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100+ Music Research Topics

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Are you thinking about focusing your research on music? Music is an incredible subject with so many nuances and research project opportunities. Therefore, it is an excellent subject for your research paper provided you do it right.

Unfortunately, choosing the right topic on music for your research paper is at times difficult. A good topic can make the difference between an excellent grade and a poor grade. So, it would be wise for you to pay attention when choosing the best topic for your project. 

While the internet is packed with music research topic samples, most of them are plain, boring, and plagiarized. You need more than a plain topic to get a good grade. You require a well-thought-out topic that can capture your readers attention and give some insight of your research and what readers can expect. For this reason, we have prepared the following incredible music topics for your consideration for free. 

The Best Current Musical Topics

There are many current issues in the music industry that you can tackle in your research project. Choosing current research topics on music would be wise because they will grab attention and give a great first impression. Here are some current music research topics to consider:

  1. How is renaissance music making a comeback in the 21st century?
  2. Should the music industry pay its songwriters more?
  3. Musical masters: what is it, and why are singers fighting to own theirs?
  4. Has pop music overtaken rap in the 21st century?
  5. What is the state of the rap music industry in 2023?
  6. Historical rivalries in the music industry and their impact on modern music
  7. How are musicians making music from streaming services?
  8. Illegal music pirating: is this still an issue in the music industry?
  9. The role of social media platforms like Tick Tock in promoting music
  10. Music labels: what do they do for musicians and how do they make money?
  11. How do music talent shows help musicians’ careers?
  12. Musicians and music label contract issues
  13. What is the difference between classical and modern music?
  14. The evolution of music in the modern age
  15. The negative impacts of music on teenagers 

Top Controversial Music Topics

Music and controversies go together, as good as peanut butter and jelly. Artists understand that there is no better way to grab attention than using controversy. So, here are some controversial research topics about music that you may want to consider for your research paper:

  1. Political influences in the modern music sector?
  2. Women in the rap music sector: controversies
  3. Pop vs rap music: an analytical comparison
  4. Are trap artists considered hop stars?
  5. The implications of violent language in modern music
  6. How can music schools apply e-learning to music education?
  7. Talent Vs Popularity: an analysis of the music industry
  8. Zoom music lessons: are they a scam?
  9. Modern music studies: why are they important?
  10. How the Covid-19 pandemic affected the music sector?
  11. How do musicians make money in the modern music sector?
  12. Should artists be forced to disclose that they use ghost writers?
  13. Does using ghost writers make you less of an artist?
  14. The history of hip hop music and why it is relevant today
  15. Is rock music dying in the United States?

Top Music Informative Speech Topics

Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the globe. Unfortunately, people know very little about music besides the records they listen to and the writers and singers they love. So, an informative speech topic about music would be a great way to share information on this subject. Find a great sample from the following list of research paper topics on music below:

  1. Reggae music: the beauty that it is
  2. The role of music in improving mental health
  3. The history of the rock genre and its value
  4. House music: an expensive history
  5. The evolution of music in the past few years
  6. French horns: the history and its evolution
  7. Different ways we listen to music
  8. The best of Haitian music
  9. The basics for setting up a concert
  10. The kazoo: what it is and how to play it
  11. Music therapy: how effective is it?
  12. Top musical events happening in our era
  13. Music as a way of living: an analysis
  14. The songwriting process: an analysis

Creative Pop Music Topics

Pop is one of the most popular musical genres in the world, and it is nearly impossible to go a few hours without hearing pop music on the radio. So, a research paper on pop music would be a great subject. Here are some creative music research paper topics for you to consider:

  1. How did the pop music genre come into existence
  2. Is pop music taking over the music sector?
  3. The incredible rise of K-pop music and bands
  4. How can listening to pop help with your mental health?
  5. The biggest names in the pop music industry
  6. Pop music: what is it about and how is it different?
  7. What separates pop music in the United States and other countries?
  8. The most popular pop bands in history
  9. The history of pop music 
  10. The evolution of pop music in the past decade
  11. How to tell apart pop music from trap music
  12. How has pop music influenced the world’s cultural events?
  13. How has culture contributed to pop music inception?
  14. How does the human brain respond to pop music?
  15. How has social media influenced the popularity of pop music?

Trending Music Industry Research Topics

The music industry is vast, and there are so many nuances to it that many people do not understand. It is also one of the most exciting sectors, and there are so many things you can research in this area. Also, the music industry is so vast and controversial. Hence, finding a trending and attention-grabbing research topic on this subject should not be as hard. Below are some great music topics to write about regarding the industry:

  1. How has the internet era changed the music industry?
  2. Ways to promote your music in the local sector
  3. The music production industry: important processes
  4. How does the music industry in the US compare to that of the UK?
  5. The music industry and how it treats its artists
  6. The evolution of the global music industry 
  7. The connection between the music industry and other media industries
  8. Cultural characteristics prevalent in the modern music industry
  9. Challenges that the music industry encounters in the modern era
  10. The advancements in the modern music industry
  11. Cultural propagation in the music industry?
  12. Does the music industry promote violence in society?
  13. The hardships that minorities encounter in the current music industry
  14. The role of women in the behind the scenes of the music industry
  15. How does the music industry make money?

Excellent World Music Paper Topics

Most people do not recognize how vast the music world is beyond geographical borders. From different genres to various musical languages and instruments, there are many areas you can cover in your research paper. Here are some great topics about music to write about:

  1. The beauty that is Haitian music
  2. How music helps promote different global cultures
  3. How different music genres in the world connect
  4. The role of music in the development of global civilization
  5. Brazilian music: the prohibited tunes and how artists are taking back their freedom
  6. The inception of Jamaican music into the UK music sector
  7. Nigerian music: how artists have broken down barriers and made it to global charts
  8. Billboard charts: how relevant are they beyond the American borders?
  9. Music and spirituality: a global phenomenon
  10. Music censorship: various nations’ approach on the issue
  11. The global influence of American music
  12. Modern interpretations of historically significant global music
  13. The role of music in bringing global nations together
  14. What do music genres from all over the globe have in common?
  15. The global music industry: How artists make it internationally

Argumentative Music Education Research Topics

Music education is an exciting subject with so many opportunities. Therefore, educational music would be a great place to start if you are thinking about musical topics for research paper. Let us look at some argumentative musical topics:

  1. Does music play a significant role in advertising?
  2. Rap music has brought significant change to the American culture
  3. Indie: this term should not apply in the music industry
  4. Listening to music can impact your mental health positively or negatively
  5. Musical freedom: artists should be allowed to express themselves in their music as they wish
  6. Kids should not be given the freedom to listen to whatever music they want
  7. Music censorship should be a standard practice all over the globe
  8. Metal and rock music are a dying musical genre
  9. The fashion industry attributes its current success to music
  10. Music and fashion go hand in hand
  11. The advertising sector depends significantly on the music sector
  12. The incredible evolution of music in the Medieval age
  13. People who listen to classical music have a lot of personality traits in common
  14. The music industry is heavily influenced by politics and politicians
  15. The music industry cannot breed billionaires independently

Leading Music Appreciation Essay Topics

When writing a research paper about music, you do not have to focus on educative or argumentative topics. You can choose to show musical appreciation in your paper by picking a music appreciation essay topic. Below are some research paper topics about music worth consideration:

  1. The most influential figures in the music industry over the past two decades
  2. The relationship between music and dance
  3. Music has played a significant role in the civil rights movement
  4. Music as the greatest tools for expression
  5. The African American society and music: how music has changed the world’s view of black people
  6. Music and health: an analysis of the correlation
  7. The music industry is the greatest influencer of the fashion sector
  8. The most lucrative careers for musicians
  9. Musicians play a vital role in global politics
  10. Drawing the connections between the latest music releases from leading artists and contemporary music
  11. Dance music is having a comeback in 2023
  12. Music is a tool for advancing political agendas
  13. Music and clothing: the influences of music in the fashion sector
  14. Music as a form of rehabilitation for inmates
  15. Streaming services have changed the way the music industry operates

Incredible Music Psychology Research Topics

Did you know that music is an element of psychology? You will be surprised by the number of people that do not know this fact. Therefore, why not pick a topic about music psychology to educate yourself and your readers? Here are some great music topics for research for you to consider:

  1. Music and healthy rehabilitation: how does it work?
  2. How does music shape the minds of young adults?
  3. How music affects brain development in kids
  4. Music psychology: the impact of music to your brain
  5. Music as a form of therapy for depression
  6. How music can help people with mental illnesses find their strength
  7. Music as a form of rehabilitation for disturbed individuals
  8. How the psychological society benefits from music
  9. Music and meditation: the correlation
  10. How music has impacted the way people think
  11. Can music change a person’s outlook on life?
  12. Creating music that can impact people’s psychology
  13. The role of music in shaping the society’s views
  14. The implications of listening to music with violent messages
  15. Music creation as a form of therapy

Creative And Trending Film Music Research Topics

Film music is a subject that incorporates dialogue and images with music. So, it is all about bringing the mood and tone of a movie into music. Here are some research topics on music and film to consider for your project:

  1. The correlation between the music and film industry
  2. How are award shows promoting the link between music and film
  3. Film music: an analysis of the concept
  4. The music industry’s role in film making
  5. The application of music in modern film-making
  6. The art of storytelling using music and film
  7. The progress of music in films: an analysis
  8. The power of recorded sounds and its applications in film-production
  9. The effects of music on film perceptions
  10. Musicals: the best example of combining music and film
  11. Picture versus sound: an analysis of film music
  12. The process behind picking the best soundtrack and music for a film
  13. The mental effects of music in films
  14. How does music make films better
  15. Can the film industry thrive without the music sector?


The topic examples above are a great start for your music research project. However, getting excellent grades in your research paper takes more than a good topic. You need a quality paper that is well-researched, organized and features quality content. 

So, we will do more than help you find a great topic. We will help you prepare a quality music paper and deliver it on time. Contact us whenever you need help preparing a research paper on music. Our qualified team of writers will help you with all your research paper writing needs. 

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