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Why Homework is Bad For You

why homework is bad

Do you ever sit down by yourself and wonder who in the world invented homework? Why would someone invent something that would torture the minds of students this badly? Homework is bad, and there is no doubt about it regardless of the continuing debates on its usefulness.

Why is homework bad for you, and why should your nagging math teacher not give you endless homework assignments? Let us explore practical reasons to affirm this claim. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this for anything in the world.

Reasons Why Homework is Bad

There is an avalanche of reasons why homework is bad for students. Although your instructor wouldn’t want you to hear this, we will share it with you. So that you know, there are accurate statistics that back up these negative effects of homework.

  1. Too Much Homework is Bad For Your Social Life
    A popular proverb goes this way; no man is an island. That implies that you need me, and I need you for the world to be what it is, a social society. How is this possible? Through social interactions.
    However, too much homework means that you will have to lock yourself up in your room once you get back home from school. You won’t have the time to call on your best friend or say hi to your immediate neighbor. The result of this is a lonely and boring life.
  2. Homework Bad For Health
    Our bodies are made so that they need time to relax before proceeding with any further activities. The human brain is not like that of a computer – although a computer’s ‘brain’ also needs to be refreshed once in a while for optimum functionality.
    Imagine after the long day’s school work, you get home and have no time to freshen up. You have a pile of assignments that needs to be on the lecturer’s desk early the next morning. All these can lead to a mental breakdown, depression, or other health complications.
  3. It Affects Child Development
    Many ask, is homework bad for kids? Yes, it is. Although there are many arguments on how it helps to sharpen or expound the kid’s mind, the fact remains that the bad effects of homework on kids are still inevitable.
    Children’s minds are not programmed to handle a lot of stuff in one day. Furthermore, their concentration capacity cannot exceed one hour. Therefore if you give them homework, you are only terrorizing their developing brains.
  4. Homework Makes Students Lazy
    High school and college students have a lot on their table during normal class hours. Apart from the coursework, they are also expected to participate in other co-curricular activities. Some college students may have to drop by a part-time workplace after class.
    Once they got home in the evening, they are tired and unable to do anything constructive with their homework. The implication of this is that such students will send their homework to an essay writing service or copy-paste answers from the internet. Laziness is inevitable at this point.

Excess Homework Affects Parent-Child Relationship

Any bond is strengthened by communication and regular checking up on each other. For parents and children, having time together at the family dinner table or watching a movie together cements this bond the more.

Nonetheless, the negative effects of too much homework do not spare this relationship. Students with too much homework will often spend time in the study room and even take supper from there alone. It thus affects their relationship with their parents and siblings as well.

The negative effects of homework on students and families are so many that we would need at least three blog posts to cover half the number. One may be thinking by now, ‘this is just a mere homework sadist who is lazy and doesn’t want to do it. That is why he is bitter with taking homework assignments.’

Before you rush to any conclusion, read the lines that follow.

Homework is Bad Statistics

Reputable research institutions have conducted studies on the effectiveness of homework. They have looked at questions like how homework is bad for students and come up with unrefuted findings.

A study conducted by Stanford Research shows that 56% of students considered homework a primary stress source. On the other hand, 43% attributed tests as a primary stressor, whereas 33% pointed out the pressure to get good grades as a source of stress.

When asked about the negative effects of homework, Donaldson-Pressman told CNN that doing homework at night does not only affect a student’s grades or GPA. It also takes a toll on their social skills, self-confidence, and quality of life in general.

The bottom line is that the negative effects of homework statistics raise the alarm over their efficiency. Despite the many guns pointed at homework critics by tutors and professors, it is evident that homework may not serve its rightful purpose.

Cases of students receiving about three times the amount of recommended homework have been reported. All these are violations of the standards set by the NEA and NPTA. Rather than homework supplementing learning and making it a fun activity, it is becoming a threat to learning by all means.

Are The Negative Effects of Homework Inevitable?

From the facts and statistics presented above, it is evident that these bad things about homework can only be avoided by doing one simple thing – ban homework in schools.

Why is this so?

The tutors have sidelined standards and regulations set by the relevant authorities. They have now resorted to doing what is most ‘useful’ according to them. If the trend continues, students will suffer greatly at the expense of their future careers and social relationships.

Final Words

From the discussion above, you can affirm that too much homework is bad for you. It will have negative effects on different facets of your life, all of which are essential for your growth and development.

Therefore, it is necessary to strike a balance and come up with measures to bring back the initial purpose of homework. If that cannot be done, then homework should cease to exist.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is Homework Bad?

Homework in itself is not bad at all. However, the misuse of this noble assignment by tutors is what waters it down.

Is Too Much Homework Bad?

Whether it is in kindergarten, high school, or college, too much homework is bad. Its devastating effects cannot go unnoticed.

Why is Homework Bad For Students?

The negative impacts of homework on students’ social, academic, and public lives make it bad for them. It does more harm than good.

What are the Negative Effects of Homework on Tutors?

Most students are not comfortable handling homework assignments, especially for technical subjects. They will give them out to someone to help them. The tutors will not be able to know the student’s understanding of the concept.

Is Homework Bad For You As a Whole?

Homework is not a demon or a scary giant as a whole. It has its benefits when used for its intended purpose. Nevertheless, students and instructors are the ones making it look bad and unacceptable.

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