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Top-Rated Argumentative Research Paper Topics (2022)

argumentative research paper topics

Finding topics for argumentative research papers is not that easy as most students think. The numerous topics for argumentative research papers on the internet have deceived many that this is a smooth path to tread.


Argumentative essay topics may not be easy to come by, but we have decided to make it easy for you. Here is a compilation of different essay topics for college, topics for middle school, and essay topics for high school including controversial argumentative essay topics.

What You Need To Know About Argumentative Research Paper Topics

It would be best if you are sure you are writing on the best argumentative essay topics. But what is a good topic for an argumentative research paper? It is one that:

  • First gives you as the author interest
  • Does not use too many pure facts
  • It is void of any emotional entanglements
  • It takes the audience into account
  • Has a narrow focus
  • Has reliable and convincing information
  • Is quite controversial

As many can attest, good argumentative research topics go beyond the wording and structure. They have to appeal to the reader’s interest as well as communicate a point. They should also be able to show your stance on a particular issue of contention in society. A good argumentative essay topic will eventually lead to an interesting argumentative essay paper.

The best topic for an argumentative research paper will enable you to provide the reader with solid proof of each viewpoint. Top argumentative research paper topic ideas should be those drawn from the environment you live in as a writer. Your choice of argumentative essay topic must be able to produce an excellent argumentative paper. You may need to seek the help of an expert to develop your chosen argumentative essay topics.

So, what are some good topics for an argumentative paper? Scroll down for a comprehensive list of argumentative essay topics:

Latest Argumentative Research Topics

  1. Are the coronavirus vaccines in the market effective in containing their spread?
  2. Should governments extend lockdowns because of the second and third waves?
  3. Is man solely responsible for the devastating global warming effects?
  4. Is radicalization in religion the cause of terrorism activities in the world?
  5. Are celebrities determining the fashion trends in the market?
  6. Should perpetrators of cyberbullying face life jail terms?
  7. Are ladies making it too difficult for men to propose?
  8. Is gambling the easiest route to being a millionaire?
  9. Should women football teams face their male counterparts?
  10. Did the media cause the ouster of Donald Trump in the USA?

Undisputed Research Argumentative Topics

  1. Does communism result in any positive effect?
  2. Is the current educational system in the US helping students?
  3. Are sports activities in colleges and universities necessary?
  4. Is it suitable for boys and girls to learn in the same environment?
  5. Should grades be allocated based on gender?
  6. Why should students with physical impairments learn separately?
  7. Is it possible to have a society living without smartphones?
  8. Does homeschooling make students more or less productive?
  9. Why do most postgraduate students prefer studying abroad than in their home countries?
  10. Should students wear a uniform to school?

Hot Argumentative Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. Can we make social media safe for teenagers?
  2. Is online currency trading a significant cause of the recession of most economies?
  3. Will robots replace human labor by 2030?
  4. Does social media make the world a small or large village?
  5. Should colleges spend more money on co-curricular activities?
  6. Why chess should be a core course in college
  7. Why we need to stop gathering in social places during the COVID times
  8. Why listening to social media leads to a distorted community
  9. Should college students engage in part-time jobs after school?
  10. Is artificial intelligence a threat to the survival of humanity?

Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Is it possible to arrive at gender equality in the workplace?
  2. Do culturally diverse classes broaden the understanding of students?
  3. Should people believe in dreams and visions?
  4. Is it true that chocolate can help ease depression?
  5. Does meditation help relieve the mind of stress and pain?
  6. Can high self-esteem lead to selfishness and egoism?
  7. Why should governments reduce levies and taxes on medical products?
  8. Should the world be concerned about the growing population?
  9. Is it okay to use humans and animals in medical experiments?
  10. Should healthcare givers have access to the private life of a patient?

Easy Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Should the government make betting illegal?
  2. Is it okay to deceive your parent into giving you pocket money?
  3. Should teachers suspend students involved in bullying?
  4. Is it ethical for a male nurse to attend to a female patient?
  5. Should students in college carry guns for their safety?
  6. Is it right for the media to tell people what to think about?
  7. Are college degrees a true mark of a person’s expertise?
  8. Should everyone proceed to college after high school?
  9. Are fast-food restaurants killing people silently?
  10. Why we should say no to homework during long holidays

Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Should families have memorials of their deceased?
  2. Why it is unethical to keep animals in a cage
  3. Should people dress their pets like humans?
  4. Why it is not advisable to wear glasses at a young age
  5. Should presidents pay rent and transport costs for themselves?
  6. Why governments should not tax low-income members of the society
  7. Is the pension scheme a waste of resources?
  8. Why plagiarism will persist with the technological advances
  9. Is the 5G technology the savior of the world?
  10. Should sports personalities advertise fashion brands?

Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Why do women have issues in the workplace?
  2. Should religious institutions have a say in political matters?
  3. Should the Pope advise on global issues?
  4. Why abortion should not be a matter of debate
  5. Why women cannot be influential presidents of countries
  6. Has the media exaggerated the coverage of the coronavirus pandemic?
  7. Can the world move without the internet?
  8. Are airplanes safer than motor vehicles?
  9. Do technological advancements pose a threat to casual labor?
  10. How the internet is killing many business start-ups

Controversial Topics For Argumentative Research Paper

  1. Is it right to use online writing services?
  2. Should ladies put on trousers and other male attire?
  3. Did Facebook contribute to the loss of Donald Trump?
  4. Is the death penalty obsolete?
  5. Can man stop the adverse effects of climate change?
  6. Should governments legal human cloning?
  7. Is marijuana a useful medical product?
  8. Is it right to conduct animal testing?
  9. Should juveniles face the same trials and treated as adults?
  10. Did Russia contribute to the win of Donald Trump in the 2016 US elections?

Most Popular Argumentative Research Topics

  1. Should there be privacy between children and parents?
  2. Should parents determine the qualities of their children?
  3. Is the US slowly losing its democratic culture?
  4. Should preventive immunization be optional?
  5. Should children carry their electronic gadgets to school?
  6. Why moving lunch to school should not be allowed
  7. Reasons why TV-series’ are affecting the mental well-being of many
  8. Why video games are causing restlessness among teens
  9. Do animal rights work in reality?
  10. Should schools expel students who cheat in exams?

Medical Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Why the coronavirus vaccine should be optional
  2. Is lifestyle the only cause of cancer?
  3. What is the connection between obesity and social media?
  4. Is it possible to achieve affordable healthcare?
  5. Should euthanasia be allowed for anything?
  6. Should the government prioritize healthcare funding?
  7. Why surrogate pregnancy is illegal
  8. Organ transplant is illegal
  9. Is TV affecting the effectiveness of healthcare campaigns?
  10. Why mental health should be a national emergency

Sport Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Why cheerleading is cannot be considered as a sport?
  • Essay on why student-athletes should be on either government or school payroll.
  • Why girls should be allowed to participate in the same sport as boys?
  • Essay on the legality or the illegality of sports bettings with reasons
  • The role of sport in influencing the use of drugs, use of tobacco, and smoking
  • Essay on the reason why women should not be allowed to participate in selected sports.
  • Essay on factors responsible for the unpopularity of American football compared to other European countries.
  • The influence of wrestling and boxing in propagating domestic violence among children.
  • The role media played in propagating female athletes as sexy is improper.
  • The impact of the growth of online games and sport on the world economy


Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Essay on the objectives of the feminist group compared to the minds of women and girls in the society
  • Reasons abortion should not be considered as a crime in a fast-growing country.
  • Essay on the pros and cons of communism and capitalism. American and China as a case study.
  • Can we consider same-sex marriage a human right or an illegal activity?
  • How corruption in government has resulted in a significant inflow of money in the economy.
  • Can hunting be considered an illegal termination of animal lives?
  • Why organization should discourage dating between staff within the organization?
  • Online dating and old school romance: which one has affected society negatively?
  • Is rejecting refugees and displaced people by a country a safety measure or a violation of humanity?
  • Who makes a better parent between the father and the mother?


History Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is it necessary to force the study of history on high school students?
  • The roles of history in influencing hatred and bitterness between the white and the black Americans.
  • Essay on the impact of European colonization on the Native Americans
  • Essay on the faults of Germany and Poland in instigating the holocaust.
  • Is the American government to be blamed for the occurrence of 9/11?
  • Do American women play any role in the revolutionary movement?
  • Essay comparing the American political administration of the 19th and the 20th century.
  • Should students in sciences and accounting study history lessons?
  • Essay on why universities and colleges must integrate history as a core course for students.
  • The negative impact of European colonization on Africa is more than its positive impacts.


Final Words

Good argumentative essay topic ideas for college students are a result of in-depth research. It is, therefore, necessary for students to consult a variety of sources for interesting argumentative research topics.

If you wish to find college argumentative research paper topics, you can check the various online sources together with your class reading materials for inspiration. From this post, you can single out a few research topics argumentative that you can use for your next assignment.

Argumentative essays can be a difficult essay to write, no doubt. Perhaps you find it difficult to write an argumentative essay or an argumentative paper. You can get in touch with any of our experts who are ready to be of help.

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