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Top 111 International Relations Topics

find your International Relations Topics

International Relations is one of the prominent courses of study in the arts. It studies the relationship between two or more countries. It also involves intercultural communication, language study, and political science. It is a broad course of study, and as such, makes it hard for students to choose international relations topics for research paper writing.

Many people failed to realize that international Relations can be a tough nut to crack for students. A lot compare it with laws and political science. However, someone with adequate knowledge will understand that international relations encompass law, language, and political science. This broadness is the challenge students face when choosing a topic.

To solve the problem of topic choice for an international relations essay or research paper, you must narrow down your choice. To make this easy, we have compiled the top 111 international relations topics you may want to consider.


International Relations Research Topics

International relations as a broad course of study involves a lot of research writing. There are several research questions that have remained unanswered in this field. You might want to consider any of these topics on your next research writing assignment. These are the top 11 international relations topics for research papers;

  1. The American hegemony and the cold war.
  2. The influence of America on the Iranian revolution.
  3. Research on the conflict between Russia and America.
  4. Research analysis on decision making in foreign policies. (A case study of America)
  5. What can America and its Allies benefit from their relationship with China?
  6. The world situation and the role domestic policies can play to solve certain problems.
  7. Anti-dumping and its important role in international trade legislation.
  8. What did international relations during the colonial era look like?
  9. Peru Tacna-Arica and Chile relationship and America’s involvement.
  10. Research in China’s politics, economy, and foreign policy.
  11. Research on the socio-economic point of view of globalization.


International Relation Essay Topics

Writing an essay on international relations is one way to show how knowledgeable you are in the course. It allows you to express your knowledge to your readers or your professor. Certain topics are specifically good for essay writing. The following are international relations topics for essay writing;

  1. What is the international discourse on human rights?
  2. What are midterm international relations?
  3. The global affairs on the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  4. Globalization and the regional institutions.
  5. Realism, Idealism, and The world’s countries: What is the relationship?
  6. An easy on the America and Germany relationship.
  7. Essay on the historical overview of bilateral relationships.
  8. Constructionism and the arguments of international relation.
  9. Early American-Chilean relationship and the war of the Pacific.
  10. Communication and cultural barriers in international relations.
  11. Essay on the three theories of international relations.


Political Science Project Topics on International Relations

Political science is an intrinsic part of international relations. Students who study the course can write a project paper related to political science. However, the topic must be relatable in international affairs. Here are good international relations paper topics on political science;

  1. Chinese communist party and the allowance for international relations.
  2. The Soviet Union’s ideology and its influence on its foreign policies.
  3. Hierarchical changes in international politics.
  4. What are the factors responsible for the American revolution?
  5. IMF structure and international politics.
  6. World’s situation and role of humanitarian intervention.
  7. What are the factors responsible for global poverty?
  8. An overview of human rights in Africa.
  9. Republicans’ ideology and tradition: How does it aid international relations and foreign policies?
  10. The influence of populism in 21st-century international politics and factors responsible.
  11. International politics and the ethics involved.


Dissertation Topics International Relations

Masters and Ph.D. students have more challenges picking their international relations topics. The reason is that dissertation topics must be carefully chosen. If your supervising professor is not interested in your dissertation topics, you must have been choosing the wrong ones. Here are topics for international relations research papers you can consider for dissertation writing;

  1. Extremism and religiously motivated terrorism: What are the relationship and differences?
  2. The roles of religion in international conflict resolution.
  3. What impact does an increase in the membership of the European Union have on globalization?
  4. Discrimination in international relations and its effect on globalization.
  5. The influence of religion on international, global, and ethnic conflicts.
  6. Identifying foreign policies that are threats to the world’s peace.
  7. World wars and their aftermath on international relations.
  8. Why do closer States need to form a political relationship?
  9. United Nations and its most significant achievement in international relations.
  10. The need for international regulations on migration from the Middle East to European Union countries.
  11. Why religion and politics play a vital role in international relations success.


Bachelor Thesis Topics International Relations

Senior year students in the university also face challenges in picking the right topic for their thesis. While you can write on seemingly easy topics in your research and essays, your professor will not approve it for your thesis. Your thesis topic must be able to prove your overall knowledge of the course. The following are topics related to international relations you can consider for your thesis writing;

  1. The formation of Interpol and the role it plays in combating crimes.
  2. Championing world peace and the strategies that work.
  3. The defeat of ISIS and the role the US Air Force played.
  4. Identifying norms and global institutions that are threats to world peace.
  5. Globalization and how best to achieve it.
  6. Rapid growth in the Chinese economy and what the world’s countries could learn.
  7. Overview of the U.S-Taiwan relationship and what needed to be done.
  8. Universal healthcare programs and factors must be in place to achieve the goal.
  9. The effectiveness of the International Criminal Court in law maintenance internationally.
  10. An overview of the development, reconciliation, and strengthening of peace treatise.
  11. Vaccine nationalism and how it helped combat coronavirus.


Interesting International Relations Topics

Your instructor may request you to write an interesting international relations essay. In that case, you must choose a topic that will be appealing to the reader. Such a topic must establish an international relations idea many probably have not read about. The following are interesting research topics for international relations;

  1. Can India be considered an emerging power in global affairs?
  2. South Africa and its participation in the world’s politics.
  3. The civil war in Sudan and its historical background.
  4. What are the effects of imperialism on international relations?
  5. Ayatollah Ali Kanameh and the United Nations.
  6. An overview of the Latin foreign policies.
  7. A detailed review of the Korean war.
  8. Realism and liberalism as it relates to the cold war.
  9. Common problems overseas military bases trigger.
  10. The communist party of China and its interest in naming the island.
  11. Why America should lift the embargo on Cuba.


Politics and International Relations Dissertation Topics

You might need your dissertation to feature politics. As such, you will have to look for a topic that links political science and international relations. Be reminded that such a topic must be dissertation worthy. Here are international relations dissertation topics concerning politics;

  1. Comparing post-socialism and liberalism.
  2. A juxtaposition of the parliamentary and the presidential system of government.
  3. The Human right Act of 1998 and the international response.
  4. Privacy law in the European Union and its implications.
  5. What is pardoning power in Asian countries?
  6. The Arctic circle and the power struggle.
  7. Comparing the UK and the US foreign policies.
  8. Solving the Yemen conflict and the best strategies to adopt.
  9. Effective community improvement approaches used by the UK and how they can work for globalization.
  10. Social media protest and petition signing and its effectiveness in international relations reformation.
  11. The modern social power of religion and how it can aid international relations and politics.


Controversial Topics in International Relations

International relations can be controversial at times. Since it features International and intercultural communication, there is a high tendency for confusion. Likewise, there are some approaches taken in international relations that beg for answers. The following are controversial international relations topics for research;

  1. What is foreign labor and what purpose does it serve in the European Union?
  2. OPEC’s proven fixing strategy and the controversies surrounding it.
  3. Infringement of human rights in Asia and the response of international bodies.
  4. What is the position of international bodies on freedom of expression on the internet?
  5. Evaluating the positive and the negative sides of NATO.
  6. An overview of foreign labor in the United States.
  7. International body’s humanitarian assistance in Africa and the controversies surrounding it.
  8. Domestic conflict in the United States and its origin.
  9. Evaluating the danger in military Government in Africa.
  10. What should be the roles of international bodies and what are their excesses?
  11. Evaluating the major persuasive strategies used in international relations. 


Feminist International Relations Topics

Feminism is a topic that cut across all spheres of life. It is a global discussion that has featured in discussions between two nations. Students can also write an international relations research paper as it relates to feminism. Here are global research topics relating to feminism in intentional relations;

  1. Feminist movements and their influence on international relations.
  2. Globalization and the impact of feminism.
  3. The role of women in achieving globalization.
  4. Does feminism have any influence on international relations and countries’ ties?
  5. The third wave and the fourth wave of feminism on the international scene.
  6. Is the ratio of men to women in international organizations a cause of debate?
  7. Overview of the #MeToo movement across different countries.
  8. Outflow and the results of feminist movements on international bodies.
  9. Mainstream feminism and international relations.
  10. What roles do international bodies play in reducing harassment towards feminists?
  11. How feminism has reshaped international politics and media.


Research Topics in International Relations and Diplomacy

A diplomacy is an inseparable act in international relations. Countries have always had reason to negotiate alliances and treaties. Every good student of international relations is expected to understand the nitty-gritty of diplomacy. For research purposes, these are global studies topics on diplomacy you can consider;

  1. Cryptocurrency and its impact on international relations and diplomacy.
  2. How trade agreements are achieved in international relations.
  3. Overview of the United States parliamentary diplomacy.
  4. Cultural diplomacy and the concepts involved.
  5. The effects of trade agreements on European countries’ development.
  6. What are the steps involved in negotiating an alliance?
  7. The recent US-Japan trade deal and the diplomatic implications.
  8. Negotiating a truce in the Gaza strip: What are necessary diplomatic and negotiation moves?
  9. Diplomatic relations and the Vietnam convention.
  10. What is military diplomacy and what is the international relations perspective?
  11. Evaluating the characteristics of international diplomacy.


International Relations Research Topics on Foreign Policy

One of the most discussed topics in international relations is foreign policy. This is a policy that defines the relationship of a country with other countries. Your research paper as an international relations student can feature foreign policy. Here are good topics on foreign policy on international relations you can consider;

  1. Africa-America relationship and foreign policies responsible for the ties.
  2. Foreign policies in the mediation process in international relations.
  3. Identifying the differences between foreign policy and foreign theory.
  4. The oil conflict in Iran and how foreign policies can come to play.
  5. South Sudan destabilization and the impact of American foreign policies.
  6. The world politics theories according to Joseph S. Nye and Robert O. Keohane.
  7. International relations and the daily news coverage.
  8. US foreign policies in the Middle West and what it has got to do with oil drive.
  9. Foreign policy implications of the Arctica power distribution.
  10. What are the policies guiding foreign students?
  11. How can foreign policies help maximize national security?
  12. How countries like Haiti, Somalia, and Bosnia influence American foreign policy.


Where To Get International Relations Research Paper

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International relations research writing is necessary for students studying the course. The major challenge, in most cases, is selecting the best topics for your essay. Interestingly, we have solved this problem as we have highlighted 111 best international relations topics for you. These topics have been categorized into different subcategories of international relations to help you find your area of interest.


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