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Best Gender Research Topics To Explore

check gender research topics

The gender research area is too broad and in-depth to conduct holistic research. There are various angles and topics to dissect within this field. As such, topics about gender are numerous, and before choosing gender research paper topics, you have to narrow them down. Narrowing a topic down entails breaking it down to focus on a specific area.

Researching gender-related topics is interesting. However, it’s essential to choose under researched topics. Why? This is because many topics in gender studies have been talked about by many. While there are mainstream topics on gender, there are still areas that haven’t gotten much attention.

Therefore, before choosing a topic to work on, ask yourself questions to help inform your research focus. The essence of research topics on gender is to create discourse around specific issues and bring notice to them. Given that, this article first gives a rundown on choosing gender-related topics and some topical guides for your research.

What to Know Before Choosing Your Gender Studies Research Topics

In every discipline, there are basic things that inform the research process. For some, it’s the need to create new knowledge in an area, while others act as a spotlight. In gender studies, research topics are not merely chosen. They are chosen to fulfill academic requirements and draw discourse around gender-based societal issues and they give insight on some gender studies research topics to write about.

Given that, here are the things to know and do before choosing gender topics to write about.

  • Understand the reason for the research. For most students of gender studies, the course gets a little personal. It’s not merely to acquire a degree; it’s also the need to understand and create rhetoric around gender issues. So, before choosing your research topic, understand that it’s merely not to fulfill an academic requirement. What social gender issues are you addressing?
  • Choose under researched topics. Students often prefer choosing topics that have gotten a lot of attention. For academic reasons, it’s to enable the research process. However, it is a bit different from gender studies. Pick topics that need to be spotlighted.
  • Select two to three topics before narrowing down your choice. Don’t fall for the trick of just moving along with one topic. Compare gender topics before concluding.
  • Select the best gender studies topics with depth and available resources. While there are under researched gender topics, choosing them gets tricky at times. For academic reasons, there could be limited available research materials. This could affect the flow of your research. So, select topics that also have depth and resources.
  • Share ideas about your chosen gender research topics with academic advisors, supervisors, or colleagues. Sharing your chosen topic with others enables them to give their insights that will benefit your research process.

Research Topics On Feminism for BA Gender Studies Students

Feminism is another broad area in gender studies. There are lots of areas within this gender studies area to research. Here are some feminist topics in gender studies to explore.

  1. A study of female gender bias in colleges
  2. The growth of gender-based discrimination in the workplace
  3. A critical overview of the patriarchal undertones of wage gaps
  4. Bridging wage gaps and how it impacts gender equality
  5. The importance of paid maternal leave for nursing mothers
  6. How classism impacts the feminism movement
  7. A study of the feminist movement of the 1930s
  8. How the first wave of feminism sparked off gender reforms
  9. The influence of the feminist movement and the women’s suffragette
  10. The absurdity of gender inequality in religious settings
  11. The impact of social media on the growth of the feminist movement
  12. How new feminist ideologies have sparked off through social media
  13. Dresscode as a feminist political statement
  14. The impact of influencers on today’s feminist movement
  15. A comparative study of liberal and radical feminism
  16. Radical Feminism: How rhetorics are used to influence the feminist movement
  17. How early feminists fought for the educational right of women
  18. A critical study of intersectional feminism
  19. How racial issues arise within the feminist movement
  20. What are the functions and significant roles of the various waves of feminism

Comprehensive Gender Essay Topics for College Students

Gender essay topics explore the different ways the concept of gender has impacted human society. Here are some topics in this area to check out.

  1. A comparative study of gender equity and gender equality
  2. How gender-based stereotypes breed several patriarchal assumptions
  3. A look at the growing gender-based gap in the workplace
  4. Discourse on the idea of men’s and women equality
  5. How gender roles operate within the home setting
  6. A study of gender roles in queer relationships
  7. A critical evaluation of how racism influences gender roles
  8. A discourse of gender normativity in the society
  9. How do gender roles play within political settings?
  10. The role gender plays in modern-day society.
  11. How gender roles spearhead the roots of gender-based discrimination
  12. A study of how gender roles manifest even in the health sector
  13. An impactful way to distribute domestic roles within a family
  14. The gender-based assumption of women as problematic leaders
  15. A study of how gender operates within the sports industry
  16. Gender and racism: how it impacts women of color within the society
  17. How vulnerability amongst men is considered abnormal
  18. Essential reasons to subvert gender norms in the society

Some Sociology Research Topics On Gender for Gender Studies Students

Gender issues are also part of social discourse, making it one of the areas of sociology often discussed. Here are some sociology topics on gender.

  1. The gender bias that exists within social interactions
  2. How men and women are treated differently within the same environment
  3. How our environment influences our assumptions and understanding of gender
  4. How gender roles are bred from the family into society
  5. A study of the social challenges of transexuals
  6. The need for the address of the lower female wages in workplaces
  7. How the early days’ feminist revolution impacted feminist movements today
  8. How gender stereotypes are propagated in the media
  9. A study of the gendered impact of anorexia in women
  10. Fat shaming and how it impacts women in the society
  11. A look into the gendering of occupations
  12. The challenges queer people face with stating their decisions
  13. The need for supportive, safe spaces within the LGBTQ community
  14. How community helps in addressing gender biases
  15. The rising housing issues faced by transgender individuals
  16. How gender inequality breeds unsafety in the society

Simple Gender Inequality Research Questions 

Gender inequality is a vital research area in gender studies. It interrogates how biases and stereotypes have impacted how women and queer people are treated within society. Here are some interesting research questions about gender.

What leads to the rise of gender inequality against women and girls in the Middle East?

  1. Is the forceful imposition of hijab a way of subjugating women using religion?
  2. What are the issues and stereotypes that hinder the closing of wage gaps?
  3. How does gender inequality operate in the United States healthcare sector
  4. Are there issues of gender inequality in the tech sector?
  5. How technology help eradicate gender inequality
  6. How does gender inequality in homes impact upbringing?
  7. What are the gender barriers women face in the workplace?
  8. How does religion influence gender inequality?
  9. Does religion support gender superiority?
  10. How did women become unequal to men?
  11. What are the helpful ways to address the issues of paid maternal leave?
  12. How does gender inequality impact the mental health of women
  13. Can addressing gender inequality positively improve mental health?
  14. What are the roles of government policies in addressing gender inequalities in society?
  15. How does homophobia influence how queer people are treated in society?
  16. Does homophobia impact the mental well-being of queer individuals?
  17. How can the issue of transphobia be addressed in society?
  18. Does patriarchy influence homophobia and transphobia in society?
  19. Why is there a need to address gender inequality even in queer spaces?
  20. How gender inequality breeds harm and unsafety in societies

Comprehensive List Of Gender Roles Essay Topics

Gender roles are exciting angles within gender studies that evaluate how the assumption of roles impacts society. Here are some gender roles-centered topics to research into.

  1. A study of how gender roles are played within the family setting
  2. A comparative study of gender roles and the equal distribution of roles in the home
  3. How does the practice of gender roles feed into patriarchal assumptions?
  4. The case of fighting gender roles and sexism in the workplace
  5. A look at how social gender construction is propagated by the media
  6. A critical essay on how gender roles are socially constructed to subjugate women
  7. How does the subjugation of women spring from gender roles?
  8. How gender stereotypes affect the way we interact in the society
  9. How gender roles breed workplace inequality and pay gaps
  10. An evaluative study of gender discrimination and gender roles
  11. Is gender discrimination born out of gender roles?
  12. The impact of the industrial revolution and how it affects gender roles
  13. What are the societal effects of introducing gender roles in cartoons?
  14. A study of the ideology behind the rise of gender roles
  15. How the assigning of gender roles encourages male dominance and abuse
  16. How the media influences the idea of gender roles
  17. A critical analysis of gender roles within the workplace
  18. A study of how gender roles are practiced even in toy stores
  19. The harmful effects of gender roles amongst couples
  20. How to address the issue of gender roles between boys and girls

Interesting Gender Topics for All Student Level

Aside from the above-listed topics, there are other interesting gender-based topics to explore. Below are some of them;

  1. What are the immediate causes of the gender wage gap?
  2. Factors that influence gender roles in the society
  3. A critical study of the evolution of gender roles
  4. How social norms and gender roles corroborate
  5. How does the practice of gender roles in movies influence social living?
  6. A study of gender discrimination and the importance of promoting equality at work
  7. A study of racial gender inequality in America
  8. How gender stereotypes among children impact their perception of themselves
  9. A critical study on how gender stereotypes are formed in children
  10. How globalization impacts gender norms and experiences
  11. A critical review of gender equality and women’s rights
  12. How normative gender roles impact transgender and gender non-conforming children
  13. The importance of women’s and men’s empowerment for gender equality
  14. How to address gender stereotypes within the workplace
  15. A critical evaluation of the race and gender issues in the Public Relations field

Sex and Gender Topics for College Research Paper Writing

Sex looks at the different biological characteristics of men and women. Gender pays attention to the socially constructed characteristics of men and women. While they are both different, one impacts how men and women are expected to relate in society. As such, this has sparked much conversation on how sex impacts gender. Here are topics for research to join the discourse.

  1. How sex and gender overlap, thereby enabling structures and systems of oppression
  2. The dangers of policing female bodies
  3. Why women should have access to free and safe abortion when they choose to
  4. How the birth control legislation strips women of agency
  5. Sex shaming as a way to police women’s body
  6. How gender bias gives rise to the policing of female bodies
  7. Addressing the issue of sex work and how it’s perceived in the society
  8. A critical exploration of sex work as agency
  9. The importance of bodily autonomy for all women
  10. How policing women’s bodies within society breeds harm and violence against women
  11. A study of the reproductive justice system in America
  12. Exploring gender and sex using theories of gender and sexuality
  13. A study of the distinguishing factor between gender and sex
  14. What are intersex and asexuality, and how are they perceived in society?
  15. An exploration of the various sexualities and how they are perceived

Gender Debate Topics for College Discourse

While there are several topics in the gender discourse, many of them have sparked debates. Here are some exciting gender debate topics for consideration.

  1. Why teaching gender equality in high school is essential
  2. Are women the weaker sex?
  3. Are gender norms enabling the race of sexism?
  4. Should women serve in the military, or does it negate gender roles?
  5. Is beauty pageantry empowering or upholding sexism
  6. Are arranged marriages an authentic way to find love?
  7. Do female entrepreneurs equate to male entrepreneurs?
  8. Why a woman should have the sole decision over abortion
  9. Why the regulation of women’s bodies is dangerous
  10. Are men better at decision making or is it just sexist rhetoric?
  11. Why sex work should be acknowledged as real work
  12. How the power dynamics within relationships affect the relationship
  13. The sexism within corporate office culture
  14. Why should men be given paternal leaves too
  15. How gender diversity in the workplace is essential for sustainable growth

Extra Gender Issues Topics for Gender Studies Class Students

For some additional gender issue topics, here are some topics to consult.

  1. Gender inequality in society and how it’s a global problem
  2. Gender inequality: the new societal menace
  3. The trans-bathroom debacle and what it reveals about the gender discourse
  4. The debacle between women and transwomen
  5. Issues surrounding transgender people in the society
  6. How rejection fuels harassment and abuse of trans people
  7. The exclusive challenge faced by trans people of color
  8. A study of racism within the queer community
  9. How can institutions mitigate gender discrimination in the society
  10. Growing issues surrounding gender inequality in the home
  11. The exploitation of women of color in corporate establishments
  12. A critical study of silencing tools used to propagate gender discrimination
  13. The issues of gender discrimination suffered by women in developing countries
  14. Sexual exploitation of women as a tool to silence women
  15. The issue of rape and how it’s weaponed against women
  16. A study of the rape culture within low-income neighborhoods
  17. How sexual violence affects the psyche of women and girls
  18. The use of sexual violence as a tool to control women in the society
  19. The importance of implementing sexual violation laws in the society
  20. Government roles in eradicating rape and sexual violence in the society


Research writing in gender studies is interesting, considering the number of researchable areas. However, before selecting any gender topic, ensure the above-listed tips. Still, if you have issues choosing a topic, always contact our experts for assistance.

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