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Bioethics Topics for Research Papers

Bioethics Topics

Bioethics is an interdisciplinary course that cuts across different courses of study. College and university students who study applied sciences and biology will have a lot to do with this topic. Bioethics can simply be defined as the application of moral, religious, and philosophical approaches in dealing with scientific quandaries. The study of science poses a lot of complex questions that require human judgment to answer such questions.

Bioethics, dealing with complex issues in sciences and medicines is a difficult course of study. Coming up with bioethics paper topics can equally be a tough task. Therefore, it is quite important to learn what makes a great bioethics topic.

You must ensure your bioethics topics are simple and interesting both to you and your readers. It must be relatable and just address current issues to be publishable. To ensure all of these considerations are met, we have drafted a comprehensive list of best bioethics topics. You can go through the sections below and find the best list of bioethical topics for you.

Bioethics Hot Topics

Bioethics will always have a trending topic to discuss. Making use of such topics makes your research paper relatable and publishable. Additionally, it helps you in getting enough ideas to write about in your paper. The following are considered to be hot topics in bioethics;

  1. Discussing the ABC of Biotic Ethics
  2. Discussing the invention of bioweapons and the risk attached to them.
  3. What are Biopolitics and what is all you need to know?
  4. Discussing the concept of Biological Warfare and its inherent dangers.
  5. Discussing the working system of an interdisciplinary medical team.
  6. Dealing with Prejudice as a health officer when addressing HIV/AIDS cases.
  7. Research paper on mandatory choice in bioethics.
  8. Defining the concept of Biorisk and all it entails.

Bioethics Debate Topics

Since Bioethics deals with the complex situation in sciences, the possibility of resulting in debates is high. Therefore, some topics in this course of study can be used for debate research papers. The following is the list of bioethics topics that can be used for debate writing;

  1. Debate on antinatalism and its negative judgments.
  2. Debates on the concept of biohappines.
  3. Debates on the creation of liberal eugenics or new eugenics.
  4. Your view on the creation of the new international bioethics committee.
  5. Essay on your reservation for the newly created International Society Of Stem Cell Research.
  6. The pros and cons of Islamic bioethics.
  7. Debates on means and effects in bioethics.
  8. Debating the concept of the double effect principle in bioethics.

Bioethics Controversial Topics

Bioethics is an interdisciplinary course. More so, it seeks to address complex issues and scientific dilemmas. As such, having a controversial topic is inevitable. Below are topics in bioethics that are controversial;

  1. Surrogacy: A good role in society or a curse?
  2. The disadvantages of stem cell tourism over its advantages.
  3. Discussing the reproduction technology ethics.
  4. Controversies surrounding the three Rs of animal testing.
  5. The contribution of Mildred Z. Solomon in bioethics and her undoings.
  6. Discussing the subject of plant rights in the United States.
  7. Doping in sport: human right or a violation?
  8. Playing God ideology and your stance.

Bioethics Essay Topics

Bioethics has a lot of areas you can discuss. Interestingly, you can come up with a good topic for essay writing. The topics are eligible for either argumentative or descriptive essays. The following are good bioethics essay topics;

  1. Principle of double effect and its importance.
  2. The importance of Biodiversity prospecting.
  3. Essay on the concept of assisted reproductive technology.
  4. Plants right and questions surrounding it.
  5. Cloning and its ethical challenges.
  6. Distinguishing between ordinary and extraordinary care.
  7. Essay on the British operation cauldron.
  8. Essay on the ideology of consistent ethics of life.

Bioethics Topics in Healthcare

Bioethics has so much inclination with medicine and healthcare. There are quite a number of topics you can use in your research paper. Meanwhile, you must be able to carry out extensive research while writing on such topics. The following are lists of bioethical topics as it relates to healthcare;

  1. Administering advance care for patients: Right planning and how to go about it.
  2. The difference between advance directives and advance care planning.
  3. How should a physician handle patients that refuse HIV/AIDS tests?
  4. Discussing the concept of fair distribution of health.
  5. Discuss the benefits and dangers of keeping the smallpox virus.
  6. Should a health practitioner provide treatment to a patient against the patient’s will?
  7. The concept of paternalism and health responsibility.
  8. How do healthcare practitioners handle mistakes in their profession?

Catholic Bioethics Topics

Bioethics also deals with religious approaches to certain scientific claims and injunctions. The Catholics most especially have huge participation in bioethics. Hence, you can choose a topic in this regard for your research paper. The following are bioethics topics listed in relation to Catholicism;

  1. The Catholic idea of medicine and religiosity.
  2. The Catholic belief negates certain medical practices.
  3. Catholic divine healing and the curiosity of health scientists.
  4. The Catholic disposition to bioethics.
  5. What is Catholic bioethics?
  6. Catholic spiritual history and its effectiveness in physician diagnosis.
  7. Hospital chaplains and their roles in healthcare.
  8. The Catholic answers to some scientific dilemmas.

Nursing Bioethics Topics

Bioethics research papers can also be written with respect to nursing. Since nursing is an aspect of healthcare, it does have a bioethics inclination. The following are topics concerning bioethics and nursing;

  1. The nursing perspective of genetically engineered babies.
  2. Analysis of the end of life care by a nurse.
  3. What should a nurse approach before engaging in advance care planning?
  4. When should a nurse start advance care planning?
  5. The roles and position of a nurse in a medical interdisciplinary team.
  6. Nursing and the fair distribution of health.
  7. What is the nursing perspective of abortion?
  8. General bioethics application is administering care to patients.

Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics

Bioethics in most cases features human judgment based on scientific research in medicine. As such, there is a lot of topics to write about in this aspect. As a medicine student, you might be required to write a research paper in medical bioethics at any time. Therefore, the following are good medical ethics research topics to consider;

  1. Discussion on the prescribing of protease inhibitors to HIV/AIDS patients who may not end the treatment regimen.
  2. How should a medical practitioner respond to a patient who is not following preventive measures?
  3. Mistakes in medicine: How should medical practitioners respond to their mistakes and their colleague’s mistakes?
  4. Interdisciplinary operation team: Hierarchy of officials and who should be in charge.
  5. Discussion on the emerging technology in medicine and what their contribution will be.
  6. Stem doping: What it is and the process involved?
  7. Bioethical regulations of medical science and their effects on medical practices.
  8. Research on the subject of Gene therapy vector.

Bioethical Topics for High School Students

High school students can also have a clue about bioethics. They can be requested to write a short essay on any bioethical-related topics. Students who seek to advance their studies in sciences must be aware of this. The following are bioethical topics for a high school essay paper;

  1. Discussing what veterinary bioethics is.
  2. What is the wisdom of repugnance and the ethics behind it?
  3. A critical analysis of utilitarian bioethics.
  4. Essay on wrongful life versus wrongful abortion.
  5. The history of bioethics.
  6. Discussing the rule and the rescue.
  7. Medical ethics behind organ transplantation.
  8. What is plant blindness?

Interesting Bioethics Topics

Bioethics topics can really be interesting. These types of topics feature interesting questions and ideas. Writing on such topics is quite easy because they are always appealing. Below are interesting bioethics topics to write about;

  1. Essay on animal rights and what is your view of it?
  2. What is plant right and is it legally achievable?
  3. Animal testing and associated ethical challenges.
  4. Biobank ethics: What is it and what are the advantages?
  5. Evaluating different claims got abortion doping.
  6. Herbalism: Concept definition and the plant in the category.
  7. What are Gene therapies?
  8. Evaluating the contribution of Ian Kennedy in bioethics.

Bioethics Topics for Thesis Writing

As an undergraduate student, writing a bioethics thesis paper is inevitable if you are in sciences or medicine. Topics for thesis writing can be quite complex. The reason for this is that thesis writing requires extensive research and careful analysis. The following are the best topics to consider for bioethics thesis writing;

  1. An in-depth study of post-genderism.
  2. Psychochemical warfare tactics: The advantage and the undoings.
  3. Analytical writing on Bioprinting.
  4. The ethics of uncertain sentences and their implications.
  5. Thesis paper on remote control animals and their system of operation.
  6. Feminism and bioethics: A careful analysis of the feminist movement and ethical challenges.
  7. Analysis of the concept of digital personae.
  8. Appeal to disgust and the ethical implications.

Epidemiology Bioethics Topics

There are applications of bioethics in epidemiology. There are ethical implications on the spread of diseases and viruses. Medical students may be required to write an epidemiology bioethics research paper. Hence, you may consider the following topics in your writing;

  1. Viral animal testing and the ethics behind it.
  2. Epidemiology versus bioethics discipline.
  3. The ethics behind the retention of the Ebola virus.
  4. Covid-19 virus and associated bioethics.
  5. Bioethics of testing the Covid-19 vaccine on humans.
  6. Best ways to handle viral infection.
  7. Bioethical research into the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Europe.
  8. Epidemiologists’ right to practice during a pandemic.


Bioethics covers a wide range of science and medicine. It also takes into consideration religious, societal, and philosophical responses to certain scientific practices. It is also possible to write on topics concerning bioethics and psychology.

To aid the easy writing of your research paper, you can find different topics across many aspects here. After choosing your bioethics topics, writing them will require in-depth research and studies. However, you can also order your bioethics paper writing from our expert writers.

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