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Unique Globalization Research Topics

check Globalization Research Topics

A globalization research paper is an interesting task requiring you to learn about many different areas. Globalization is the term used to refer to the interaction between trade and technology and how they interconnect the world. It cuts across various sectors, and writing a research paper in this area requires you first acquaint yourself with a particular study area.

Acquainting yourself within this area informs more of your understanding of the context to drive your globalization research topics.

Today, globalization has cut through several areas, and all of these areas bring exciting perspectives to understanding globalization. Your globalization research topics should address critical areas globalization has impacted. That impact should inform your research writing and enable you to present a well-thought-out paper.

Choosing a perspective enables you to draft a good globalization research topic. Here’s where most students start experiencing difficulties while writing their research. They find it challenging to come up with a topic. However, this article outlines ways to select your globalization research topics and some ideas on globalization.

How to Pick Globalization Research Topic for Your College Research Paper

When choosing research topics for globalization, certain things have to be considered. While the research paper usually takes the regular research writing format, there are necessary things that should be included while writing. Knowing these necessary things informs your topic selection process. However, students struggle with identifying these things, and as such, they end up making wrong topic choices.

If you are writing on globalization, here is how to choose topics on globalization.

  • Understand what writing about globalization entails. We often jump into selecting a topic without knowing what writing about the subject area entails. A globalization research paper requires that you draw a parallel between a phenomenon and how globalization impacts it.
  • Choose a topic perspective. Every piece of written work has a perspective, and so does globalization. Some perspective areas in globalization include; politics, ecology, economy, business, politics, and many more.
  • Choose topics you are interested in. It’s important to center your research around something you are interested in. Choosing a topic should not be because of how serious they sound, but due to interest. Why? Your interest in a topic is what informs your writing process.
  • Select more than one topic. Before settling on a particular topic, select several globalization topics. Two to three is good; study before narrowing down your preferred choice.
  • Choose globalization research topics with enough depth. Knowing that writing about globalization requires drawing a lot of analysis. So, ensure that your chosen topic has enough information to be dissected. It’s essential because this is what enriches your paper.
  • Discuss chosen topics with superiors. As a student writing a research paper, please do not fall for the trap of doing it alone. Always reach out for help, especially at the beginning—the topic selection stage. Reach out to your supervisor, professor, or study group to discuss ideas about your chosen topic. Often, reaching out helps us gain more information about approaching our research that we would have otherwise not known.

There are several tips that aid topic selection. However, these are some essential non-negotiable guides to help you while choosing your globalization research topic. 

Easy to Write Globalization Essay Topics for All Students

While choosing a research topic on globalization, note that there are easy and advanced topics. If you cannot tackle the requirements of an advanced topic, stick to the easy ones. Here is an easy globalization topics list to write on.

  1. How globalization and technology work hand-in-hand
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of globalization in a country
  3. How to address the extreme effects of globalization
  4. The advantages of less globalization in North Korea
  5. How globalization impacts African countries
  6. Is globalization detrimental to Africa?
  7. The politics of globalization in the United States of America
  8. How leadership operates under the influence of globalization
  9. How globalization impacts the entertainment industry
  10. How globalization threatens the cultural components of various countries
  11. How does globalization promote international trade and growth?
  12. The influence of globalization on the economic growth of countries
  13. A study of the economic, political, and social performances of countries before globalization
  14. A study of the rise of globalization and how it has impacted world economies
  15. A look into the benefits and apparent shortcomings of globalization in the 21st century

Interesting Globalization Research Paper Topics for College Students

Every angle of globalization has its area of interest which draws attention. Here are some interesting topics of globalization to consider.

  1. A critical study of the future dimensions of globalization
  2. A study of the primary commercial aims of world globalization
  3. How globalization develops a considerable impact on the development of the healthcare sector
  4. A study on how globalization impacts how treatments are administered in the healthcare system
  5. How globalization has increased the poverty level in underdeveloped countries
  6. A study of globalization and its impact during World war I and World war II
  7. A comparative study of the current global economy and that of the 20th century
  8. How globalization impacts inflation and increases unemployment rates
  9. A study of the current impact of globalization on the education sector
  10. A study of globalization and the expansion of the free market
  11. A study of how globalization influences cultural practices 
  12. How does globalization impact the political behavior within a given country
  13. The dangers of humanizing globalization 
  14. How globalization gives rise to cultural conflicts within a given country
  15. A critical study of how globalization has improved inclusiveness and the unification of various countries’ economy

Globalization Presentation Topics for School Presentations

Some topics do better as presentation topics than intensive research writing. If you are preparing for a presentation, here are some research topics that will fit within this area.

  1. A presentation on how the free internet has impacted globalization
  2. A look into the socio-political impact of globalization in the banking sector
  3. How does globalization impact religious practices?
  4. A look at how globalization impacts company business strategies
  5. An overview of how globalization affects a country’s international relationship
  6. A look at how globalization impacts Taiwan and China’s relationship
  7. A critical study of globalization and imperialism
  8. How globalization influences the labor market of Western countries
  9. A comparative study of globalization in the 21st century and gentrification
  10. How internet censorship impacts the growth of globalization

Japan Globalization Topics for Research Papers

Like every other world country, Japan has its interaction with globalization. For topics in this area, below are some helpful globalization topics about Japan.

  1. A study of how globalization in the Japanese economy
  2. A study of the Japanese government response to globalization
  3. A critical study of aspects of globalization in the modern day Japan
  4. How does globalization pose challenges within Japanese society?
  5. A look at Japan’s economic impact on globalization
  6. How globalization poses challenges for Japanese multinationals
  7. How the Japanese government adapts to the 21st-century globalization
  8. A study of the early days of globalization in Japan
  9. A study of the digitization of Japan and its economic rebounds
  10. A comparative study of globalization and Japan

Narrowed Down Globalization Topics for College Research Paper

Broad research topics affect the flow and angle of your research. It often leads to writing confusion. It’s best to narrow your topic ideas down. Narrowing your topics down is essential for an effective research paper. Here are some topics to select.

  1. How contemporary globalization has influenced child labor in underdeveloped countries
  2. A study of economic globalization and imperialism in Africa
  3. What is the essence of globalization to the world economy?
  4. How globalization benefits the United States of America
  5. Role of globalization in immigration control
  6. The positive and negative effects of contemporary globalization
  7. How globalization impacts sustainable agriculture
  8. A study of globalization and worker’s social interest
  9. How globalization breeds cultural hybridization
  10. Globalization and the business world

Globalization and Economic Topics for College Students

If you are looking for topics in this area, here are some topics that pertain to globalization and the economy.

  1. How globalization impacts trade and employment
  2. A study of the eCommerce industry and globalization
  3. Influence of globalization on the Western economy
  4. How globalization has affected the economic situation in Africa
  5. Globalization effects on the economy of developing countries
  6. How economies compete in a new era of globalization
  7. Globalization and its impact on economic exclusion in the Middle East
  8. How globalization operates within big business corporations
  9. Challenges of globalization in the finance industry
  10. The effects of globalization on a country’s income level

Historical Researchable Topics On Globalization for History College Students

For globalization topics relating to history, here are topics to consider.

  1. A study of the security reason of Russia concerning globalization
  2. How geographical conditions affected globalization in the 20th century
  3. China’s contemporary impact on international security and globalization
  4. A look at globalization since 1914
  5. Impact of globalization on North America
  6. How globalization impacted racism and colonialism 
  7. A study of globalization and the current healthcare practice in the United States
  8. How Germany’s hidden champions succeeded in globalization
  9. A study of the history of globalization till the contemporary era
  10. The aftermath of World war I and globalization
  11. How World War II impacted globalization
  12. A study of Post-World War II globalization
  13. A comparative study of the 20th and 21st-century globalization
  14. How modern-day globalization has evolved
  15. How globalization negatively impacted Malaysia in 1997

Globalization and Media Research Topics for Media Studies Students

Below are some globalization topics related to the media.

  1. How media aids the spread of globalization
  2. What the public should know about the interaction of globalization and media 
  3. What are the positive and negative angles of globalization on the media
  4. How media facilitates globalization trends
  5. The advantage of globalization’s reliance on the media
  6. The use of pop culture as a globalization tool
  7. The future perspective of globalization using the media
  8. The use of local media to propagate the globalization agenda
  9. A critical evaluation of advertisement agency and globalization
  10. A study of the US media and contemporary globalization

Controversial Current Globalization Topics for College Students 

Some globalization topics spark a lot of conversation. Consider any of these for guidance for some current globalization topics for research.

  1. How globalization affects modern-day identity
  2. How has globalization in the sports industry affected the Netherlands recently
  3. Current internet results due to the impact of globalization
  4. How does globalization interfere with religious activities today?
  5. What are the current implications of globalization on homeland security
  6. How has globalization affected democratization in the Middle East
  7. Globalization and the interest in the modern-day workforce
  8. How globalization impacts the Disney Company
  9. How 21st century China is being impacted by contemporary globalization
  10. How is globalization impacting the current global market?

Additional Easy Topics On Globalization for All Students

There are several easy topics to write about regarding globalization. For additional easy topics in this area, here are some topics for the guide.

  1. How social media influences American culture
  2. American pop culture influences across the globe
  3. The positive impact of globalization through pop culture
  4. A study of globalization in the United Kingdom
  5. How globalization affects the political climate of America
  6. How globalization impedes distinctive cultures
  7. A study of the globalization of the Alibaba company
  8. How does globalization profit small businesses
  9. A look at globalization as the feature of capitalism
  10. The impact of globalization on businesses in the UK

Cultural Globalization Topics

One of the areas globalization influences is culture. As such, through globalization, cultural values are exchanged between various countries. Here are some topics within globalization and cultures.

  1. A study on how cultures converge through globalization
  2. The interaction of cultures today through contemporary globalization
  3. The positive effects of cultural convergence and how it impacts society
  4. How cultural convergence through globalization impacts cultural growth
  5. Does cultural interaction through globalization hinder progress?
  6. Causes of cultural decline due to the effects of globalization
  7. Addressing the resulting factors of cultural interaction through globalization
  8. Why cultural interaction has become mainstream through the influence of contemporary globalization
  9. Is cultural convergence necessary for the growth of globalization within a country?
  10. How does cultural convergence lead to cultural interference in the 21st century?


There are several topical areas to write on the subject of globalization. While choosing your topic, remember that your area of interest is primarily essential. However, when you encounter challenges with your selected topic or while writing, always seek professional writing help.

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