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Top Nursing Research Topics To Ace Your Grades

nursing research topics

Due to its technical nature, research topics in nursing can pose a challenge to many students. With all the intricate theoretical knowledge gained in class, it isn’t easy to develop a substantive nursing research paper topic. However, this post does away with all that anxiety and presents you with an opportunity to land on a possible nursing idea for your research paper.

Nursing students can choose from an array of nursing research paper topics provided in this piece. The available topics span different aspects such as primary healthcare, mental health nursing research topics, primary healthcare nursing research, midwifery nursing research topics, child nursing research topics, women’s health nursing research topics, and other healthcare nursing research topic ideas. Therefore, you can find researchable topics in nursing for your next research paper regardless of your department in nursing.

What Makes Incredible Nursing Research Topics?

The web is full of all manner of research topics for nursing students. You will find both amateur and professional issues online, which might confuse you more. But, what makes an impressive nursing topic that will prompt your professor not to think twice about giving you a First Class grade?

Many times, the best nursing topics for research are more than what meets the eye. It is crucial to select a topic that will be manageable for you while at the same time, adding value to your reader. You may ask, why not settle on any topic that comes first to mind? Well, if you want a top grade and a professor’s appreciation, you should think critically about the pre-writing stages and picking a research question itself.

Look at these simple steps to arriving at top-notch themes for nursing college students:

#Step 1: Begin with preliminary research

It is where you draw inspiration from various sources that are readily available to you. For instance, in this digital era, you can look at different health-related websites and blogs. If you do not have a specific research field, you can always consult the WHO website for fantastic writing ideas. The old, dusty-looking books in your library are also an excellent mine for such topics.

#Step 2: Narrow down to specific topics of interest to your field

Once you’ve completed your preliminary research, you will have a whole lot of topics to choose from. At times, some of the issues may not be relevant to the specific research area you intend to focus on. Therefore, you need to scrutinize your findings and select the most appropriate topics of interest to you and your reader.

#Step 3: Consult your supervisor 

Most students ignore this crucial step, which is handy in refining your topic to a world-class, academically related nursing idea. Your supervisor should first approve your issue before you embark on your research paper writing. I have heard of cases where students started on their own only to find out that their supervisors disapproved of their topics. You can imagine the agony of having to start all over, yet you had already spent sleepless nights proceeding with your paper.

Now, as easy as these steps may seem, they are costly to many. I call them stepping stones to top-tier grades or stumbling blocks to mediocre grades.

Therefore, it is wise to seek help when you feel you need one in developing your nursing research paper topics. Some topics such as primary healthcare, mental health, and health promotion research topics are nursing research topics that require in-depth research. If proper care is not taken, you may not answer the nursing research question expected in your research paper.

Here are the top ten characteristics of nursing research topics that should not escape your mind at any time:

  • A nursing topic should be derived from new and existing data, sources, or first-hand information.
  • It should be directed towards offering a solution to a specific health problem
  • A nursing topic is analytical – it involves carefully designing procedures and steps in collecting data and rigorous analysis in interpreting them.
  • A nursing idea for research shows the development of generalizations, theories, and principles useful in predicting future occurrences.
  • It should base on direct experience and accurate observation and description of your subject matter.
  • It follows a logical flow, which gives the researcher confidence in the results
  • It should be innovative and not one that merely repeats what’s already there
  • Perhaps it could be a particular health issue that motivated you to purse the particular nursing degree
  • Interesting nursing topics are those that touch on controversial medical problems such as the use of Marijuana as medicine
  • It should relate to what you learn in your course work

A winning title for a nursing proposal should be provoking and up to date. Do not be discouraged by the long hours of research and brainstorming. They are worth everything!

Are you ready for a list of top-rated nursing ideas for your research paper project? Below is a comprehensive plan that will excite you and steer your nursing career into a new world of opportunities:

Quantitative Nursing Research Topics

  1. A closer examination of records and archives management in hospitals
  2. Evaluating the effectiveness of home-based nursing care
  3. Analyzing the increased obesity rates among children who learn from home
  4. Practical home care tips that will help you prevent heart attacks and seizures
  5. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of male versus female nurses inwards
  6. Evaluating the specialized needs of mental nursing care
  7. Analyzing the effectiveness of therapy for patients who have undergone surgery
  8. What are the moral and ethical implications of assisted suicide in hospitals?
  9. Show how nurses can reduce the number of diet-related complications
  10. A closer look at the effects of using ventilators in assisted breathing

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Research Topics

  1. A cross-examination of the historical perspectives of EBP
  2. Practical guidelines to evidence-based practice in nursing
  3. Why is it difficult for developing nations to adopt EBP in nursing?
  4. How clinical librarians facilitate nurses’ evidence-based practice
  5. A systematic review of synthesizing quantitative evidence for EBP
  6. A case study of the competence of nurses and its clinical implications
  7. How to develop an evidence-based list of journals for the nursing profession
  8. New tools for practice in an evidence-based nursing
  9. Analyzing the evolution and development of EBP in nursing
  10. How prepared are nurses for EBP: A case study of Hopkins Hospital

Good Nursing Research Topics

  1. The role of administering treatment through injections vis-à-vis tablets
  2. The effects of excessive fats and calories on heart-related complications
  3. How practical is aerobic exercise training in treating chronic heart failure patients?
  4. Is the red yeast strain in rice harmful for human health?
  5. Ways in which motivational and inspiring speech can be a medical therapy
  6. Complications related to blood transfusions and how to manage them
  7. Why should children be provided with adequate Vitamin C?
  8. Does yoga help reduce health-related complications?
  9. How religious beliefs interfere with practical medical assistance
  10. Essential minerals for footballers and athletes

Pediatric Nursing Research Topics

  1. What are the developments in the treatment of Otitis Media in children?
  2. The role of massage in low birth weight infants and weight gain
  3. How to relieve constipation in children using natural means
  4. Effectiveness of using Lactobacillus in managing children abdominal pain
  5. How to prevent ACL injuries among young female athletes
  6. How prematurity affects language development in children
  7. The impact of missing routine children immunizations
  8. Is the use of Probiotics for the reduction of AAD in Children effective?
  9. What is the effect of using antibiotics in treating diarrhea among children?
  10. Recommended practices for children suffering from asthma

Interesting Nursing Research Topics 

  1. Who is to blame for the surging cases of abortion in private clinics?
  2. What roles do surgeons have in ensuring a successful surgery?
  3. The effectiveness of outsourced human resource in hospitals
  4. What are the standards of the nursing uniform code?
  5. Discuss the stereotypes and presumptions in the nursing career
  6. Principles and practices of effective management for healthcare experts
  7. Evaluate the tried and tested methods for enhancing relations in healthcare facilities
  8. What is the role of health insurance?
  9. Analyze the role of nursing colleges in producing competent nurses and doctors
  10. How to improve the quality of healthcare systems in developing countries

Current Nursing Research Topics

  1. How coronavirus has changed nursing practices and roles
  2. The impact of using robots in caring for patients with infectious diseases
  3. How can nurses identify and prevent contagious diseases in hospitals?
  4. How technology has revolutionized healthcare systems
  5. The relationship between electromagnetic radio waves and cancer
  6. Why home-based care might become the next frontier in healthcare management
  7. Challenges associated with developing vaccines for new infections
  8. Legal policies and frameworks that are obstacles to proper healthcare management
  9. Dealing with loneliness and anxiety while in quarantine and self-isolation
  10. How to motivate healthcare givers during pandemics

Qualitative Nursing Research Topics

  1. The world view of feminism and its impact on the nursing practice
  2. The role of Bayesian positivists concerning qualitative nursing research
  3. New approaches in developing and synthesizing evidence-based nursing
  4. A systematic review of the language barriers associated with nursing
  5. The role of translators and interpreters ineffective nursing communication
  6. The myth of induction in systematic nursing research
  7. An integrative review of the current nursing examinations
  8. Discuss the continued appraisal to promote nursing knowledge development
  9. A scholarly pursuit of the history of nursing and actions made
  10. Qualitative comparative analysis of the clinical placement

Critical Care Nursing Research Topics

  1. Rethinking the strategies and management for patients with acute diseases
  2. How telephonic consultation may be the new norm in critical care management
  3. Should nurses prescribe medication for essential patients of care?
  4. An evaluation of the conceptual model of critical care nursing
  5. How to reduce burnout among necessary care staff
  6. Why is exposure keratopathy developed in intensive care units?
  7. The role of alarm setting in acute patient care units
  8. Should critical caregivers receive stipends for the extra hours?
  9. Why lighting, color, and shape are crucial for critical care units
  10. Importance of open visitations to ICU patients

Hot Topics in Nursing Research

  1. Performing a respiratory assessment through palpitation
  2. Home care tips for stopping nasal bleeding
  3. How policy and politics interfere with healthcare systems
  4. How to use pain in assessing neurologic response
  5. Ways in which nurses can improve their professional etiquette
  6. How to determine what’s futile in particular medical circumstances
  7. Why using an electronic health record can save hospitals a great deal
  8. How to care for patients with burn injuries
  9. Dealing with sore throats using ginger and lemon
  10. Effective care for acute respiratory distress syndrome

Psychiatric Nursing Research Topics

  1. How to instill drug compliance among psychiatric patients
  2. Psychiatric care for sprint racing athletes in college
  3. Dealing with guilt and regret among psychiatric patients
  4. How failed suicides are a significant cause of disorder among victims
  5. Should nursing staff for women in distress be females only?
  6. How to deal with depression during chronic illnesses
  7. The role of mentoring in psychiatric care
  8. Effects of virtual operations on terminally ill patients
  9. Is the psychiatric nursing curriculum effective?
  10. Contemporary issues in community-based support systems

Neonatal Nursing Research Topics

  1. A focused ethnography of the mother’s role during painful neonatal procedures
  2. Effects of prematurity on neonatal abstinence syndrome
  3. Neurodevelopmental supportive care in preterm infants
  4. Impact of sound exposure in a single-room configured neonatal unit
  5. The impact of pre-feeding stimulation modalities
  6. The role of technology in neonatal support
  7. Myths and misconceptions on infant pain management
  8. Effects of abdominal massage on premature babies
  9. Social and maternal support for neonatal mothers
  10. Caring for neonatal patients in HDU

Emergency Nursing Research Topics

  1. The critical role played by emergency responders during the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Discuss the reliability and validity of emergency response units
  3. Using recognized triage systems in emergency decision-making structures
  4. How nurses can improve personal preparedness during terrorist attacks
  5. Practical measures of saving a drowning victim
  6. Quick responses to pepper spray exposure
  7. How to reduce violence in the emergency response units
  8. Ways of improving rural access to emergency care systems
  9. The role of developed protocols and plans in emergency response units
  10. Appreciating selfless acts of emergency responders in critical situations


Adult Nursing Research Topics

  • Challenges and benefits of vaccination in older adults
  • The effect of malnutrition in adults and the consequences in the body system
  • The diagnosis and the risk factors of urinary tract disorder in adults
  • Nursing care strategies and their implementation for gastrointestinal disorder in female adults
  • The diagnosis of dehydration disorder in adults: Prevention and the treatment inclusive
  • The effect of engagement in physical activity and sports on the health of an adult
  • The nursing care strategies for sensory impairment in adults
  • Changes in cognitive abilities and nervous systems in adults: Age factors and how to deal with it
  • Personalized diet for the older adult as a strategy for fighting osteoporosis
  • Nursing care options and treatments for substance use disorder in older patients


Health Nursing Research Topics

  • The influence of air pollution on the growth of Alzheimer’s diseases
  • The effect of social media on the mental health of teenagers and young adults
  • Deep brain stimulation and its effects on patients with depression
  • Adolescents with autism and the effect of music therapy
  • Simplest ways an adult can maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Cancer preventive behavior: Method for increasing screening rates and fostering the campaign.
  • Nursing care for improving the health of a diabetic patent
  • Strategies for an organization to enhance a healthy workplace lifestyle among workers.
  • Obesity and cancer: the connection and the control
  • The effect of UV variation on the skin and the increased rate of skin cancer.


Final Words

With such expert examples of nursing research topics, you can be sure of an A+. What are you waiting for now? Pick one idea and begin working on it already. You can also contact any of our experts for a writing service on any nursing research paper.



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