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Learn The Best Tips On How To End A Paragraph

how to end a paragraph

A paragraph can either be a write-up on a given topic or it can be a collection of sentences discussing an idea within an essay, an article, a thesis, a research paper, or an answer. Essential to writing good paragraphs in your essays is knowing how to end a paragraph. Well-ended paragraphs help readers understand the point you are making, enhance readability and present your ideas in an organized manner.

You must understand the need to write a good concluding sentence for every one of your write-ups. Regardless of the complexity of the topic sentence, the concluding sentence must be understandable and straightforward. It has a way of making your reader desire to read through the main idea if they haven’t done that initially. Therefore, you must pay attention to this article on how to construct the best concluding sentence.

If you want to learn some good ways to end a paragraph this article will be a helpful read to improve your writing skills. Take a look:

How to Know When to End a Paragraph?

There are several indications that help a writer decide it is time to end the paragraph and begin a new one. Here are some to remember:

  • End a paragraph to finish with the introductions or start the conclusion.
  • End paragraphs to create pauses
  • End the paragraph to introduce new ideas in the next one
  • Ending a paragraph to present contrasting or contradictory information

Ways to End a Paragraph

It is normal to get confused about writing a concluding sentence in an essay. Do writers often struggle with deciding which sentence would be the best addition to the end of the paragraph?

As a rule, remember the following two important elements of paragraph writing that help with impressive endings:

  • Signposts – These comprise sentences that outline the paragraph and convey the general direction in which it is going. Signposts especially highlight what will be covered in the subsequent paragraphs to follow.

E.g – Let us discuss the features of this approach followed by the proposed changes in the subsequent paragraphs.

  • Transitions – These are words, phrases, or sentences are used at the end of paragraphs allowing one part of the write-up to seamlessly flow into the next.

Transition Phrases to End a Paragraph

Some phrases work well to end a paragraph for an essay while others sound impressive in a thesis paper or a research paper. Here are some good examples:

  • How to end the first paragraph of an essay: The first paragraph of an essay is usually supposed to set the pace for the rest of the article. It must, therefore, create an introduction to what lies ahead.

A few good examples of phrases to end the first paragraph in an essay would be:

As a result of, Based on the above statement, going forward we will discuss, and so on.

  • How to end a thesis paragraph: Make sure it either introduces the sections to follow or re-emphasizes the subject in question to make a concluding point. Your ending can also indicate the findings which you will talk about subsequently.

For example:

Consequently, the thesis revolves around…; To illustrate the point in question we will see how…; equally important is the fact that…

  • How to end a paragraph in a research paper: Just as in the case of a thesis in your research paper also you are likely to discuss a single subject over several paragraphs.

Some ways to end research paper paragraphs are:

For instance, it was observed that…; hence it can be connected to the findings…, this forms the basis of the findings discussed ahead.

Words to End a Paragraph

There is a need to choose the right words in your last sentence. Words used should convince your reader to go on to the next paragraph. The essence of choosing the right word is to ensure your reader progress to the next paragraph. The wrong usage of words can discourage your reader from further reading.

If you are confused about the right choice of words for your concluding sentence, here are some good options to consider:

  • To show consequence – Consequently, accordingly, hence, therefore, thus, etc.
  • To conclude with examples – For instance, namely, for example, to illustrate, etc.
  • In agreement – Indeed, of course, truly, even though, etc.
  • To show order – Firstly, Secondly, Finally, etc.
  • To show similarly – Also, similarly, likewise, etc.
  • To show the transition of time – afterward, currently, meanwhile, simultaneously, etc.
  • To show transition connecting place – Above, below, adjacent to, etc.

How To End a Concluding Paragraph

Here are some tips on how to end a concluding paragraph of an essay, research, or thesis:

  • Summarize your paper in the concluding paragraph by mentioning the main points you want to convey.
  • Take a cue from your introductory paragraph and restate the purpose of writing the essay or article.
  • Cover the highlights of your write-up briefly in your concluding paragraph.
  • Your concluding paragraph must also state your final opinion, findings, deductions, or a take away thought for the reader before you end your essay.
  • Examples of phrases for the concluding paragraph include – Finally, to summarize, in the end, etc.

Having learned the importance of a good concluding sentence in your write-ups. You need to make sure you implement the same in your next research writing. You can compromise your main idea if you do not have a good topic sentence and concluding sentence. Your readers might also be discouraged from reading further if your concluding sentence is poor.

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What are the examples of phrases to end a paragraph which is a part of my research paper conclusion?

When concluding a research paper you must restate the research question and the findings. Therefore, suitable phrases, in this case, would be – In the final analysis of the research question, In the conclusion of the research findings, the final analysis conveyed, etc.

In which cases the end of a paragraph also becomes the beginning of another?

The end of a paragraph becomes the beginning of another in cases where two ideas linked to one another are expressed. It can also happen when you express contradicting views in two paragraphs or are writing a sequence of events one leading to another.

When should I end a paragraph to create a pause?

It is wise to end a paragraph to create a pause when your content is too long or very complex. This creates a reading break and enhances readability.

Can I present a single idea in multiple paragraphs?

Usually, this approach is not taken. It is best to deal with one idea in one paragraph. But, if the idea is lengthy and needs to be discussed at length you must divide it into smaller paragraphs touching different aspects in each paragraph.

Which are the three crucial aspects to remember about how to end your paragraph?

The three crucial aspects to remember while ending a paragraph are – seamless transition, ending an idea, and maintaining continuity.


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