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Art Research Paper Topics From Different Fields to Give You Interesting Ideas

art research paper topics

The field of art is very vast and intriguing. Needless to say, narrowing down on one or two topics to write your paper about can be daunting. This article gives you a list of topics from different domains related to art to help you write an interesting and effective research paper.

Writing about Art Research Topics

When it comes to art research paper topics there are so many subjects that you can explore. You can also provide interesting social and cultural perspectives of these subjects to make your paper an interesting read. Here are some tips for writing an art research paper that is impactful:


  • Use historical references as much as possible
  • Write about the influence of different art forms on modern society
  • Whatever your preferred subject of discussion is, try to link it with modern ideologies
  • Explore various aspects of a subject including the socio-economic impact and the cultural prevalence.
  • Make sure you choose one style of writing, like investigative or argumentative, and stick to it throughout
  • When writing argumentative essays, use data and facts to make your stance clear to the reader
  • Always ensure in-depth research and try to draw parallels between different art forms pertaining to the one that you have chosen for better effect.

    Basic Art Research Advice: Things Leonardo da Vinci Wish You Knew

    Art professors or researchers have said one or two things while describing a piece of art. Since art is inexhaustible, any devoted art enthusiast can say without a doubt that they have not explained enough.

    Here are four basic guidelines that guide every impeccable work of art out there. These are very things Leonardo da Vinci wishes you knew.

    • Be Original: Copy well

    The paradox of this first point lies in the limitation people give themselves to be original and creative. Art is so mysterious that you can get your inspiration from the craziest things and other people’s art. When you get inspiration from other works, don’t stop.

    • Present your work well

    The hard work you put into any piece of art must not diminish at the point of presentation. A piece of art is pointless when enthusiasts cannot understand the message you’re passing across.

    • Keep Records

    Every piece of paper in your research studio is critical. An artist doesn’t just throw pieces of art away because they think it has failed.

    • Keep your art to yourself

    If you don’t have the right audience, your art will be ridiculed. It doesn’t matter how long you keep your art; keep it until you find someone who can appreciate them.

How to Choose the Right Art Topics

The field of art is a very vast one. From history to contemporary arts, there are endless topics that you can explore. However, when you are narrowing down on art research paper topics for academic writing, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:


  • Choose a topic that you find interesting so that you can carry out in-depth research
  • Read other papers and articles about the topic that you have chosen to understand its relevance.
  • Make sure that the scope of the subject is vast enough to allow more research and data collection.
  • There are a lot of grey areas and ambiguous subjects in the field of art. Try to avoid them and choose topics that help you address two opposing views clearly.
  • Choose topics that are practical. For instance, describe a certain time period or explore art in a particular era to ensure that your research does not become too exhaustive. Try to choose topics that have a scope but are still defined in their content.


Here is a list of art-related topics for a research paper that you can choose from.


Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Surrealisms in sculptures by Salvador Dali
  2. How the industrial revolution helped in the development of art
  3. Compare and contrast Rococo and Baroque art styles
  4. Write about the lives and works of the most famous composers of the First Viennese School
  5. The use of erotica in art
  6. The importance of critiques by Denis Diderot in 18th Century French Art
  7. Art and its impact on the development of civilizations
  8. Why is Monet’s ‘Sunrise’ considered so special
  9. The historical importance of the paintings of Francisco de Goya
  10. The historical importance of Michelangelo’s works.


Medieval Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Raphael’s Paintings and Peculiarities
  2. The importance of Christian themes and symbols is Renaissance art
  3. What were the primary principles of Medieval Art?
  4. How paintings of Mughal kings were important in shaping their image in India.
  5. The common Greek motifs used in Michelangelo’s ‘David’.
  6. How humanistic ideas were represented in Renaissance Art
  7. The importance of troubadours and Trouveres in European culture
  8. Beauty standards and fashion in the Renaissance period
  9. Leonardo de Vinci’s paintings and the biblical motifs in them.
  10. The main elements of Gothic architecture

Ancient Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. What were the primary features of Ancient Greece
  2. How science influenced sculptures in Ancient Greece
  3. Compare and contrasts the pyramids of Egypt and Mesoamerica
  4. The origin of unique costumes in Japan and China
  5.  The impact of geographic location on the art of Japan and China
  6. The most remarkable pieces of the Mesopotamian era
  7. Compare and contrast Greek and Egyptian canons of proportions
  8. Early Indian Art and Hinduism
  9. The primary reasons for the shift in artistic style in Rome in the 4th Century
  10. The origin of the Greek Theatre

Mexican Revolutionary Art Research Paper Topics

  1. The three phases of the Mexican Revolution and the impact on art
  2. The impact of Mexican revolutionary art on different strata of society
  3. The role of art in the Mexican revolution
  4. How art created major events during the Mexican revolution
  5. The importance of mural painting during the Mexican revolution
  6. The types of art that emerged during the Mexican revolution
  7. Why the Mexican Revolution is also called the Mexican Renaissance
  8. The formation of United National Identity through art in Mexico.
  9. Hints of modernism in Mexican Revolutionary Art
  10. The impact of muralism on current Mexican art.

Media Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Collaboration of Science, Technology, and Art
  2. When and how did photography become an art
  3. The impressionist movement and the impact on art
  4. The evolution of Edo in Japan
  5. The use of stained glass in Medieval French Art
  6. Computer games are a type of art. Your views.
  7. The emergence of film as a form of art
  8. The history and evolution of Hollywood
  9. The use of the digital medium for art
  10. Is advertising an art or a science?

Good South East Asia Art Topics For  a Research Paper

  1. The emergence of K-Pop as a subculture
  2. The impact of Bollywood globally
  3. How Chinese circus art is a synthesis of innovation and tradition
  4. The development of textiles in India
  5. Styles and materials in Japanese calligraphy
  6. Puppetry in South East Asia
  7. The different painting styles in the temples of south India
  8. Peculiarities in Mehendi designs in India and the Middle East
  9. The predominant jewelry making styles in India
  10. The importance of silk in Chinese art

Pop Art Research Paper Topics

  1. The definition of pop art using relevant examples
  2. The uniques style of Roy Lichtenstein
  3. How social media has helped in promoting pop art
  4. The socio-economic importance of pop art
  5. The underlying principles of pop art
  6. The predominant artists who contributed to the development of pop art
  7. The influence of pop art on other art forms
  8. The emergence of pop art as a bridge between the higher and lower classes.
  9. Ethical issues with the use of technology in pop art
  10. Can manga and anime be considered pop art?

Classical Greek Art Research Paper Topic

  1. Influence of mythology in sculptures in ancient Greece
  2. The unique Greek style of architecture
  3. The Dipylon cemetery as a reflection of the artistic genius of ancient greeks
  4. The use of art in everyday life in Ancient Greece
  5. The works of legendary sculptor Phidias
  6. Greek architecture was deeply influenced by religious sentiments. Comment
  7. A study of the development of art under the reign of alexander the great
  8. Modern art and how it draws from Classical Greek works
  9. The impact of Classical Greek art on culture
  10. The use of religious imagery in Classical Greek Art

20th Century Research Paper Topics Art History

  1. The factors contributing to the Harlem Renaissance
  2. Write a detailed paper on the contributions of Jackson Pollock’s art.
  3. Write about the impact of Thomas Nast’s political cartoons
  4. Symbols used in Frida Kahlo’s paintings
  5. The Dau-al-set movement
  6. How the paintings of Pablo Picasso evolved
  7. The evolution of abstract art
  8. The post-minimalism movement
  9. The development of Kinetic Art
  10. The influence of art on politics in the 20th century

Visual Art Research Paper Topics

  1. The most important photographers in the modern age
  2. The evolution of digital painting
  3. The impact of photoshop on visual arts
  4. How animation has emerged as the art of the modern era
  5.  The reasons for the global impact of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’
  6. Can theatre change culture effectively
  7. How visual arts explore different themes around feminism.
  8. Is graffiti a form of art
  9. Is it right to censor photojournalism
  10. Is Banksy an artist or a vandal?

Modern Art Topics

  1. How feminism has influenced modern art
  2. The most important paintings of the 20th century
  3. The use of computers in modern art
  4. Has the use of technology reduced the authenticity of visual arts?
  5. Editing and filmography are examples of modern art.
  6. How modern art has provided a platform for modern art
  7. A modern mural is a tool for political protests.
  8. Are political cartoons the most important form of modern art?
  9. How modern art showcases a multiplicity of forms
  10. Technology that defined the art of the 21st century.

Art Therapy Research Paper Topics

  1. The use of color therapy in treating terminal illnesses.
  2. The life and contributions of Marian Chace in Dance Therapy
  3. How art can be used as therapy for children with learning disabilities
  4. The use of art as an effective tool to deal with anxiety
  5. The importance of art in the age of surging mental health issues
  6. The use of dance as therapy for restricted movement or physical issues.
  7. Music as a form of therapy
  8. The use of music by African slaves as therapy and a source of relief
  9. The positive effect of art on the human brain
  10. Does pursuing arts improve immunity?

Renaissance Art Topics

  1. Art patronage in Italy during the Renaissance
  2. Flemish Art in Florence during the early years of Renaissance
  3. The contributions of Muslims to the Renaissance
  4. The differences and similarities between Southern and Northern Renaissance
  5. The effect of the Carolingian Renaissance on the Bible.
  6. Compare and contrast the contemporary society of Europe with the early Renaissance society in Europe.
  7. The godfathers of Renaissance
  8. The importance of eroticism and sexuality in Renaissance art
  9. The complementary roles of music and art during the Renaissance period
  10. The use of naturalistic beauty and religious symbolism in Renaissance

Argumentative Art Topics

  1. Modern pop music is considered recyclable. Is that a good thing as a bad thing
  2. When does borrowing become stealing in Art, especially in music?
  3. Should explicit language used in classical literature be filtered like the lyrics of modern music?
  4. Does rap music qualify as art?
  5. Should the government support emerging artists? How can they do so effectively?
  6. Has the influx of technology made art less impactful
  7. Should cartoonists and artists be given complete Freedom of Speech
  8. Is art being used to cause a public nuisance in the current social media age?
  9. Should art be limited by ethical thinking?
  10. Is art truly a profession? What are your thoughts?

With this exhaustive list of art paper research topics, you will be able to ace your assignments and also improve your grades. However, if you need any assistance with finding data and compiling your art research paper, you can also make use of our professional writing services. Our writers have immense experience in compiling papers for students from different academic levels.

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