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Is Homework Harmful or Helpful

is homework harmful or helpful

If you are a student your life cannot remain untouched by homework. All educational institutions have teachers assigning homework to students. It is the work that students must finish on their own, outside of their classrooms. Although a homework assignment is aimed at helping students gain better knowledge and understanding of the subject, it often ends up becoming a stressful task for them, leaving many to question – is homework harmful or helpful?

There is a lot of debate around this question and many countries have even had researchers conducting elaborate studies on ‘how is homework helpful or harmful’. Even though there are findings to suggest many harmful effects of homework it still can not be concluded with certainty if homework is harmful. But is homework helpful then? Well, that too is debatable.

Is Homework Harmful or Helpful: Statistics

Here are some research findings and statistics which are the outcome of some prominent studies and surveys conducted by experts over the decades to find out whether homework is helpful or harmful. Take a look and decide:

  • A study conducted by Chinese researchers in 2010, established a connection between disrupted sleep and the overload of homework. It was found that students getting excessive homework on a regular basis ended up having poor routines and unstable schedules.
  • In 2015 a Canadian study linked high levels of homework to growing stress and obesity in boys clearly indicating that too much homework can be harmful.
  • Recent research done by a Stanford University expert goes on to explain why is homework harmful. The researcher found that more than 56% of students felt that homework was a major cause of stress in their lives. These students were also facing sleep deprivation and a lack of social interactions due to excessive homework. In the same study, homework was found to be counterproductive when given in high volumes on a daily basis. This was resulting in an overall lack of balance in students.
  • The harmful effects of homework can be seen on the mental as well as physical health of students.

On the other hand, there are studies that have found data to support homework is helpful and has a positive impact on students in high school.

  • According to a study (1987-2003), Prof Harris Cooper from Duke University conducted across several US schools, homework had an overall beneficial effect on the students’ test scores. It also helped improve attitude, especially in students from higher grades. Although even this study points out the complexity of the situation here and stresses the amount of homework to be a major factor in deciding whether homework harmful or helpful
  • In yet another ‘is homework harmful or helpful research’ conducted by Prof Ulrich Trautwein and team in 2009 at the University of Tübingen it was found that while excessive homework may stress some students, it might also improve the performance of others making them efficient. Therefore, it is important to find out why is homework helpful for some and not for others.

Why Is Homework Helpful

When trying to find out why and how is homework helpful, here are some reasons to consider:

  • Homework helps to improve the student’s overall grades and also enhances the possibility that the student will attend college.
  • Homework helps the students to indirectly revise what was taught in the class and even understand the concept better through self-application.
  • It lends the teacher an insight into the academic prowess of the students, their capabilities, and also the areas where they might need help.
  • It is a great way for the teacher to assess the students on a regular basis without having to give them tests and quizzes which may prove to be more stressful for the students.
  • If managed well, homework inculcates good study habits in students and builds their problem-solving skills.
  • Parents who help their children with homework get a chance to be involved in their academic life and activities at school.
  • Homework presents a chance to delve deeper into certain concepts and improve overall understanding.
  • Through homework, students learn the vital skills of time management, prioritization, and organization, that maximize productivity on the whole. ,

Why Is Homework Harmful

If you are wondering why is homework harmful to students, here are some reasons to consider:

  • Teachers with the best of intentions can make homework harmful for students when they assign in bulk without realizing the effort the homework demands. Excessive homework gets counterproductive and leaves students panicky, sleepless, and stressed.
  • Homework leaves students with no time to spend with their families. Many students do not meet their friends outside of school.
  • Students often spend all night on homework, compromising their sleep which in turn negatively impacts their body.
  • Those who wonder why is homework harmful must understand that homework leaves no time for students to pursue creative hobbies or sports outside of school. This impacts their personality on the whole.
  • If overburdened with homework many students lose the desire to study further and may even quit after school.

Tips To Cope With Homework Without Harming You

You have read about why is homework harmful or helpful, the pros and cons of homework, and even some research inputs. Now here are some tips to cope up with the homework you get so that you gain the most out of it without harming yourself:

  • Start early with your assignments. If you truly want to make homework helpful in the long run, you must learn to get organized and manage your time well. The sooner you start your work the more time you will have at hand for other things.
  • Always work with a schedule. How is homework harmful if we work with timelines, stay focused, and endeavor to finish as planned? This way homework will only help maximize productivity.
  • Finish the most difficult tasks and portions first. Prioritize and manage for best results.
  • Take breaks if you find the homework lengthy or hard. It helps.
  • Create a system of rewarding yourself when you finish a difficult assignment. This will keep you encouraged.

There is a growing need for teachers to be sensitive to the amount of homework that a child can finish comfortably after school hours. This is vital for the mental and physical health and wellness of the child.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Do I waste time doing my homework?

Whether the time you spend on homework is useful or wasteful depends on how much homework you have, how the teacher responds to incomplete homework, and how much it is interfering with your healthy amount of leisure. While there are many harmful effects of homework when given in excess.

Is homework harmful to my health?

Too much homework can be harmful to your health. If your homework is depriving you of sleep, taking up all your free time, and preventing you from play and exercise, then it can be highly harmful to you in the short and long run.

Can homework be helpful for students?

There is not any definite yes-or-no answer to the question “Is homework harmful or helpful?” Although too much homework can be harmful, if given wisely, it can benefit the students’ academic performance and contribute to their future in higher studies.

Can homework be harmful to students?

Too much homework can be harmful to students and actually jeopardize their health and future. The harmful effects of homework include sleep deprivation, deterioration of physical and mental health, and reduced motivation for learning. It has even been linked to the rising trends in obesity and stress among students.

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