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Impressive Economics Research Topics

Economics Research Topics

Are you planning to join a Business and Economics college or already in one? Now, the bulk of your assignment will entail writing research papers to demonstrate your comprehension of various aspects of economics. Case in point; if you want to be successful in economics, you have to get it right on every economics research paper.

To achieve this, you need smart research paper topics in economics to convince your mean professor that you deserve an A+.

Well, I know what you are thinking now. ‘Writing topics in economics is not actually my thing. So why bother myself with this post anyway?’ Well, my friend, you haven’t gotten the juicy part of the conversation yet!

This article will help you know how to source, write, and present economic research paper topics ideas painstakingly. You will not need any further assistance after reading this article. On top of that, our expert writers have collated an excellent economics research topics list just for you! Keep on reading.

To help you craft top-notch topics, we are going to start with a comprehensive guide. Later on in this post, we will list 130 top economics research paper topics that you can use today.

What is a Research Paper in Economics?

Before we delve into the list of the hottest researchable topics in economics, it is essential first to establish what this kind of paper is. An economics research paper is a common type of academic writing for economics students. It can be divided into two broad categories; microeconomics and macroeconomics.

These two aspects can be further split into subcategories such as neoclassical, econometrics, mercantilism, and Keynesian.

Such papers’ main goal is to help you develop the skills necessary for the economics profession. Your instructor will seek a clear understanding of crucial economics concepts, a penchant for details, and awe-inspiring writing skills.

Developing Great Economics Research Topics

Now that you know what an economics research project is, the next step, economics research paper topic outline. It will be your blueprint for crafting an excellent topic for an economics research paper.

  • Pick an interesting topic: Many students have the wrong impression of academic writing – it is all about technical aspects. However, your economics topic should first be of interest to you before you can dedicate your time to writing it.
  • Ensure that the topic has ample resources: Research papers are long and require you to have enough information on the subject. It is, therefore, necessary to pick on a topic that has a wide range of sources. Preferably, it should be one related to what you are covering in class.
  • Brainstorm concepts related to the topic: Once you have a broad topic, it is necessary to brainstorm all of the words or ideas you can that might be related to it. If your case is on behavioral economics, think of terms such as bounded rationality, irrational exuberance, and choice architecture.
  • Develop a research question: You can conduct some background research on your topic to develop research questions. It will help you determine what your case intends to accomplish at the end. It will also tell you if the subject is strong enough to withstand the pressures of criticism from your professor.
  • Determine your general approach to the topic: Brainstorm on available strategies that may guide you in further developing your case. They can be; historical, geographical, sociological, or political angle.
  • Conduct some exploratory, in-depth research: While you continue with more in-depth analysis, you can peruse through scholarly articles, books, or journals to help you know more about your topic. Finally, you will be able to modify or refine your case in a more manageable and professional way.

With these expert guidelines, nothing can stop you from drafting a professional economics topic that will make you the envy of the class. Your lecturer might even seek assistance from you! Who knows?

We are now going to list the top 130 hot topics in economics. You can pick one directly or tweak it a little to fit your preferred paper needs.

Breathtaking Economics Research Topics

  1. Barriers to trade between developing nations
  2. Benefits of comparative advantage in small scale trading enterprises
  3. How foreign currency markets affect selling and buying in different countries
  4. The devastating effects of smuggling on the economy
  5. How the coronavirus has led to economic recessions
  6. The effectiveness of horizontal communication in corporate organizations
  7. How online digital marketing is changing economic landscapes
  8. Effects of the US-Mexican wall on trade between the two countries
  9. The role of elections in economic decline
  10. Structure of media markets in the USA and UK: A comparative analysis

Economics Research Topics For Undergraduates

  1. The impact of government spending during wars on the economy
  2. The role of political behavior in strengthening or weakening markets
  3. The costs of government regulations on imports and exports
  4. An analysis of the market failure theory in Lebanon
  5. ‘If markets fail, governments fail harder’ discuss the implication of this statement
  6. How to make the best out of an imperfect market
  7. Why the government monopoly is a killer to economic progress
  8. Achieving safety and efficacy while maintaining economic profits
  9. Consequences of government policies on liberal markets
  10. Impacts of reserving the domestic market for domestic industry

Good Topics For Economic Research Papers

  1. A closer look at the post-COVID-19 economic progress
  2. Primary factors contributing to the collapse of oil and petroleum prices
  3. The effectiveness of economic stimulus packages in developing countries
  4. A more in-depth look at the rising online entrepreneurship opportunities
  5. Evaluating Economics colleges and their curriculum: Is it effective?
  6. Analyzing the leading causes of male dominance in the global market
  7. How effective are levies and custom charges at the points of entry?
  8. Addressing the rise of fake goods in combating unfair market competition
  9. What are the recommended methods for dealing with money launderers?
  10. Evaluating the current strategies in elevating the US economy

Sports Economics Research Topics

  1. How corruption in football games impacts the fan’s loyalty
  2. The impact of sport’s betting platforms on sports economics
  3. How funding affects the individual performance of players
  4. How does gambling affect how matches are officiated?
  5. The devastating economic consequences of hooliganism, bust-ups, and battles
  6. Why many footballers are insuring their body parts
  7. An evaluation of who makes money in sports: the players, broadcasters, or sponsors?
  8. How rising sports superstars are attracting marketers with a brand value
  9. How amateur fanatics has impacted statistical, econometric modeling
  10. The relationship between being successful in sports and success in business

Research Topics in Macroeconomics

  • How related is economic growth and unemployment in sub-Saharan Africa?
  • The effect of devaluation on small and medium businesses
  • The myth of cryptocurrencies: What is their impact on the global economy?
  • Stock Market and Cryptocurrencies: Are they mutually exclusive?
  • How Developing countries and Banks can develop a synergy?
  • The factors that guarantee economic growth
  • The best Macroeconomic models that explain the industry revolution
  • Recovering from the economic effects of the covid-19 pandemic; the best economic models
  • How Macroeconomic models can predict financial and economic crises?
  • Gross domestic product and how the government can double it
  • The Red zones of Recession: What economic drivers should know?
  • Occurrences, Mitigation Processes, and Economic crimes
  • How to limit national budget deficit and stretch financial surplus
  • The global economic impacts of the United States-China Trade war
  • Weighing the impacts of Deflation and Inflation: Which One should countries fear more?

Health Economics Research Topics

  1. Economic evaluation and assessment of health-related technology
  2. How the coronavirus has made the health sector an expensive business venture
  3. Analyzing the impact of per capita income on the healthcare cost
  4. Evaluate health care costs from birth to death
  5. The effect of coronavirus on economies: A comparison of China and the USA
  6. How non-traditional variables impact healthcare risk adjustment costs
  7. An analysis of the effectiveness of healthcare insurance plans
  8. Cost-effective means of communicating health awareness and sensitization messages
  9. A regression analysis of the coronavirus personal protective equipment
  10. How the sale of coronavirus vaccines is going to affect the economies of countries

Behavioral Economics Research Topics

  1. Ways in which retailers affect customer choices and options
  2. An analysis of how online marketing platforms use discounting
  3. Discuss the pricing and the decoy effect in luring customers to spend more
  4. The role of big data in influencing customer purchases and loyalty
  5. Evaluate how the behavioral economics theory applies to the UK market
  6. How does purchase behavior vary with geographical, sociological, and political inclinations?
  7. Use of incentives in attracting more customers and its effectiveness in women advertising
  8. A look at what motivates consumers to buy more and more
  9. The role of behavioral economics in alleviating drug and substance abuse
  10. How lifestyles determine purchase behaviors of urban and rural inhabitants

Environmental Economics Research Topics

  1. Analyze the benefits and costs of implementing ecological regulations
  2. How to develop an account for the value of nature’s services and products
  3. Evaluate environmental policy instruments and economical designs
  4. How to quantify and reduce uncertainty, climate, and disaster risks
  5. Identify and discuss the incentives in integrating land and water management
  6. How to adapt to climate change for water resource management
  7. Discuss the economic impacts of biological invasions on human land
  8. Demystifying myths and misconceptions in environmental biosecurity
  9. Why public awareness is essential for urban water conservation during droughts
  10. Cost-benefit analysis of valuing the ecosystem resilience

Managerial Economics Research Paper Topics

  1. Why managerial economics is essential in helping managers thrive in global environments
  2. How to effectively apply theoretical managerial economics in the real world
  3. Practices and challenges in the teaching of managerial economics in higher institutions
  4. How different managerial styles impact business productivity
  5. Why the board composition and structure is vital in keeping a company afloat
  6. How gender affects managerial decision making and economics
  7. The relevance of managerial accounting in Corporates and brands
  8. Implications of managerial economics in community environments
  9. Differences in administrative, economic models for developing and developed nations
  10. The role of the internet in shaping administrative decisions and policies

International Economics Research Topics

  1. Global imbalances in different countries – a case study of the US and UK
  2. The management of foreign exchange reserves in the US
  3. How financial globalization impacts the flow of money from the rich to the poor
  4. Creating an economic balance of trade between developing and developed countries
  5. Emerging market risks in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic
  6. Reforming the International Monetary Fund to achieve equality and sustainability
  7. The effects of globalization on monetary policy – A case of the World Bank
  8. The new cross-country evidence in globalization and inflation
  9. The challenges of global labor outsourcing: An analysis of the effects of racism
  10. How monetary union has evolved since the Maastricht Treaty

Labor Economics Research Topics

  1. Economic consequences of racial discrimination on the labor
  2. Key policy considerations for the reformation of public-defined benefit pension plans
  3. Why there still exists persistent wage gaps by race.
  4. Analyze why there is still a wage gap between the male and female laborers
  5. Welfare policies for single mother laborers
  6. How immigration causes a labor imbalance
  7. The impact of labor unions on workers and labor markets
  8. Why minimum ages are growing slowly
  9. How do skills impact the wage structure
  10. The effect of technology on the labor markets

Easy Economics Research Topics

  1. How workers’ strikes affect the economy at large
  2. The relationship between working hours and labor productivity
  3. Discuss the interplay between demography and economic growth
  4. How wealth influences the choice of a particular profession
  5. Which one guarantees you a job? Vocational training or higher institutions?
  6. Key challenges affecting the US economy
  7. How religion impacts a country’s economy
  8. The rise of China and India as giant world economies
  9. The role of China in reorganizing the world economy
  10. Economic puzzles affecting developing countries

Research Topics in Monetary Economics

  1. How national policy affects monetary regimes
  2. Understanding global currency exchange
  3. The effect of financial intermediaries on price fluctuations
  4. Post inflation recovery models
  5. Impact of monetary policies
  6. Lessons from past inflation periods
  7. Mortgages and monetary policies
  8. Monetary economics and globalization
  9. Central banks and economic policies
  10. Politics and monetary impact

Current Research Topics in Health Economics

  1. Vaccine nationalism
  2. Out-of-network hospital payments
  3. The cost of growing the healthcare workforce
  4. The role of a better diet in health and economics
  5. Health policy and economics
  6. Economic costs of social distancing measures
  7. Value of a malaria vaccine
  8. Alternative options for funding National Health Systems
  9. Generic drug policies
  10. Health and social care funding options

Final Words

The topics above are a guarantee for a winning economics paper. Pick one and try it out today!

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