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How to Focus on Homework Despite All Distractions

how to focus on homework

It is not uncommon to find students struggling with concentration issues when it comes to doing their homework. Staying focused for the whole duration of the task is not easy and requires great will power. If you are looking for some tips to help you build your focus, this article is just for you. Read on to find some great strategies and action plans that will teach you how to focus on homework and beat the pressure.

How to Focus on Homework – Prepare Your Workspace

Having a preassigned workspace, well suited for your homework and study requirements is a must. This is what your workplace should be to build focus:

  • It should be a quiet place – if you find a corner in your home, that is great. But if you share your space with noisy siblings or roommates you could use the library, a café, or a corner in your garden.
  • Keep it clutter-free – anyone who has trouble focusing must avoid working in cluttered and disorganized spaces as they add to the mental mayhem. Make sure your work desk is clean and organized before you start.
  • Remain well-stocked – always keep a check on your stock of stationery, paper, and other important items. Re-stock in time.
  • Work in a well-lit space –If you work in a dimly lit room, you are likely to fall asleep or get distracted. If your room is near a window and has ample fresh air, it is even better.

Why Can’t I Focus on Homework? – Identifying the Reasons

It is important to identify the distractions to eliminate when learning how to focus on homework so that you can achieve maximum productivity.

Some common reasons that affect your focus are:

  • Friends – if you are sharing your space with roommates, friends, or siblings, there is bound to be distraction due to constant activity.
  • Messages – social media messages and updates break focus every second.
  • Background noise – constant background noise due to traffic, continuous music, or television makes it hard to remain focused on homework.
  • Inadequate light – Dark and dingy rooms, aid sleeping but make it difficult to focus.
  • Eating too much or too little – when your stomach is too full or is rumbling with hunger, focusing on work becomes problematic.
  • Uncomfortable clothes or workspace – uncomfortable clothes or a cramped space with a desk that is too high or a chair that creeks are certain distractions.
  • Distracted by entertainment – when you are constantly thinking of a game you want to play, a movie or a show to watch, or a party to attend, you will not be able to focus on the work at hand.

How to Focus on Homework – Tips That Work

Here are some great tips that have always helped students in school or college to focus on completing their homework. Take a look:

  • Write down all your work in a planner or on a notice board to create a plan of action.
  • Arrange your work in order of priority by making a list.
  • List out the grading scheme of the assignment so that all throughout you know the parts that need your attention the most and where you can relax a little.
  • Mark the deadline on a calendar and start working with the aim to leave ample scope for reworks in case of contingency.
  • Allocate time slots to each part of the homework. This will help you concentrate upon finishing the task within the allocated time budget.
  • If you are planning on studying at a stretch take five-minute breaks to freshen up, eat something and have a glass of water. This will keep your mind alert.
  • Make sure your table and chair are ergonomically placed to provide maximum comfort while working and you do not end up with a headache or backache.
  • To ensure maximum focus switch off the television, cell phone, and all alerts on your laptop or computer.
  • Avoid working in areas where too many people come and go.
  • Some people focus better when light instrumental music plays in the background. It helps them create a sound barrier against all other noises.
  • Tell family members or roommates or friends not to disturb you. Confirming your timelines always works better.

Strategies That Help When You Can’t Focus on Homework

Find out great strategies for when, how, and what to do when you can’t focus. They work brilliantly! Take a look:

  • Crossing off what is done. Start by making a list of what needs to be done. Then as you finish each portion, keep striking it off your list. You will find immense satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment to keep you going for the remainder of the list.
  • Working on the difficult parts first. When you start with your homework, your focus is maximum. This is the time to cover the lengthy and difficult bits. It will help to cover the easier bits later when concentration starts to waver.
  • Do not multitask. When you are trying to focus do not work simultaneously on different tasks. This is bound to create chaos and take your attention away from the most important things.
  • Strike off the causes. Take a piece of paper and jot down what is causing the lack of focus. Start with “I can’t focus on my homework because…”, and write down all possible reasons that come to mind. Then make an effort to find a solution to the ones within your control. As they are resolved strike them off your list. This is a great way to stay focused on working.
  • Reward Yourself. When you reach milestones, reward yourself with a short break, five minutes on the mobile, or a scoop of ice cream. Go for a movie when the whole work is done!

How to Stay Focused on Homework until It Finishes?

Often students find it easy to start the homework but lose focus midway or towards the end. Procrastination always delays work resulting in incomplete or no submissions at all.
If you are facing the same dilemma and are wondering how to focus better on homework, try taking the help of some elders around you. You can ask your parents to check in on you. Alternatively, setting milestones with the teacher also keeps one on track.
You can also take the help of a friend to either work with you or call you at a predetermined time to check your progress.
So how to stay clear of procrastinating? Well, fix a slot when you are certain you will be able to focus the most without distractions or feeling tired. This could be early morning or late at night.

Tools You Can Use to Focus on Homework

Here are some tools that are great to use when you are learning how to stay focused while doing homework.

  1. Timetable – make a time table and paste it on your notice board to always have a well-defined schedule for all activities during the day.
  2. Planner – you could use an online planner with reminders and alerts to help you stay on track and work with undivided attention.
  3. Alarm clock – When you fix milestones for your homework, team it with alarms that go off when your budgeted time is about to be over. Having the clock snooze will ensure you get ample reminders to finish the task at hand.

If you feel you have too many assignments to work on and are juggling a lot of activities in the class and at home feel free to get in touch with us for homework help and advice. Our expert teachers have helped many kids with their academic needs and will be happy to guide you as well.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How can you focus when doing homework?

You can focus on homework by breaking the entire work up into parts, arranging them by difficulty, assigning attainable time slots to each according to deadlines, and interjecting each part with a small break and maybe even small rewards for motivation.

How to get a kid to focus on homework?

If a kid is struggling with how to stay focused on homework, you can help by making them do the homework in a distraction-free zone with no background noise, no element of entertainment, and no people to disturb. You can also use positive reinforcement by rewarding them for completing their homework.

How can I calm myself in order to focus and do homework?

You can start with your most difficult assignments first so that they do not pile up later. You should also keep enough time in hand to complete the whole work. If you can’t focus on homework due to an overwhelming feeling of urgency, organize your work in a better way to meet deadlines.

Why is it so hard to focus on homework lately?

If you can’t focus on homework lately, it might be because of too many distractions, a lack of organization in your work, any discomfort of some kind, or overworking. Removing these causes should help you focus on homework better. You can also ask for help if you need it.

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