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Easy Political Science Research Topics

political science research topics

Political Science is one subject that is ever-changing and extremely dynamic. The political scenario of a country is globally interconnected and influenced by a host of factors like the behavior of people and their current thought process. For a student of political science, writing an academic paper can be highly challenging because of the vast scope of the subject.

For a political science student, writing an academic paper can be highly challenging because of the vast scope of the subject. Political science research topics are also difficult to explore due to their high inclination toward history. The political theory integrates many aspects of politics, requiring you to write on criminal law, human rights, civil war, right acts, and public administration.

If you are struggling with finding the right subject to write about, here is a list of political science research paper topics that you can choose from based on your interest and the most relevant subjects that will intrigue your readers.

How To Choose The Right Political Science Research Topic

Political science topics have to be carefully analyzed before making the right choice. You can choose comparative politics research, a simple research paper writing, a public administration topic, or a controversial or political conflicts topic. When you are choosing research topics to write in political science, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Never choose research paper topics that have a one-sided narrative: Make sure you choose political research topics that give you enough facts for clear comparison and proper context. Providing a comparison of various perspectives around the issues should be simple.
  • Read articles written by well-known political analysts: In case you are interested in a topic and want to do complete justice to it, it is highly advised that you read some articles about the same subject that is written by well-known political analysts. That way, you will get a clear idea about how to write on these subjects.
  • Make yourself familiar with various branches of political science: The good thing about political science is that you have several branches that you can choose from. This also changes your overall approach towards the subject. Once you have familiarized yourself with these subsections or branches, you will be able to find a lot more topics for political science research that will interest you. Your topic may also require you to write a comparative politics research or on a general public administration. Regardless, it would be easy as you already have an overview of different branches.

American Politics Topics

These are among the most popular political science research paper topics as America has always been amidst several controversial subjects. Besides that, they are a superpower that leads the world in terms of their political strength and prowess:

  1. What were the primary influences on the American constitution?
  2. Write about the importance of the Age of Enlightenment and Liberal Arts on American Politics
  3. The importance of Judeo-Christian Teachings
  4. What were the factors that led to the movement towards American Independence?
  5. What are your thoughts on The Bill of Rights and the New Government
  6. Trump Administration: How did he get to power?
  7. Is the constitution a document of compromises or an elite document? Comment.
  8. Write about the Supremacy of National Laws
  9. Barack Obama’s rise to popularity and the factors responsible for it.
  10. The federalist and anti-federalist debate and its effect on the American constitution.

Comparative Politics Topics

Comparative Politics aims to answer several important questions like the importance of political institutions on the economic growth of a nation and how they affect the welfare of people. Here is a list of politics research topics to write for undergraduate and other academic research paper writing:

  1. Political dissent and the impact of social media
  2. The transformative potential of civil society in a developing country
  3. Comparative study of different models of democracy
  4. The Soviet Union and its ideologies
  5. The concept of Populism in the European Union
  6. The difference between national and regional governance
  7. The limits on government authority and individual liberty
  8. Destabilization of states and ethnic conflicts and how it can result in political conflicts.
  9. The politics of implementing an international treaty.
  10. Affirmative action and its legal and political antecedents.

International Relations Topics

When you are looking for research topics for political science, international relations is one subject that you will definitely come across. It is responsible for war and peace and also the movement of various commodities. So, it offers good scope with political topics to write on such as:

  1. Neo globalization and International Cooperation
  2. The Anti-Globalization movement
  3. How foreign countries negotiate for hostages
  4. International trade and the impact of UMSCA
  5. How China-Hong Kong-Taiwan relations impact the global economy
  6. The conflict between US-China and US-Soviet relations
  7. The major drawbacks of the nuclear disarmament efforts by the UN
  8. Comparison between the foreign aid policies of China and Japan
  9. International relations theory and Feminist approach
  10. How the US leaving the Paris Climate Change Treaty impacted the globe
  11. The effect of Brexit in Europe and the UK.

Political Economy Topics

Beyond public administration, there are several fundamental ideas and theories that govern the political economy. Here is a list of political science research topics to write on in this subject:

  1. The effect of media bias on economics and politics
  2. Social media and political economy
  3. The importance of immigration in the political economy
  4. Organized crime and its political economy
  5. The primary political conflicts in a country’s economy
  6. Important theories of political economy
  7. How the political economy is impacted by war
  8. The importance of trade in political economy
  9. A detailed economic analysis of voting decisions.
  10. The impact of political motivation on public policy and political economy.

Political Philosophy Topics

Political philosophy has changed over the years based on the changing behavior of the people, global relations, and a variety of factors. Here are some political science topics for research purposes that explore various political philosophies:

  1. The Renaissance and its importance in changing political philosophy
  2. Niccolo Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ and the influence on Western thought.
  3. The origins of inequality
  4. How Jean Jacques Rousseau influenced the French Revolution
  5. The movement of science and reason in the 18th Century across Europe.
  6. Plato’s theories and definition of Justice
  7. A detailed review of The Republic by Plato
  8. The expansion of political philosophy during the Enlightenment
  9. The influence of Thomas Hobbes on political thinking and philosophy

Political Behaviour And Identity Topics

Since this subject deals with mass political behavior and identity, it offers easy political science research topics. You can also explore the role of individual beliefs on political attitudes and preferences. However, it would help if you are mindful that your paper writing for Ph.D. is plagiarism-free. Here are some great topics for Ph.D. and undergrad students:

  1. Why are the Democrats and Republicans so different in their thought process?
  2. How Obama’s victory in 2008 is an example of Symbolic Politics
  3. Why do people get involved in Civil Acts
  4. Political Judgement and Affective Intelligence
  5. The origins and nature of mass opinion
  6. Why do people object to welfare efforts by the government?
  7. How mediated politics is an example of failing communication in the future of democracy.
  8. The difference between Blue Media and Red Media
  9. Social psychology and the influence on political philosophy
  10. Explain the law of group polarization
  11. What is the strategy or logic behind Suicide Terrorism?

Political Institutions Topics

Institutional change is pivotal to politics and it is normally impacted by several social movements, protests, revolts, and more. Here are some of the best politics research topics that are related to political institutions and can be used for political research papers:

  1. New institutionalism and the various intellectual streams
  2. Why do political leaders adhere to political institutions?
  3. What do you understand by normative institutionalism
  4. The development of historical institutionalism.
  5. How do social movements and revolts affect political institutions?
  6. Take any political party of your choice and write a detailed account of how they adhere to party discipline.
  7. How the political career of members of the US Congress is impacted by the party leaders.
  8. How political interests and ideologies are affected by political institutions
  9. The impact of rational choice institutionalism in maintaining stability in a political system.
  10. Privatization and public management reforms.

Political Methodology Topics

In politics, blind obedience is not an option. People should be aware of different political processes that allow the government to function correctly. Here are some important political methodology topics that explore the different methods of political operations and how they affect a nation:

  1. How Affirmative Action initiatives impact a nation
  2. The primary factors that contribute to white supremacy
  3. The implications of party identification
  4. The Equal Rights Amendment and its impact on society
  5. Why is a civil society significant in a post-conflict setting
  6. What were some damaging effects of the US immigration policies?
  7. How does the debt crisis affect the development of countries that are already under huge debts?
  8. What are the primary factors that cause voter suppression in the US or any other nation?
  9. Should criminals be pardoned? What are your thoughts on this subject?
  10. How do voter attitudes change with political socialization?

Political Theory Topics

Political theories are pivotal in explaining various political concepts that have developed over the years. Here is a list of such theories that also make for great research topics for political science:

  1. Aristotle and his political theory on governance
  2. The Jane Austin theory
  3. Edmund Burke and some classic theories
  4. How was the history of politics created?
  5. What is populism and how does it work?
  6. Write a detailed paper on Jean Bodin’s work on Sovereignty
  7. The key historical figures of Anarchism.
  8. Similarities and differences between Totalitarian Regimes
  9. Analyze the communist approach of Vladimir Lenin
  10. The pros and cons of Constructivism
  11. Explain the Rational Choice Theory with examples
  12. How have political theories changed over the last 10 decades
  13. Primary political theories that govern modern politics
  14. Write a detailed review of the pros and cons of any political theory of your choice.

Interesting Political Science Research Topics

Here is a list of some political science research questions that allow great qualitative reports and papers. These topics are of interest to most readers and also result in interesting conversations and debates.

  1. Do 21st Century disputes rely on diplomacy or war?
  2. Does revolution lead to the greater good?
  3. Are nuclear weapons a precautionary measure or a necessity?
  4. Can corruption be completely eliminated?
  5. What are the possibilities of having a Third World War?
  6. What should the political stand on Same-Sex marriages be?
  7. Is it better to have a Parliamentary or Presidential government?
  8. Is war the outcome of failed international relations or a rational political decision?
  9. Is citizen’s privacy more important than national security?
  10. Should political leaders be compassionate or more authoritarian?

Current Research Topics in Political Science

There are always some trending political topics that you can explore in the field of political science and use for your research papers. Here is a list of some interesting political science research questions that are current and relevant:

  1. The rising tension between Iran and the United States
  2. How the Oil Markets were impacted by Qasem Soleimani’s death
  3. A review of Donald Trump’s impeachment
  4. The economic pressures caused by the bushfires in Australia
  5. How India’s Citizenship law increased right-wing ideology
  6. The increasing terrorist violence in Sahel, West Africa
  7. The mounting tensions between Israel and Palestine
  8. How consumerism is changing in Asia
  9. The best political decisions made amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  10. How politics interfere with better management of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Pick any country and explain your thoughts.

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