheating are: timer setting, block IP changing the capacity, the unique formation of questions, use of safe exam browsers, use of plagiarism detection software.
How do I cheat on Moodle?
To cheat on Moodle, hire an expert to help. Here are some tricks: start by creating a PDF file or Word format document with all the course material, and split your screen into two screens; one half should be the document and the other half the quiz. Then start the test, look at the first question, and search for the answer in the document.

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